i"I'm sorry Mrs. Stiles...I can not promise your son being spared from the illness that took your husband." The voice was clipped, cold, Derek knew it was the same voice that pronounced his father dead just two weeks ago. He was at the office of this doctor being put through several exams unaware of how serious it was.

He was listening in. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "No! No he can't die like he did! Not my baby..."

"I'm sorry."

Derek covered his ears not wanting to hear anymore his nine year old body shaking as he ran back to the exam room trying to block out the words.

It was a lie, he was lying, he wanted to see Mom hurt. It had to be a lie./i

Derek Stiles awoke with a start. That dream was occurring a lot more frequently then it had before. He groaned resting his head against his hand. The world spun and his chest ached.

He had been feeling these symptoms for a few days now. He decided if it didn't get better at the end of the week he would get checked out.

After resting for a few moments as the dizzy spell passed he slipped his glasses on and got out of bed. He didn't want to be late to work. Angie might chew him out for it.

iStill I can't shake this bad feeling.../i He thought slipping on his labcoat after getting ready. Grabbing his car keys he headed out.

Coming to a stop he felt more chest pains as his breathing started to become effected. The surgeon mentally cursed trying to inhale and exhale until he was able to move his car away from the stop sign.

iWhat's wrong with me?/i

Little did he know...Things were going to get very bad, very fast.