Dear L,

Man, it's been a while! How are you? How's Endonta? Good? Yeah, figured. Things are okay here in Misery Forest. I've gone to Peach and specially requested that it be changed to Joyfill Forest. Great name, huh? Anyway, she said yes, and things are totally living up to the standards the rest of Dimension Bleck sets.

The Castle is relatively quiet. The Evenes have a little bugger running round the place: Honey! She was born with bee wings, and she's kinda like Timpani in miniature, but with a cross of both of her parents' personality. Dim and Mimi have gotten together, too, and they have two kids. TWO! Kyle's a super-fast runner, and he can almost out-run me. Almost. You know I'm the fastest runner ever!

Diana's okay, too. She's like Mimi, but with pink hair, and she's pretty good at shapeshifting already. Kyle's kinda like you, but he can use his dad's magic.

Nassy and Chunks're okay too. They're off on their tenth anniversary, in the Beanbean Kingdom, I think. Speaking of which...

Mario and Peach have kids too, as well as Luigi and Daisy. Dunno their names, haven't met em. But I can tell from their letters they're super hard to handle! I'm kinda becoming a babysitter round here, looking after Honey, Kyle and Di when their parents go out. But I'm not complaining. Awesome time!

So, got a few things to ask of ya. One: REPLY. Man, dude, yeesh! D'ya know how cheap these inter-dimensional posties're becoming?

Two: Could you please poke into Ave, just to see how it's going? Is X being a good leader? And Bolt? Is he doing good with Vilone?

And finally... please please please PLEASE send a souvenir! A picture, a rock, a bit of dirt, ANYTHING! I'd like to feel a bit of home, and maybe show it to the others too. Pwetty pwease?

Anyway, gotta go. I can hear Dim-Sim yelling for some reason, and I'm off to see what it is. Keep up the awesomeness!