Derek wrapped his arms around himself as he arched his back his transformation near complete as a white hot pain filled his legs as a bright glow envoloped him.

When it faded there was a tail attached to the man as he opened his eyes gasps and cheers from the many around him.

Letting his arms fall to the side revealed a large star etched into his chest glowing his eyes flashed blue before fading back to brown.

Derek Stiles...

Was reborn into his bloodline.

"I...Am alive."


Derek took in his surroundings as his transformation was completed.

It didn't hurt anymore. No pain. Moving his new appendage experimentally he moved quickly.

Taking in the faces around him some looked like the mermaids from his first dream...His first vision, others looked human with tails that varied in appearance but nothing too flashy past red. Like they were trying to hide from a world they knew wouldn't understand.

Ethan with his fantail and star markings on his limbs yet no star on his chest. His aunt Allison with an orange tail and a star on her cheek. His mother a dark blue tail that almost faded into the sea around her with similar markings to her son that stopped after the arms.

Derek knew...This was what she meant long ago by their people.

Taking in a deep breath he smiled. "Time to show them right?"

Ethan let out a laugh speeding over. "Come on let's scare the crap out of 'em!"

"No...Just proving them I'm fine..." He went to swim up but halted unsure of how he was going to show them without dragging himself back onto land.

"You just leap out of the water. Get good momentum and it'll be like a dolphin."

"R-right." He grinned sheepishly.

Ethan smirked. "Race ya!"

Going faster then he expected Derek lept out of the water diving back in moments later.


On the beach his coworkers were stunned. First a bright light had come from where Derek had disappeared from.

Now they saw him...What he became in a matter of minutes.

From the tail to the large star on his chest they suddenly realized there was infact more to Derek then his healing touch.

Tyler was the first to break the silence. "...I always knew he was a bit strange."

"..I can't believe it...Derek's half fish..." Angie murmured.

"...What an idiot."

He's a freaking Mermaid...Of course..


That was so amazing... Now that he had 'transitioned' to his new form the merfolk around him were swimming around taking in Angeles Bay's beach.

Lisbeth and Allison swam to him congratulating him. "I'm so proud of you." His mother wept a little her tears unseen due to the water.

Ethan slapped him on the back laughing. "Ha finally I did something before ya! I got the tail before you did!"

"Oh shush." He grinned at the youth shoving him back a bit.

"Derek." Allison stated as her nephew turned to her. She was still awestruck at how drastically different his transformation was from any other she had experienced. Even her own had not been like that.

He smiled enjoying every second of it. He felt great. "Yeah Aunt Allison? What's up?"

"There's something you should know." She sighed. "Lisbeth?"

The man's mother sweatdropped. "Um...When you first transform you can't just go back to land expecting everything to be back to normal."

He gave a confused expression wondering just what that meant.

Ethan interrupted figuring if she had neglected to tell him in the first place about the tail then they'd be there for a century before she finished. "It means because you finally have it you have to get used to it or get sicker then you were. You have to spend a month here in the water migrating with a pod formed of the rest of us. Basically it's like taking a vacation."

Derek's jaw dropped. "A month!?"


"...Great...How am I gonna explain it!?"

"Oh easy. Just call 'em over to the pier explain that you'll drop dead if you don't get used to it threaten to kill 'em-"


"Sorry ma!"

Derek shook his head this being a bit too much to take in at once as he swam back to think about it.

He didn't want to give up his tail yet...No this was something he wanted to explore. After dreaming of it for a long time he didn't want to give it all up just to explain to his co-workers that in order to stay safe he had to go away for a month for his body to get used to it.

After awhile he nodded to himself. He turned to his family. "...I'll go. Someone else want to explain it to them?"

Ethan raised his arm. "Not you-"

"They already think you and auntie are insane let's face it Derek might be easier if they see someone who went through it most recently."

He sighed the boy had a point there. "Alright...Go but I'm coming with but won't get out. I'll at least say goodbye."

With that they swam until they reached the near shallows Derek holding onto a rock to keep in place.

Ethan pulled himself onto shore ignoring the surprised looks as he did as he always did.

Rolled himself in the sand as his tail changed back into his legs. Standing shakily he leaned on Derek's old wheelchair. "Scuse me...Ethan Martino's the name...I'm Derek's cousin."

"What was that?"

"Well that...Was the family Heritage. Thing is Derek would explain it himself but because he's getting used to his new limb...He has to spend a month in the sea or more to let his body regulate to it. The tail is really new to him and if he gives it up right away...He'll just get sicker." The boy tried explaining.

There was collective sighs. Considering how sick Derek was...And how they had no idea what the heck they had gotten themselves into they nodded.

"Derek!" Angie called. "You have a lot of explaining to do!"

"Take care of yourself."

"Don't get eaten by a shark ya moron!"

"Be safe!" Tyler called. "Dude you owe me an explanation."

Derek from where he was waved not sure how far his voice would travel as he dipped back into the water.

Ethan nodded before wading in before diving in.

"It's going to be a long month..." Tyler sighed in worry hoping Derek was strong enough to handle all of this.

We don't even get why the hell of all things he had to be a MERMAID of all of them?


Derek and the others swam out to sea after that.

There was no packing anything. Not even going back for his glasses.

He had to learn to handle himself and whatever abilities he may have received.

He was confused, amazed, felt generally excited.

Derek soon realized that an energy boost seemed to come with the territory.

Little did they know someone else knew about the mermaids.

But they weren't going to leave well enough alone.