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I'm sorry - A letter from Sydney addressed to Adrian


I'm sorry for hurting you.

I'm sorry for making you fall in love with me.

I'm sorry for breaking your heart.

I'm sorry for all the pain that I've caused you.

I never intended this to happen.

I never wanted to hurt you.

But you must know,

We were never meant to be.

I'm a human, an Alchemist.

And you're a Moroi, a vampire.

There is an ocean between us –

An ocean between two worlds that exist together,

Yet entirely separate from one another.

Maybe if we lived in another universe,

In another life,

We could have been free,

Not bound by the boundaries of our worlds.

But we live in this world,

And there's nothing you nor I can do about it.

Afterall, we are only two people in a world filled with billions.

I can't throw all my beliefs away.

I can't walk away from my ordered world

And change my life, my own universe.

I'm only a girl that has committed to the Alchemists

For life.

The golden lily is proof of that commitment.

I only hope that you can forgive me.