Abby was sat in her lab typing frantically on the computer, she kept her tearful red eyes on Gibbs who was led next to the wall in the lab; he could hardly make out Abby anymore as his eyes where blurred. Abby knew he was definitely going to die, especially if she couldn't find Ziva or find the only doctor in the world who could save Gibbs.

House was currently in the middle of nowhere, just where he needed to be. No signal, no annoyances, just him and his bike. He smiled as he lifted off his helmet, he could see the city lights in the distance. He climbed down from his bike and sat himself down on a log. He didn't know what he would be doing tonight, tomorrow, next week he didn't care. Why because he wanted to find happiness and this was the closest thing he had found?

Ziva was stuck in a hotel, three guards were pacing the front doors, and they were on the lookout for her. Tony was nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that he had promised he wouldn't leave her. Maybe he was dead so she thought; she shook her head, the thought had made her upset. It had been a long day, she thought back to the last few hours: the four of them had been protecting a young minister from the Far East. Not an easy job when he wants to ride out in open top fast cars. But they knew they could do. It had been a normal day when Gibbs had arrived at the hotel, he didn't look well but he said he had a bit of a rough night. So as normal they continued doing their duties. Tony and McGee were the closest bodyguards and Ziva was lookout. Then around midday, Gibbs fell violently ill and at the directors request got shoved in to a car to get him out of the hotel.

Ziva's thoughts turned to current time and place, the hotels fire alarm suddenly sounded, not something she had thought of. She raced down a corridor whilst keeping an eye out for the armed guards. Guests came out of their rooms and walked down the stairs, staff were ushering them out as quick as they could. Ziva walked behind a group of young ladies, one of which dropped her black hooded jumper without realising. Ziva picked it up and shoved it on before anyone noticed; it covered her enough to get outside. Outside the hotel, the streets were filling up with onlookers, she noticed fire trucks arriving. She looked up when she was over the road and saw flames pouring out of the rooms, the rooms that earlier the minister, tony and McGee had been in.

Abby screamed at Gibbs, to wake him up as he had fallen asleep, has he didn't respond, she jumped down from her chair and ran towards him to shake him. "I'm awake" he mumbled. She hugged him tightly before suddenly letting go when her phone started ringing….