The Digital Baby Saga

I this idea came to me from out of the blue, so I had to write it. Why didn't I think of it before?

Part 1:

Wormmon nervously waddled into the Digimon Emperor's throne room. He was sitting glumly on his throne, watching him multiple video screens. On them were pictures of the Digidestined entering the Digital World and meeting up with their Digimon, including the original ones. Ken smiled as he saw Mimi,"I wonder how much money she spends on flying back and forth?"

"I'm sorry, master," Wormmon said, snuggliling against his thigh,"But I don't know."

Ken kicked Wormmon away, slamming him into the wall. "I told you never to do that!"

"I'm sorry," Wormmon said, regaining his footing.

"What do you want?" Ken yelled.

"There's someone to see you," Wormmon said.


"Someone named Datamon."

Ken sighed,"Show him in."

Data flew in with a ray gun in his hand. "Good day, Digimon Emperor," he said, bowing.

Ken was impressed. This guy knew who was in charge,"Rise, Datamon," Ken said.

Datamon rose. "What is it that you wanted with me?" Ken asked.

"Mearly this," Datamon said,"I have created a device that will enable you to conquer your world."


"Watch," Datamon said, pointing the gun at Wormmon. He fired a blue beam at Wormmon. Wormmon shrunk into a Digi Egg.

Ken's eyes were wide,"Wh-what did you just do?"

"My gun will cause them to become so young, that they will cease to exist!"

Ken smiled,"This is excellent! However, we know that it will work on Digimon, but what about humans? Earth has humans, not Digimon!"

"I plan on testing it on the Digidestined!"

"Excellent!" Ken said,"They have all arrived in the Digital World. Go, prove yourself, and you will rule by my side."

"Great!" Datamon said, turning to fly away.

"Wait!" Ken cried,"Before you go, change Wormmon back?"

Davis looked around,"I guess this is a good place to set up camp, what do you think, Tai?"

"Yeah," Tai said,"Sure."

They had chosen a nice oasis in the middle of the desert. It was a least a couple of days in either direction. Tai didn't like to camp out in the middle of an open field, but it was near impossible to be ambushed in the middle of the desert.

"Can we just set up camp?" Joe asked,"I'm extremely tired."

"Yeah," Mimi said, yawning as she sat on the ground,"I still don't see why we all had to come!"

"What does that mean?" Palmon asked beside her,"You didn't want to see me?"

"That's not what I meant," Mimi said, apologaticly,"Its just that I had other things to do, and..."

"Why DID we all have to come, anyway?" Matt asked, staring right at Tai.

"Because," Sora said, coming to Tai's side,"Geni contacted us about an alliance that the Digimon Emperor had formed with Datamon, and we know how dangerous he can be!"

Tai smiled at Sora, then saw her shiver. "Sora?" Tai asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she said, sitting down,"I'm...I'm all right."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Well, I...I sometimes still have nightmares about him."

"Don't worry, "Tai said,"I won't let anything happen to you, not again. I promise."

"Thanks Tai," Sora said, kissing him on the check.

Davis coughed, catching their attention. Everyone was staring at them. They turned beat red.

"Tai and Sora, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Matt laughed.

"Matt," T.K. said,"You know, that sort of thing went out in first grade!"

"Yeah!" Davis said, laughing.

Tai started laughing too. He turned back to Sora, to find that she was off talking to Mimi. They were reading a magazine.

Later that night, Sora wanted to talk to Tai alone. They walked out into the distance, far away from the camp site.

"Where are they going?" Veemon asked.

"I think I might know," Mimi said, dreamily.

"What?" the younger kids asked.

"Oh, you know, when a man loves a woman...."

"Kari?" Davis asked, turning to her.

Kari nodded. "Sometimes she sneaks over when they don't think I'm awake."

"Do they?" Yolei asked.

She shook her head. "No, but they have been talking about it. I wonder....?"

"I think this might have been the cause," Mimi said, holding up a Parenthood magazine.

Before the others could say anything, a shadow covered their camp.

"What's happening? " Cody asked.

"Its a Devidramon!" Gatomon yelled.

"Yeah," Izzy said,"And look whose riding it!"

"Datamon and Ken!" Agumon said.

They watched as Datamon took out a gun, and fired at them.

"So," Tai said, stoping,"What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well," Sora said, holding on to Tai's hands,"I was reading Mimi's Parenthood magazine, and, well....."


"I can't wait to be a mother. I can't wait until I have a child."

Tai gulped,"Why are you telling me this?"

"Oh Tai," she said,"Wouldn't you like to be a father?"

Tai started to sweat. What was he going to do? Sora was obviously fixated on this. If he said no, would it break her heart, or would she understand that their too young?

"Sora," he said,"I..uh..."

Just then there was a giant flash of light, and screams coming from the camp site. Tai turned around and ran back, screaming "Yes!" to himself.

Sora growled something about never getting a break, and ran after him.

Once they reached the campsite, they saw everyone lying on the ground, smoke billowing everywhere. "Kari!" Tai yelled,"Agumon! Are you guys okay?"

"Tai," Matt said, standing up,"What happened?"

"Are you...Ah!" he said.

"What?" Matt asked.

"Um," Tai said, studering,"I..I think you had better go look in the oasis."

He ran from Matt. "Kari!" he ran over to his sister,"Kari, oh no!"

"What is it?" his younger sister asked her older brother.

"Tai?" Koromon asked, bouncing over to him,"What happened to us? All the Digimon are at the In-traning stages!"

"Davis!" Cody cried,"What happened to you?"

"Cody!" Davis cried back,"What happened to YOU?"

"Guys!" Tai yelled,"All of you had better check your reflections in the water."

Once everyone reached the water, they screamed. "What happened to us?" Mimi asked,"We're all younger!"

"I don't know," Matt said. All of the original Digidestined looked like they did the day they entered the Digiworld. Matt, Izzy, Mimi, and Joe all looked like they were ten-years-old. Kari, T.K., Yolei and Davis looked like they were seven or eight. Cody looked about four or five.

Davis's eyes looked huge on his small face. His hair was longer. Yolei shrunk a lot, and was now the smallest one there. Her glasses were off her face. Cody looked like he was having trouble standing.

"I learn'd to walk late," he said, talking like a little kid.

"Guys, "Sora said, Yokomon rushing up to her,"What happened?"

"Datamon shot something at us," Joe said,"and it changed us."

"Hmm," Izzy said, walking over to where he left his laptop, nearly tripping over his incredibly large clothes.

"Do you have something?" Matt asked, struggling to keep his pants on.

"Yes," Izzy said,"I have analyzed our situation. Obviously, Datamon's ray was meant to turn us all into babies, but, for some reason, it appears to be a slow process."

"Can you tell us how to cure us?" Mimi whined.

Izzy shook his head,"No, there's nothing I can do. I have more bad news too, at our rate of....rejuvination, we will become so young that we cease to exist in two weeks."

"That's not long at all," Yolei said.

"And," Izzy continued,"We will become babies by the end of the week. It seems that we will stop de-ageing once we reach the age of three or two."

"Don't you have any good news?" Davis asked.

"Yes," Izzy said,"Scince Tai and Sora were away, they weren't hit, so they can care for us, while trying to find a way to cure us."

Matt looked at the couple. "There is no way I want Tai to change MY diapers!"

"We've got bigger things to worry about," Izzy said,"We've got to get to Geni! Hurry!"

to be continued....