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Chapter 4

Jasper waited for the return of Bella and Felix wondering what she was going to say this time. He was displeased with Tyler having called her a harpy earlier, but it was an apt description and he wondered what she was going to harp on when she got home. He watched the car pull into the drive and went to stand by the front door, not helping her out of the car. He wasn't quite ready to play gentleman to the brat.

Felix exited the car and helped Bella out.

"Sorry," Bella mumbled as she walked by Jasper and into the house while Felix gave Jasper a satisfied smirk. Curious he followed after the contrite female.

"Have a seat, we'll be back in a minute," instructed Felix as he followed after Bella who was already headed upstairs.

"I don't want to talk to him right now," Bella whined from the room above.

"Well little girl, I don't care what you do or don't want. That is your mate down there and you will not only respect him, but you will forgive him for leaving you behind because you were in the wrong. Some pitiful apology as you walk by him is not enough, Bella; and I won't tolerate that behavior. You are a spoiled brat but your mate is still down there waiting on you and this conversation is over. You go get to know him and deal with your pity party later before he decides you aren't worth the trouble."

Jasper listened to the ass-handing that Bella got with some mirth and took notice when Felix threatened that he might leave, Bella's heart jumped and a trace of fear skewered her emotions before she got control over it. She was really afraid she could push him away and now he knew he could use that against her. He also found it comical that she gave a poor apology just as Demetri had earlier in the day.

"Maybe I should just leave," Jasper called up the stairs at a normal tone knowing they would both hear him.

"No. I'm coming down, just a minute I need to change," Bella called back. Felix appeared at the top of the stairs with a wink to the vampire at the bottom as he sailed by and into the kitchen obviously getting something out of the refrigerator. Jasper returned to his original perch on the sofa and waited listening to the noises going on in the house as Bella rustled clothing and Felix rustled… food?

Finally, Felix joined Jasper and set a bottle of water and a tray of various snack foods on the table. Jasper just raised an eyebrow at him, almost asking if he was attempting to offer the food to him. Felix chuckled and just shook his head, taking a seat in the recliner. Bella finally made her way down in tight jeans and a red blouse that hung off her shoulders, her hair was curlier, her make-up heavier, and her scent marred by some foul smelling perfume.

"What the…?" Jasper uttered, not truly meaning to but he couldn't help it. Bella's eyes widened as she heard the comment; glancing between the two wide eyed vampires in the living area she realized she had made a mistake and took off for her bedroom.

"Bella?" Felix questioned. "Well this is new," he commented to Jasper before slowly rising to go after her with a perplexed look on his face.

"You know it's been a long day, maybe you should go… for now," he suggested over his shoulder. Without a word Jasper was gone, unsure of what to really think of the day's events.

Bella was a jumbled mess in her bedroom when Felix got to her trying to wipe make-up and shame off her face with a tissue.

"What were you thinking, Bella?" Felix took over cleaning her face gently as he continued to use tissue after tissue wiping away salty streams of goopy eye make-up from Bella's face; it appeared to be never ending.

"I jus…just wanted… him… to like… me." She was barely able to speak and trying to pull her shirt off over the vampires hands that tended to her face. Felix moved a hand to hold the shirt down.

"Just hold on a minute, one thing at a time. He's gone, we can take as a long as we need."

Bella's eyes bulged with the information that Jasper had left. She knew he had, but hearing Felix say it was a whole new thing. She began to cry harder and curl in on herself, pushing Felix away.

"Where is this coming from, Bella? You've always been a brat, my brat in fact." He smiled genuinely at her. "But, why the wild make-up and sudden fear of abandonment by the Major? This isn't you, it has never been you, what's going on? I left you with Demetri for 2 months and this is what I come home to? What is going on?" Felix pulled her into a hug. Though he cared for her as a father, he typically didn't console her, this was different. She appeared to be genuinely falling apart and he didn't know why.

"I…I don't know." Bella sniffled and snuggled harder into Felix looking for comfort, a comfort she had never known from him. "I don't know why I'm doing this. I just want him to like me. I know everything about him, but he is married. He likes the little elf looking creature. I'm not her!" Bella began wailing again.

Felix smiled as he put it all together. "You're insecure and jealous. You don't know what to do, because you've never tried to get a man's attention before, huh?" She nodded furiously into his shirt and he held her close and chuckled lightly. "There will be time for seduction later, Princess."

Felix moved Bella to stand and exited the room quietly letting her change and clean herself up yet again. Her father would be home from work soon and would need to meet the "new" bodyguard.

