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Wills mind was foggy. The room was dark, darker than he normally had it. He sat up in his bed trying to think about what exactly happened yesterday. He knew it was Sunday, yesterday had been Saturday. It had been raining. More like pouring actually. After that his memories were all fuzzy. He couldn't remember much. He pulled the blanket back and slung his legs over the side of the bed. He looked down to the floor. His clothes were off, all of them. He definitely did not remember that. He pulled the blanket back over him desperate to remember any little shred of what had happened yesterday.

He remembered someone pulling him out of the rain. He remembered that that someone was Warren. Things slowly started seeping back into his mind. Warrens house had been nothing like he expected. What he had expected was tons of black, and torture devices and god only knows what. It had been warm. He didn't want to ruin Warrens couch by sitting on it and getting it wet, but Warren had insisted.

Warren had left him alone; he didn't want to be alone. He had been alone for so long. He felt like he was drowning, and all that rain made it feel more than real. When Warren returned he had wanted to hug him so bad. Just to feel like he wasn't alone, that someone else was here. Warren had handed him a pile of clothes and told him where the bathroom was. He had known all along that Warren wasn't the bad guy everyone had made him out to be. He didn't deserve any of the excess baggage from Wills current breakdown.

Will apologized. He apologized so many times. He felt like he could never say he was sorry enough to prove that he actually meant it. He hadn't meant to pull anyone into this with him. And it broke his heart when Warren said he had been worried about him. Will didn't want him to worry, he didn't want anyone to ever, ever feel anything close to what he had been feeling.

Will remembered that he had cried. He had broke down and just let everything seep out.

Will looked back down at the floor. The memories had stopped coming back for a moment and he looked around the dark room. His eyes still weren't used to how dark it was in here. Why was it so dark?

Then the memories started back up. This one hit him hard. Warren had kissed him. Will had been shocked at first, it was Warren after all. But soon the closeness that he had been lacking disappeared. When Warren pulled back Will fought the urge to lean in and kiss him back. Warren had got up, apologized and turned to leave. Will panicked. He was being left alone again. He begged Warren not to leave and thankfully he hadn't.

Will sighed and propped himself up against the headboard of the bed. He had wanted Warren to kiss him. This didn't make any sense to Will. He wasn't gay. He had loved Layla. Then why did he want it so much?

The blanket shifted. Will looked over confused. Had the cat been sleeping with him? Tilly hated people, especially will and would under no circumstances be sleeping with him. Then he heard it, a sleepy sigh. His eyes widened and he peered over the other side of the bed. The realization that this was not actually his room hit Will hard. It was Warrens. Will panicked: He was in bed with Warren. Naked at that.

Warren sat up and smiled at Will. "How long have you been up?" He asked leaning into Will. "Not long." Will tried to say clearly. Warren wiped the sleep out of his eyes. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. Will nodded not sure he could vocalize the thoughts in his head. Why am I here? "Good." Warren said leaning into Will. Will wanted to pull back, but something inside him didn't. Warren leaned in and kissed him. Will literally stopped breathing. I'm not gay. Will shoved the thought out of his head as he kissed Warren back. All the loneliness of the past months left and a feeling of warmth crept over him. Will frowned when Warren pulled away. "It's stopped raining now, I can take you home. If you want.