They went back to Rose's base at that very same night after they left the bar. Rose went to her room to change into her night clothes. Poison sat on the couch, staring at the wall.
"I wonder if she...No, that can't be...But what if it's true..." "Day dreaming again?" Poison's thoughts were interupted when Rose suddenly walked out of her room and spoke.
" I was uh...thinking, thinking about the rest of the Killjoys back at Death Defying's..." He lied.
"Oh. I see...I know you miss them..."
"Yeah, I do..."
"Well, after long consideration...I'm gonna let you go."
"Come agian?" Poison stood up and turned around to face Rose.
"You heard me. I've finished making the gun. You can leave with the gun because I don't wan't to keep you trapped up in here like a bird in a cage,"
"But, aren't you going to help me revive my friends?"
"I-I...You don't need my help, you can ask the rest of the Killjoys to help you."
"But why? Can't you just help me? Help me together with the rest of the Killjoys?"
"I can't...because...I have to kill Korse on my own...even if it depends on my life..."
"Why are you so keen on killing Korse? You seem to only hate Korse..."
"Because my father."
"What the fuck?"
"Yes, it's true. He's my father...My father who tried to kill me," Rose started tearing.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
"Because I have trust issues. I'm sick of trusting people, cause it makes me heart-broken everytime I got cheated by someone."
"...So now you trust me?" Poison seemed unsure, "So, tell me what happened..."
"I was 9, my family was considered 'loaded' at that time. I had a 12 year old sister, she was my idol. Her name was Delilah, I always called her Lilah. She was smart, kind and a popular girl. Even so, our parents treat us equally. She isn't the same as me, she likes dark colours, rock bands, shirt and jeans. I was always this happy-go-lucky, pink lovin' girl who wears skirts and dresses. Although we are so different, we're really close. My sister got cancer at that very same year. She passed away when she was 15. My whole family was at grief, espcially me. I got really depressed. In a blink of an eye, my wardrobe changed to black, I never truly smiled since that day. I had this only friend, he was really good with weaponry. He thought me to use and make weapons. He said that I really have a gift making them. The only thing that kept me happy was making guns out of metal scrap. "
"No wonder you were so good with weapons, What happened to that friend of yours?" Poison praised.
"I don't know, I never saw him ever again after BL/ind took over Battery City. Well, as I was saying...My mom was concerned about my depression, so she gave me a pep talk before I went to bed. I woke up unusually early the next morning, I heard my mom screaming. I ran downstairs and hid behind the wall next to the living room. I saw my dad pointing a gun at my mom. I was shocked...I quicly ran but my dad already shot her. He saw me running towards her and he pointed that gun at me. Little did I know that the gun he was holding was one of the guns I made. I didn't know how he got his hands on my gun. Without thinking I ran out of the house without looking back. I told myself to keep running and never look back. But 6 years later my curiosity took me back to that I house I used to live in. I expected to see an abandoned or not house, but I saw a gigantic building. I saw men with vampire masks chasing after me. I managed to run fast enough so I lost them, then a child came up to me and said: '5 years ago a man made a dictatorial government that ruled Battery city until today. He is called 'The Exterminator'. He exterminates outcasts who are people wearing other colours than black and white, being creative, thinking outside the box.' He just told me that and walked away. I thought that was awkward, but when I processed what that boy told me, I knew that 'The Exterminator' is my father."
"...I-I...I don't know what to say...I just feel really sorry for you. Well, I don't remember much of my past. All I could remember is that Dr. D took me in when I was 18. But I really want to know why were you pushing me away?"
"Because you..." Rose stared into Poison's eyes.
Poison looked the same way at Rose. Not even a second, he pulled Rose into her room and locked the door...