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Chapter 1

"She must be dealt with!" he yelled, slamming his fist on the table and cracking the antique wood down the middle while his adoptive mother groaned at the sight.

"Now Jasper, son, you know we need to find out what's going on before we do anything else. She has obviously kept the secret and someone has obviously entrusted her to do so. We need to find out who that someone is and what this girl has to do with us." Carlisle was trying to be diplomatic but he had his concerns and Jasper could feel them.

"I can't read her mind, we don't know anything about her. She is… as Jasper so eloquently put it, 'a threat'. I do not condone killing anyone but it may be the safest course of action in this situation, not to mention her blood is the most delicious thing I've ever smelled. It took everything I had not to kill an entire classroom of kids just so I could enjoy her taste." Edward's eyes glazed over with an onyx cover as he thought back to her sweet aroma and let the venom pool wantonly in his mouth.

"Knock it off," Jasper groaned and swallowed his own venom, having felt the desire and bloodlust emitting strongly from Edward.

"So let's just send Edward out for dinner and be done with it! Why are we still having this conversation?" Rose glared at the family.

"Because, just like Edward can't see her mind, I can't see her future. I don't know if that's the best course of action. I think Carlisle's right; we need to talk to her. But I can't see how that will go either. She obviously knows what we are. She said that much at school today." The Cullen's paused to remember the incident at lunch.

As Alice and Jasper entered the school cafeteria they heard Jessica talking, more like gossiping about them, the Cullens, again. She was letting the new girl, one Isabella Swan, the daughter of local police chief Charlie Swan, in on the news about the Cullens.

"The small one with the dark hair, that's Alice. And the one who looks like he's always in pain, that's Jasper. Their together-" she babbled on as the others entered the lunch room talking about each couple and their looks and "snobbery" since they never associate with other kids in the school. She pointed out Emmett, who looks like he works out constantly but is never seen in the gym and Rosalie, who is equally as gorgeous and probably made of plastic and of course Edward, who was known to be "too good" for everyone, since he is the only one without a partner and still doesn't socialize.

Bella watched as all the beautiful people were named and took their seats around a circular table at the back of the lunch room. Edward, who was patiently waiting to hear what the new girl thought about them, was surprised when he could not find the new girl's "inner voice". Jasper asked if he knew what she was thinking and though it was a whisper Miss Swan seemed to hear it from across the room as she slowly turned and narrowed her eyes at Edward and then Jasper.

The word "vampire" was barely more than an exhaled breath but they all heard it. The table stilled as each person looked up at the new girl, wondering what she knew. She was obviously human and she was obviously angry with them or maybe their kind as the word leaked from her mouth like a curse, a word she knew she shouldn't be saying, however quietly.

Bella's glare moved to each individual vampire before she heard Jessica say, "The Cullen's are staring at you." The blond girl obviously was unaware that Bella had been staring right back. More people filed in and sat around the new girl, asking questions and introducing themselves. Bella refocused on the people around her as if the small but intense encounter had never occurred.

Later, Edward was the first to their car and told them that they needed to leave because there was a problem with Isabella. He explained on the drive home that her blood called to him unlike any other he's ever encountered. Jasper was able to sympathize knowing all too well the call of blood, while Emmett silently and much to Edward's chagrin remembered his encounter with a woman who's blood was too appetizing.

"Em-mett," Edward growled through clenched teeth.

"Sorry," he mumbled in return as he tried to focus on the current conversation. Alice was on the phone calling Carlisle asking him to come home because they needed to talk about this. Her voice was scared as she explained the situation since Edward was still trying to find the best way to make Isabella his next meal and she was not able to see the future that involved this girl.

The family refocused.

"We need to call her and see if she'd be willing to meet us," Esme said, trying to step in and help formulate a plan.

"Well, that must be what we decide since all our futures went blank for the next few hours. I can see past it, so nothing horrible will happen to us."

"She's human! What could she possibly do? So, she knows about vampires, so what? Let's take care of this and move on with our lives. I don't want to move but if we must, then so be it. Emmett and I could take another vacation for a couple of years. Right, honey? I don't want to go right back to high school again." Jasper was nodding in agreement with Rose as everyone else sat silently trying to decide the best course of action.

They already knew what they'd be doing, Alice told them so. But still, it's good to look at all options and make the decision based on that and not what Alice says. People change their minds all the time and vampires were no exception to this.

In the end, they looked up the home phone number for the Chief of Police. Of course, it wasn't available, so they all sat thinking of ways trying to find her number. When they finally stumbled on the idea of having Edward call Jessica, Alice was able to see the number and Edward was thankful he didn't actually have to make the call.

