Thanks for reading as always - it's a short chapter but I hope you enjoy!

Dyson entered the Dal going over what he had discussed with the Ash, they had spent nearly two hours going over everything. Lachlan had detailed his plans for Lauren and what role she would play in the Light Fae and how he thought Bo could be used to persuade the doctor to commit herself.

He still couldn't get his head around the fact Lachlan was putting so much effort into a human. In the end he decided to concentrate on the fact that he'd get his love back as a reward. He and Bo could have a life together.

When he sees Bo sitting at the bar with Kenzi, he knows he made the right decision. Plus, it couldn't hurt to have some brownie points with the new Ash.

Joining the two women, they share several shots. Eventually Bo's curiosity gets the better of her. "So what did the Ash want?"

Dyson decides on the direct approach as he downs a shot, "well Lachlan said that he can arrange for me to get my love back."

There is a moment of silence as Bo and Kenzi take in the news before Bo throws herself at him. "Oh my God, that is amazing."

Kenzi eyes her friends before leaning forward to take another shot from the bar. "What's the catch? Do you have to give him a kidney?"

Bo laughs at her friend as Dyson sets the wheels in motion.

"Well Lachlan has some work that he needs Lauren's help with. If I can persuade Lauren to stay long enough to help him, in return he will arrange for the Norn to return what she took from me."

Kenzi frowns, "Lauren? Why would he get you to ask the Doc to do anything?"

Dyson shrugs, eyeing Bo as he continues, "I don't know, but given that I'm not her favourite person I doubt she will help."

Bo reaches for another shot, "well luckily you know a succubus who is on good terms with Lauren. I'll ask her for you, I know she'll do it as a favour for me."

Dyson throws back another shot to cover his surprise at how easy his plan has come together. Given that Bo has been adamant that the human doctor should have her freedom, he is a little taken back at how easily Bo volunteered to help him.

Rolling the shot glass around on the bar Dyson dared to look forward to a future with Bo.