RAMEN-LUVER101: hi my peeps I was listening to YouTube and I heard this

NARUTO: ramen-sama does not own me or any other characters or the song

RAMEN: your soo mean Naru

Naruto was coming home from a mission after a year away from his wife Ino. Once he was in his house he heard laughing in the next room and went to investigate because he felt more than one chakra signatures there. When he opened the door he regretted it immediately, in the room was Ino and Sasuke in his bed together. He ran out as Ino tried to stop him. He went to a pub and drank until Shikamaru found him.

"Naruto I think you had enough, and why are you drinking so much it's not like you."

"Ino cheated on me with that teme Sasuke. "As Naruto tried to take another sip of his drink he found it gone and into Shika's hand. "Hey that's mine."

"Not any more it isn't." The next day Naruto whet to follow his baa-san's(Tsunade's) footsteps, but with more drinking and less gambling. After a few years Naruto was found in a hotel by Jiraya dead. After sealing his body up and going to konaha and giving it to Tsunade he went to tell Ino and the rest of rookie 9 the bad news, but when he went to Ino's house to get her he could smell the body.

It was the day of the funeral and everyone showed up, even Kakashi came on time, and Konohamaru played Whisky Lullaby and was crying. No one saw Ino's and Naruto's spirits go up to each other and kiss and hug.

INO: that was sad

RAMEN: yea sorry

NARUTO: *sob* that *sob* was so beautiful wahhaha

RAMEN: ok so while Naru has a meltdown please R&R