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House stood in Abby's lab, his mind was full of ideas as he waited for Dr Mallard to come and assist. For the first time in a long time he felt relieved that there was another medical expert on hand.

McGee turned his chair towards Abby's computer and wondered if there was anything he could do. But he was more concerned about the Director and Gibbs. "Why did I get a rash?" he asked House

"Allergic reaction" House mumbled.

He could see McGee was about to ask more questions. But Dr Mallard then walked in.

"Hey Ducky" McGee said trying to be cheerful

"McGee, Dr House"

Ducky and House set up a drip for both Vance and Gibbs, Vance who had presented the same as McGee, started to move

"Ah Leon" Ducky said as he helped him move to a more comfortable position

"What's going on" Leon asked quietly

Ducky was about to fill the director in, when in walked Tony and Tobias Fornell

"Tobias, what do we owe the pleasure?"

"We apprehended a known terrorist this morning and he had this on him" he handed a test tube over to Ducky

"Good Lord"

House looked at the contents of the tube.

"We need an ambulance now"

Tobias reached for his cell and called for one.

Tony let out a sigh of relief.

"So Tobias, who is this known terrorist?" Tony asked

"Does it matter Tony?" came a quiet voice behind them

"Abby, my dear" Ducky said rushing to her side

"Ah yes Tobias, you will need Abby to see this terrorist of yours" Ducky advised as he quickly sat Abby down before she fainted.

"And whys that Dr Mallard?" Tobias asked confused as hell as to what was going on

"Cus I saw who poisoned Gibbs" Abby replied