"Now, who makes the call?" Edward asked, knowing he didn't want to do it. He didn't know what to say. They all stared at each other.

"Fine," Jasper sighed and held his hand out for the paper that Alice had written the number on. She was nervous but relieved as she handed it to Jasper.

Soon a soft feminine voice floated over the phone, "Hello?"

"Isabella, please?" Jasper asked, knowing it was probably her, but he needed to make sure.

A heavy sigh came over the phone as she answered, "This is." They all gave each other questioning looks wondering why she sounded so defeated and bothered at the same the time.

"Isabella, this is Jasper, Jasper Hale from school." He paused waiting to see if she was able to make the connection.

"Yeah, I was going to ask you about that. You go by Jasper Hale now, right? But are you by any chance the famed Jasper Whitlock?" She sounded slightly bored and slightly intrigued. She was certainly a curious girl and Jasper wished he could feel her emotions. His was the only ability that seemed to work on the young lady and her constant state of boredom and displeasure was surprising to him, since she was new to the school. He knew that new kids at school were usually filled with anxiety and worry and tons of confusion, Isabella Swan did not possess one of those today.

The shock and confusion was on the Cullens as Jasper was temporarily rendered speechless and everyone in the roomed looked at each other in awe. The earlier feelings finally gave way to a ton of worry as Jasper returned to the conversation after a swift elbow to the gut from Alice.

"Oh, umm… well… that's why I was calling. I am who you ask, but how do you know of me? Of us?" he amended as he looked around the room.

"Sure sure, you have questions, I get it. Let's meet at the church down the street from the school. They have a little meeting room we can use downstairs. I'll see you there in about 10 minutes." Bella waited patiently for Jasper's reply.

"Oh, okay." He shrugged as he looked around at everyone else.

"Oh and Jasper?" Bella asked, regaining his attention.


"Come alone." And with that she hung up.

Jasper kept the phone to his ear as he was stunned by the brass that that waif of a girl had.

"It's not like she can hurt ya, dude," Emmett said, laughing at the stunned expression on his face.

"Don't be so sure, Emmett. She knows about us, we don't know what else or who else she knows. She's obviously heard of Jasper and isn't afraid, and that right there is worrisome." Alice sent her insecurities to Jasper letting him feel her concern for him. They often communicated this way and Jasper nodded finally pocketing his cell phone.

"I'm sure I'll be fine. She does know about me, but Emmett is right. She's human. I stand a pretty fair chance of making it out alive," he tried to joke, but could see it fell on deaf ears.

"Do you want us to go with you, son? We can wait outside or just show up as a united front and not let her tell us how to do things." Carlisle was worried, not so much for Jasper's safety but for their secret. Edward and Esme nodded in agreement with Carlisle.

"Thanks, but no. I think we need to establish some trust here and I think that is what she is doing. Testing me, us, and meeting in a fairly private place that is neutral ground. And since she seems to know of me, it's me she picked to meet, knowing my reputation. Or at least it seems that way. I think we have nothing to fear." He was sure there was nothing to fear from her. He was sure she was about to change their lives too, but he didn't know why.

Edward heard his thoughts about change coming and sent him curiosity but he declined through his thoughts to voice those particular concerns at this time, mainly because he didn't know what they were himself.

"Tick tock," said Emmett reminding him that he needed to be leaving.

When Jasper arrived at the church he saw that the old beat up truck from the school parking lot that he noticed this afternoon was there and assumed it was Isabella's. He made his way in and found the stairs leading into the basement area.

The hall was dark except for a yellow glow that crept down the hall from a room at the end where the door was mostly shut. Jasper briefly thought of himself as the monster lurking in the shadows as he slowly made his way to the door, testing the emotional climate. Isabella was in there alone, impatient, and bored. No sense of anticipation, anger, or anything that indicated that she might attack him came from the small room.

As Jasper pushed the door open he was greeted with a room that looked to be set up like a little meeting room with a sofa and three chairs all mismatched in color sitting on brown carpeting with orange walls, screaming last renovated in the sixties or early seventies, though the furniture may have been a bit newer, it still showed significant wear.

Isabella sat lounging on a chair with her feet on the only footrest in the room which matched the yellow and pink floral chair she was sitting in. The room was cozy but for the most part had a lifeless feeling to it. Jasper guessed it wasn't a room that was used much anymore, the air was stale, the dust was significant, and the scent of the only human in the room competed with the musty smell of time in the air.

"Isabella," Jasper drawled, tipping his head in greeting as he sat in the chair across from her.

"Bella, please. Is it okay if I call you Jasper?" She only appeared 16 or 17 years at most, but she spoke with knowledge and authority that made Jasper slightly uneasy, he nodded his assent to her question.

