"Tyger tiger burning bright,

In the forest of the night."

The words rung through my ears, chilling me to the bone. The hand that clutched the phone to my ear shook violently.

There was a distinct 'click', and everything fell silent. He'd hung up. But why was he calling in the first place? To torment me? He'd done that already. Did he think the grief, the horrible feeling of loss, had passed? If he did, he was very much mistaken. Not a day went by when I wasn't filled with sorrow, regret. And guilt. That feeling would never pass. Not even once I'd fulfilled my mission. The mission I had set for myself the second I'd been able to think straight that day. The day I would remember for the rest of my life, as though it had been only yesterday. I had to take revenge. I had to kill Red John. And that moment was coming. I knew it was. It had to be.