after midnight.

Did you know? I'm here to stay.

- After Midnight, blink 182

Their noise is comforting.

He can hear Sakura softly speaking on the phone with Lee or Ino or maybe Hinata, and Naruto's cooking and playing Silversun Pickups in the kitchen. Sakura's voice rises in excitement, then lulls again. Temari and Shikamaru are engaged.

Sasuke clutches the pillow close, wishing it was Naruto's stuffed frog. The thing was off in the living room, and if he went to get it, he'd be roped into helping Naruto cook.

And he's tired.

"It's almost one, idiot!" He calls.

Come help me he wants to say.

"You're awake?" Naruto stands there in the doorway, buttons undone, flour on his hands. "I thought you were sleeping."

"No." Sasuke murmurs, going over to him and wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist. "You smell nice." You heard my call.

"Damn, how tired are you?" Naruto teases. "Giving me compliments."

"Shut up. I can't sleep with your racket." Sasuke replies. "Let's go out."

"Can I save my cake first? We can go after." Naruto kisses the top of his head. "Maybe wander around the amusement park?"

"Maybe. Just don't get caught in the fence this time." Sasuke smirks and Naruto pouts.

She hears the door open and shut and sighs.

"They've gone out again. I wonder where they go?" Sakura holds the phone a little closer, wishing Lee was right there with her instead of being miles away.

"Someplace where they can gaze into each other's eyes." Lee jokes. "Like they always do. Do you want my company?"

"I do... But... It's not fair, you have classes..." Sakura trails off. Yes, she wants Lee with her. It would be nice to always have him, sitting by her side and telling her how beautiful the stars are.

"I can bring you some ice cream. We could make our own tradition." She can hear Lee's smile over the phone.

"Come on over," She whispers.

Lee arrives after she finishes watching Friends and she meets him at the door. They sit, shoulders touching, on the stairs outside the apartment. His breathing is soft and steady and ruffles her hair.

"Thank you." She eases the ice cream from his hand, steals a bite.

"Any time, my love." Vanilla kisses drop on her shoulder.

The stars are beautiful, bright lights shining in from the window.

They sit with their feet in the lake, and Naruto remembers he has to buy flowers for Sakura's birthday.

"Hey Sas, what did you get Sakura?"

"A Snow Patrol CD. You?" Sasuke closes his eyes and sighs. "Did you forget?"

"No... yeah." Naruto admits, thinking Sasuke looks terribly tired. "Sasuke?"


"I feel like a shit friend. I suck."

"You don't suck that much." Sasuke mumbles, rolls up his jeans so they don't get wet.

"That much." Naruto groans. "I forgot Sakura's birthday!"

"You remember my birthday and you're out here with me because I can't sleep. You're always here for me." Sasuke says quietly. "You still have another day to buy her the lilies." Sasuke's eyes burn with an intensity Naruto hasn't seen in days.

Naruto's expression softens. "Sasuke..."

Sasuke presses a kiss to his mouth. "Let's go to Ino's flower shop."

They walk along the worn path and Naruto smiles. "Smells like honey."

"It's maple." Sasuke scoffs.

"It's sweet," Naruto grins and twirls the weakly protesting Sasuke around in his arms. "It's not like anyone will see us, babe."

Sasuke kisses him again, sweetly. "I wouldn't care if they could."


a/n: I can't get enough of this insomnia!verse. prequel is 'more than this', if anyone wants to skip over to my profile and check it out.