Final Chapter

It was some minutes before the antidote started to work; Gibbs started to respond which House was relieved. He turned to Ziva
"We need to get him to another hospital so we can continue the progress" House advised
Ziva nodded, but before helping the others she kissed House
"Thank you" she whispered
House sat on the floor of the corridor taking the weight off his leg. He was pleased, it was a good feeling. He watched as the agents cleared the room. It was a few hours later when Ziva picked him up off the floor, placing him in a wheel chair. He didn't complain, he was grateful to be alive and grateful to be with his beautiful girlfriend.
Gibbs was intensive care, Abby was stood in the hospital lobby crying as she realised she wouldn't be able to see him for a while, but she understood slowly. Ducky arrived to take her home, Tobias was then cleared to go home and wondered if this had all been in vain, but was pleased that Prince Felix was now dead.
Abby was now at home alone, wondering if she would see her beloved Gibbs again, she hoped that it wouldn't be too long and that her beloved Gibbs would survive. As for Ziva and House were now snuggled up together in a hotel. She had wanted to take him home, but he had other ideas, so to be honest she was tired and was grateful to be led.
The next day Leon entered NCIS and gathered the team together, he was grateful that they were all alive.
Tony and McGee were chatting as Ducky and Abby arrived then Ziva and House appeared. Leon came down from his office.
"Good Morning"
"Morning Director"
Leon noticed that House was standing near the exit
"Hey come over"
House walked over slowly his leg was still painful
"Sorry I didn't want to interrupt"
"No don't be sorry, this is time where I thank you all for your hard work and well life saving actions. Its only fair that I now brief you all on what has been going on, now come up to MTAC"
As they filed in to MTAC, Tobias was sat on the front row and turned to greet each one, hugging and kissing "Just the ladies Tony"
"Hey Tobias, your alive"
They laughed, they all laughed.
Leon then briefed them on the last few days events.
"Prince Felix had indeed come to take revenge on Gibbs for killing his sister, his brother we are not sure what he was talking about as Gibbs was never on that mission. However, we have found a whole network of his teams. This morning the FBI ordered several raids and we have captured many of those involved."
They watched some of the raids come up on the screen.
"So I want to thank you all for all for everything you did, as for Gibbs he has started making progress. We have some of the best doctors looking after him. Now you are all on leave for the next few weeks, now go enjoy and I will update you all on Gibbs."
Abby was left watching the camera that was on Gibbs, Leon put his hand on his shoulder, " You were given the all clear, but we cant risk you being infected or the babies lives"
She smiled and thanked Leon. She knew it would be some months before she would see her beloved Gibbs again, but Leon did give her clearance to come in and watch Gibbs when she wanted.
That evening House took Ziva out to a romantic spot that he had found on his travels. "What are we doing here this is lovely"
"I wanted to show you something" House said
He took her down towards the lake and she saw a candle lit area
As she sat down, House showed her the picnic
She smiled, then he got down on his knees, she was about to tell him not to encase he hurt himself. But she was surprised. "I am rubbish at speeches, but I love you Ziva David, will you do the honour of being my wife?"
Ziva was stumped for words, there was nothing she could say but she nodded and kissed him.
It was some months before Gibbs was able to get out of hospital. Tobias stood at the end of his bed
"What you looking at Tobias"
"Some old git, who needs to get up"
Gibbs laughed but it still hurt.
Tobias took him in his car
"Don't take me home Tobias"
"But the doctor said"
"I need to see her"
Tobias turned to him and smiled
"You soppy old…"
As they drove Tobias started putting the pieces together and as for Gibbs he couldn't stop thinking about her.
"Hold on are you the.."

"Yuh huh"
Tobias couldn't stop smiling, he was pleased for him.
Abby was now back at work, but it wouldn't be long before she took leave. She didn't want to, but she was now sporting a bump, she was carrying twins. Abby had been told my Leon that if he saw her struggling again she would be on leave.
Tobias wheeled Gibbs in to the office; the others stood and welcomed him back. Ziva showed him her ring, he was over the moon.
"Is she in her lab?"
"Yeah sure boss"
"I'll take you" Tobias said, but Gibbs stopped him. He took himself, he was weak but he could manage.
"I need to see her on my own"
"I can't believe he's back" Said Mcgee
"It be some time with recovery" Tobias said
Gibbs entered her lab and watched her work and then rub her bump.
It was some minutes before he spoke.
"Hey, my boys giving you jip?"
She felt his presence as soon as he arrived. This couldn't be real she thought, they hadn't seen each other for months because of the risk. She turned she couldn't stop the tears. As they embraced "Thank god you're alive" she whispered
"I love you Abs" As he rested his head on her bump as tears begun to run down his face.

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