"How do you know me?" Might as well get it out there, he thought.

She sighed again, her emotions remained bored but a new sense of appreciation and respect was welling in her as she began to speak, "Yes, I know you. I know what you are and no you will not be killing me anytime soon."

"That, my dear, did not answer my question." He smiled at her trying to gain her trust and win her over.

"And that my dear-" Bella sneered, "-is not going to work on me."

Before anyone could say another word Jasper was in her face, his strong hands gripping the side of the chair, the foot stool kicked off to the side. She would tell him everything he wanted to know. Only… she didn't even flinch.

"That, won't work either, my dear," Bella sneered at him once again while she sat stoically and he gauged that her only reaction to his intrusion was anger not fear.

"And why not? Why are you not afraid of me? Who are you?" Jasper was really starting to become nervous now, she didn't even jump at his sudden movements, she was human, he could hear her heart beat, see the blood pumping through her veins, she was breathing, and she smelled delicious. Yet, he had no desire to drink from her. It was a curious thought but a fleeting one as he waited for her answer.

"I am what you might call, a chosen one. I know everything about you that the Volturi brothers know." To say Jasper was shocked stupid would be an understatement. He knew the Volturi knew everything about him.

Jasper had met Aro, shaken his hand. His memories belonged to Aro and though he knew Aro feared him, he also knew they let him live. They checked on him yearly, October 1st every year for the last 16 years. That was the day he met Aro when stopped in to see Carlisle and that was the day someone from Volterra called to see if Jasper was still with the Cullens and how things were going for him. Their concern for him was disconcerting at best and now this girl seemed privy to all his "dirty little secrets".

"A chosen one? What's that?" He returned to his seat at human speed hoping to get some real answers, since now he just had more questions.

"A chosen one, is someone whom the Volturi have chosen to become a vampire but for whatever reason they have yet to be turned. I have yet to be turned," she said with a sarcastic smirk.

"But the Volturi don't just let human's that know about us wander around." Jasper was confused and though he wanted to be angry he just couldn't be for some reason, adding further to his confusion.

"No, they don't."

"Then… how?"

"You know for an infamous, murderous, cunning vampire, you sure aren't too bright are you?" She smiled dumbly at him while he returned her comments with a growl.

"What does that mean? Why should I know anything about you?" he growled his question, not at all happy at being reminded about the person he used to be.

"Smell me," she prompted holding a hand out.

Jasper began scenting the air but could find nothing unusual and calmly, this time, made his way to her. He took her hand and sniffed deeply finally catching the scents she was figuring he should have noticed earlier. Her blood though divine was a bit off and her skin smelled of another vampire, faintly. She had probably washed her hands since their last contact. He growled at the thought of a vampire having contact with her as she pulled her hand from his.

"Down boy, he's my bodyguard." She placed her hand back in her lap and watched him expectantly, waiting for him to take another seat.

"Demetri," Jasper growled, recognizing the scent and not liking it one bit.

"Yes, now sit." Bella motioned to the chair closer to her than the one he had previously occupied and he responded by sitting on the edge, leaning as close to her as possible.

"Explain," he commanded, his eyes darkening slightly and he watched as a chill ran through her body. Her emotions told him that she enjoyed that command and he filed that information away for further thought.

Meanwhile, back at the Cullen mansion everyone was stone still, waiting on pins and needles to hear from Jasper.

Alice was worried sick since she couldn't see him now that he was with Isabella and Edward had to hear her frantic thoughts.

Rosalie was curious about a girl that would want to speak to just Jasper but just didn't want to really think about it and sat in her husband's lap who was also worried for his brother.

Emmett was also having problems not thinking about the lady whose life he so abruptly ended because she smelled too good.

Carlisle and Esme stood silently staring out the window waiting for the first signs of Jasper's return wondering if it was a good idea to send him into an unknown situation, whether she was human or not, it could still be dangerous for all of them. They loved Jasper like a son and wanted no harm to come to him. Carlisle was also worried about how to explain this encounter to Aro when he calls in October.

Plenty of time, he reassured himself. It was only March now after all.

Jasper sat staring wide-eyed at Isabella as she finished telling her story, "And that is what brings me here, to you." She smiled and blushed slightly but mainly she was just nervous, waiting to hear what he'd say in response, her anger having dissipated long ago while she told her story.

The air remained stagnant and heavy as the vampire tried to understand and believe all that he had just heard.

"Jasper?" Bella finally questioned, getting impatient for acknowledgement.

"Oh sorry. Uh… do you think you could come tell the rest of the family this?"

"That's it? That's all you have to say?" Bella got up and stormed out as fast as she could, eager to escape the thickheaded Jasper Hale Whitlock.

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