WHEN TWO WORLDS MEET (A Lion King Fanfiction)

Summary: Aida is a young Kenyan veterinarian who works in the Serengeti National Park. She has the very special ability of talking to animals. After stopping in the heart of the savanna after a solitary Jeep trip, she bumps into certain carnivores…


Aida (Visitor): human, 26 years old, main character

Haoniyao (born during an argument), a lioness

Chapter 1 – A solitary safari

"Here we go, little baby", Aida said to the tiny lion cub nestled in her arms. She had just finished feeding him with a baby's bottle. "Now let's go back to your mom".

Aida exited the nursery and headed to a fenced space. A lioness was crouched nearby, and after seeing Aida, she growled. The young woman stopped some steps far from the fence.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you hate me, Haoniyao", she told the lioness.

"Would you be nice to me if I stole your baby?", the lioness said angrily.

Aida gave the lioness an irritated look.

"Your name surely fits you perfectly! As you can see, your cub is alive and healthy thanks to me."

"Nope, you humans just put your noses where they don't belong. I told you I could nurse him!"

Although a little fearful in presence of this contentious lioness, Aida took courage by thinking of her extraordinary ability to talk and reason with animals, approached the fence and opened it. She was sure the lioness, though mad at her, would never have torn her apart. Not without listening to her first.

"Haoniyao, knock it off. You know that's not true", Aida said sternly.

"The cub was dying. In which language do I have to tell you? I'm a veterinarian, I cure animals! This little cub wouldn't have survived without my help, otherwise I wouldn't have dreamed of taking him away from you", she finished with a softer tone. "Anyway, here he is".

Aida let go of the cub, who happily ran to his mother. Haoniyao nuzzled him and licked him, it was like she was asking the cub to forgive her for having not been able to nurse him. Then she looked at Aida again.

"I know you are a healer for animals. But you're human. Even if you can talk to us, you'll never fully understand us, how we live, what we need and how we feel. Wild animals are 'wild', as you chose to call us, because they don't need human help. There are some things about us that you can't get out of those white squares you often open and stare at for hours, 'cause those things are made by other humans. You can never put a bond between us and humans. Keep this in mind."

Without being able to answer, Aida just locked the fence and walked away.

She lived in a small village close to the Serengeti Plain; although her big city life in Nairobi was very comfortable, and she was one of the few lucky people in Africa who had had great opportunities in life, the urban environment wasn't exactly the best for a veterinarian skilled in wildlife. And above all, since her parents' death, she felt an increasing need to make a radical change in her life, getting closer and closer to her lifelong love, animals. When she was very little, during a visit at the zoo she discovered her unnatural ability of talking to them and getting them to talk to her. Most important, she discovered that they deserved a lot more respect than human beings did. From that day on, she had pursued the aim of dedicating her whole life to animals, and she made it. Of course, all the people she studied and worked with agreed that she had a peculiar talent in veterinary psychology, but they would never have imagined that she could talk with animals in proper language. To any of other humans, animals' words were cries, growls, roars, howls, whistles and other noises; to Aida, these noises were actual words.

That night, in her cozy little house, she thought of Haoniyao's words. That capricious lioness was right. Animals belonged to a different world, and her ability wouldn't have changed anything. They would've never considered her part of them. The truth was that talking to animals, taking care of them, curing their wounds or diseases, was the only thing that made her feel good; their simple way of thinking, their enjoying life day by day like every day was an unique adventure, made her forget about her loneliness and her disillusions about the human kind in today's world, especially in that tortured continent where she was born. She felt like her very identity was fractured.

The next day was her day off, but instead of getting up late and taking her time, she woke up before dawn. She liked this hour of the day a lot, the air was so pleasantly cool, the birds whistling their funny melodies, and when the sun began to rise, its rays weren't burning.

Still thoughtful, Aida got dressed and packed what was essential for a short trip across the beautiful Serengeti Plain. Then she got into her Jeep, and headed to her Garden of Eden.

Meanwhile, in the 'Garden of Eden'…

Three spotted hyenas were quietly walking across the plain. None of them looked to be in a good mood.

"Aw man, I'm starvin'", said one of the three, a handsome young male with a gruff voice, thick eyebrows and a pair of expressive, wild eyes.

"For God's sake, Banzai, you've said it for the billionth time!", said another, the only female of the three. She had spiky black bangs falling over her semi-closed eyes, and a deep, almost sensuous voice.

"I can't help it Shenzi, I haven't eaten for three days now!", Banzai protested.

The third hyena, another male, laughed in a strange, almost expressive tone, like he was saying something. His face was peculiar, but very cute: his eyes were very big, and very separate from each other, and what's more, they weren't exactly focused; this made him look always stupidly excited when he was in a good mood, and kind of grotesque the few times he got angry. He had two notches on each ear, and his tongue was always lolling out of his smiling mouth.

"Shut up, Ed", Shenzi and Banzai told him.

The funny trio kept walking for a while, until the female stopped and smelled the air.

"You smellin' something good?", Ed asked her in his gibberish language.

"Yeah, genius".

Suddenly she ducked, and the two males quickly imitated her. The three kept moving slowly forward, hiding in the tall grass; then, they opened a breach and saw a young wildebeest, busy in its green breakfast.

Three mischievous smiles formed on the hyenas' mouths.

"Do you see what I see?", Shenzi whispered.

The three snickered and began circling their oblivious prey, keeping their burning eyes on it.

Author's note:

First chapter of the first Lion King fanfic! I beg you readers to review it and signal possible expressions that need to be corrected, it's very important to me :)