Part 9:

Tai felt a sharp pain in his head as he slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was that he was in the delegate room of the U.N. He was tied up against the wall, both his arms and legs were bound by metal braces. He saw Ken, Wormmon, and Datamon standing in the center of the room, the babies in a carriage, Matt and Mimi were asleep on the ground and Sora was unconscious right next to Tai, bound in the same way.

He was about to say something when Wormmon turned around and saw that he was awake. He tugged on Ken's pants, which received him a kick. When Ken turned around, he stared at Tai.

"Ah, you're awake."

Ken walked over with Datamon floating behind him. "What's going on here?" Tai asked, struggling against his bonds,"And how did you manage to knock me out, anyway?"

"It wasn't us," Datamon said,"But your ten-year-old girlfriend."

"You're ly-" he began, but then he had a flash of memory. He clearly saw Sora slamming him in the head with something.

"Why?" he asked,"Why would she do it?"

"Because," Datamon said, floating towards her,"When I changed her to this age, I also 'programed' her to attack you once you were inside this building. It was the perfect way to trap you."

Tai turned to the young girl at attached to wall beside him. "Sora," he said,"Sora, are you okay?"

She slowly rose her head up. "Ug, ah, Tai? What happened?"

"You don't know?" he asked.

She shook her head."No, why, what happened?"

"Nothing," he said, turning back to face his enemies. "She'd never forgive herself," Tai thought,"If she knew the truth."

"What do you want with us?" Tai asked, growling at Datamon and Ken.

"What do you think?" Ken laughed,"We're going to kill you, what else?"

Datamon and Ken turned around and walked towards a table with a variety of devices with many sharp points.

Tai was struggling when he saw that Matt and Mimi were starting to wake up. They started to walk towards the only one they recognized, their 'father' Tai.

"No!" he mouthed,"Stay there!"

Matt and Mimi stopped.

"Listen!" he whispered,"Mimi, I want you to....get Ken and Datamon to pay attention to you, and Matt, make a Wildfire Spitball and hit Ken with it. Then get me that gun!"

The two five-year-olds nodded. Matt ran over to a wastebasket full of paper and started to feverously make the ultimate spitball. And Mimi started winning.


"What's going on?!" Datamon asked, turning around.

"Quiet!" Ken yelled at the screaming Mimi, but it did no good. She just kept on crying. "What do you want?"


"I can't take it anymore!" Ken said, holding his ears,"What will it take to make you stop!"

"Hey Ken!" Matt yelled,"Pucker up!"

"What?" Ken asked, turning to him in time to see a ball of white slam him in the face. The resulting hailstorm of spitballs showered over Datamon as well, causing him to drop the Reverso Gun.

Matt quickly ran over and grabbed it. He ran back to Tai, holding the barrel up towards his face.

"Watch it!" Tai yelled, trying to get out of the way of the hole,"Point that thing somewhere else!"

Matt pointed the gun at his feet.

Tai breathed a sigh of relif,"Now, very carefully, fire the gun at the wall behind me."

Matt nodded and fired at the cement wall behind Tai and Sora. Both of them fell over backwards into the pile of power and water.

"Great work," Tai said, taking the gun. He pointed it at Sora,"You're first."

"No she's not!" Ken yelled, charging Tai. The gun flipped out of Tai's hand and landed on the ground, firing randomly.

As Ken and Tai started to fight, the gun kept firing off in every direction, turning tables to trees, glass to sand, pieces of clothing to wool.

Sora cautiously made her way to the gun, ducking the beams it was firing out in every direction. One beam flew at her, and she jumped to the side. She turned and saw a folder on a table turn into a twig. She dogged another one and watched as a table rotted.

"Wait," she thought,"tables rot when they get near the end of their 'life' that means we can use the gun to change us back to normal."

With renewed hope she started to charge when she saw a beam head strait towards Tai and Ken. "Tai, watch out!"

Tai was on the ground with Ken's hands at his throat when he heard Sora's warning. Both turned and saw the beam heading towards them. Ken and Tai both reached for the piece of broken glass that fell when the wall turned back to its basic components. They held it out in front of them and the beam bounced off and hit the sleeping kids in the carriage with Matt and Mimi in front of it.

"Kari!" Tai yelled.

The carriage kept glowing until there was a flash of light, and each Digidestined except for Sora returned to normal.

"No!" Ken said, his eyes full of shock,"It can't be."

"That's right," Matt said, standing up, despite his shredded clothes."You've lost!"

"Well,"Datamon said,"I think that its time I leave. Our partnership has ended, Digimon Emperor!"

"Wait!" he cried as Datamon flew out the window.

Ken turned and saw the Digidestined walking towards him,"No, I'll never give up!"

He quickly ran to the center of the room and grabbed the gun. He pointed it at Tai,"I'll reduce your leader to nothingness, then you'll fall apart."

"Tai," Sora cried,"No!"

She charged Ken. They both fell the the ground, the gun flying straight up into the air.

"Get off me!" Ken yelled, through Sora off of him. When he saw the gun slam into the ground, shattering in a billion pieces he wasn't worried. He was worried when the last beam headed straight for him.

"Oh crud."

There was a brilliant flash of light in the room, and where once stood the Digimon Emperor, was just a baby.

"Ha!" Davis laughed, walking towards him,"He's not so tough now."

"Oh , he's so cute!" Yolei said, holding him up,"Maybe he'll grow up right this time."

"I can't believe it," Matt said, looking at himself,"I can't believe that that just happened. I never want to be Tai and Sora's son, ug!"

"I don't think you should mention that now," Mimi said, covering up the parts of her clothing that shredded when she returned to normal.

"Why?" Matt asked, turning,"Oh. Sora's still a kid, and the gun's destroyed."

Sora sat on the ground near the gun, trying to piece it together. Tai was there,"Sora," he said.

"Not now," she said, trying to pick up every peice,"I've got to get back to normal. I'm supposed to be 16, not ten."

"Sora," Tai said, picking her up,"the gun is destroyed. There's nothing we can do. Its over."

She started crying into Tai's shoulder,"But...but...what..what about us?"

Tai looked her in the eyes,"I'll wait for you, I promise."