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Tick Tock, Goes the Clock

He didn't know for sure how long it had been since that phone call with River. Considering the fact that he was a Time Lord, therefore he should know immediately all forms of time... That was rather pathetic... And worrying.

Where was she?

He'd called her, after what he assumed was what? A week? And a half... Maybe...

He'd tried to call the Pond's. To see if they'd heard from her... Or if they knew about the situation happening now.

No answer.

He'd frowned at the phone, the ringing once again ending with a 'We'll call you back later'.

He wandered around the TARDIS, always making sure to keep his palm on the wall. She was getting worse. Her colour fading radically, her lights dimming... She was on the verge of silence.

He had no way of contacting River. Especially with the TARDIS so sick. Who else could help him figure out what was happening?

Someone, anyone, who could help?


Captain Jack Harkness might be able to find out something.

He raced around the console, picking up the phone and almost dialling Torchwood. But then he realized… The phone was dead silent. He wouldn't be able to get through to Jack that way.

How else could he?

Thinking about every object, knick knack and possible transmitter, he realized something very important.

River's manipulator!

He had no idea how she'd left Stormcage, but it wasn't via her little toy. She'd left that behind one night when he'd picked her up outside her cell and… Well… That wasn't important right now.

He ran down the stairs, rushing through the TARDIS' corridors and throwing himself into his room. There, lying on his desk, was River's manipulator. He picked it up, strapping it to his arm and running back to the console. Stroking it softly, he whispered to her.

"I'll fix you. Don't worry."

Stepping away, he spared a second's thought on whether or not he'd even be able to leave the TARDIS when he flashed away, landing in Torchwood's foyer within seconds.

He called out Jack's name, waiting for the guns he expected to appear. When he received no answer, the Doctor frowned.

There was always someone guarding base.

He strolled through the underground base, calling out the names he remembered Jack worked with. Still, no response.

The Doctor narrowed his eyes, looking down at something he found on the ground.

Jack's manipulator.

Jack didn't go anywhere without that, except maybe bed.

He backed away, typing something in to his wrist before disappearing in an instant.

Something was wrong.

He jumped immediately to the Pond's, eyes wide at the jarred open door and mess in the opening hall. Jumping again, he appeared in UNIT headquarters, hacking in to the system in search of Martha's location. Getting her address, he disappeared again.

Martha's house was rampaged. Mickey nowhere in sight.

Sarah Jane… No one… Not even K9.

Taking a deep breath, he appeared in the last place he could, hoping they were there.

No such luck.

Both Donna Noble, and Wilfred Mott, were gone.

All of his friends had disappeared. Whether they remembered him or not.

His family were gone. He was counting River there too.

Turning on the spot, he was about to return to the TARDIS when something grabbed him from behind. A cloth was shoved over his mouth, and all he could glimpse of his attacker before he faded in to oblivion was a small, diamond embedded in a black glove.

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