Jasper entered his home with some feeling of satisfaction and a bit of puzzlement. He couldn't understand why Bella had dressed like a streetwalker for him.

"You're home sooner than we expected. Did it not go well?" Carlisle was understandably intrigued by the Chosen One he had yet to meet. He knew the legends and he knew this was serious, if Jasper was giving up Alice for a human.

"Not at all as expected. She was rude and crude and then after changing her clothes appeared in front of us like a common harlot. She was full of make-up and tight revealing clothing, not at all how a princess should present herself. Especially to me."

Carlisle eyed Jasper for a moment his emotions vacillating between shock and worry. Jasper raised an eyebrow at him in question.

"Well, yes, umm… I just, I've never heard you speak that way before, son." Carlisle glanced at Jasper as though he was not only afraid of him but he had never truly seen him.

"Humph." Jasper stared at his father figure wondering why everyone was acting so weird around him all of a sudden. He sent his curiosity to Carlisle but it was Edward that answered as he entered the room.

"You're changing, Jasper. In the last 24 hours you have changed. You stand taller, your eyes are… well different somehow, brighter maybe. Your words are sharper, harsher even. You are becoming the Major once again, I'd guess." Edward rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he shared the last bit of his assessment. He knew what Major Whitlock looked like through Jasper's mind but without access to Jasper's thoughts anymore, he was guessing now.

Jasper raised another eyebrow in Edward's direction. "You think I'm becoming the old me? The murderer? The Major?" He was oddly calm in his questioning. Usually, Jasper freaked out when anyone spoke of the Southern Wars let alone compared him to his former self. Today, it wasn't happening that way. Things were different.

"Well maybe not, Jasper. We are just noticing changes, a confidence that we don't normally see from you." Carlisle trying to save Jasper from becoming upset at the news only made things worse.

"So, I normally lack confidence, is that it? I'm no longer a puppet on a string being led around by this band of merry freaks?" Jasper was angry and everyone knew that wasn't good, even if they had never seen him angry.

"That's not what I meant, son. You have never been a puppet and I certainly hope you do not feel we are a band of freaks. We are family, your family. I was only trying to explain the difference we see in you and this hostility is some of it."

Jasper rubbed his face roughly, knowing Carlisle was right. He unceremoniously flopped down onto the nearest stuffed chair. "You're right. I'm sorry, Carlisle. Everyone," he added knowing the others in the house were tensely listening to this conversation. "I think it's that little brat. She just makes me so… mad."

"Jasper, being mad is one thing, but things like calling her a harlot and a brat, those aren't you." Carlisle sat next to Jasper his concern flowing evenly from him. Jasper knew he was controlling his fear and he didn't like that the family patriarch was afraid of him.

"You're right. I don't know what's going on with me. I feel different, powerful even, and very disappointed in my mate." Jasper cringed mentioning his mate, he knew she was but her behavior left a lot to be desired to the century and a half old vampire. She was a baby compared to him, despite her upbringing; an upbringing that was yet another concern for Jasper.

When Charlie got home he was introduced to the new security detail. Felix. Charlie assessed him and though the other guy was big and intimidating, in the quiet and violent kind of way, Felix appealed more to Charlie. Felix was friendlier, bigger, and seemed to have a better understanding of his daughter. Charlie, enjoyed Felix's company while they watched Sport Center together and chatted about football and baseball and their favorite teams and players. The other guy held no interest for Charlie as he was too wrapped up in following his little girl around.

"Why is she so quiet tonight anyway? Is she mad that her guards were changed?" Charlie was just generally curious and felt he could ask such a question to the burly smiling man sitting across from him. Idly he wondered if he carried a gun.

"She had a rough day at school. In truth she asked for me, so here I am. I've been her guard since this whole situation started." Felix tried to play it cool but he worried Charlie might try to get too nosy. Charlie sipped on a beer and nodded his head in understanding.

"She didn't seem to like that other guy much. He was… nosy." Charlie nodded happily deciding that was the word he wanted to describe Demetri who was always hanging around outside Bella's room. He felt like the guy was doing more than just protecting his daughter, it was almost as if he was stalking her himself.

"Oh, what made him nosy?" Felix wondered out loud, hoping Charlie would take the bait. He did, Charlie went on to explain his constant hovering and simultaneous avoidance of Charlie himself. He felt it was weird and his daughter seemed uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry to hear that he made you all uncomfortable. This is usually my post, I just took a vacation for a bit-"

"Oh, I completely understand. I'm not complaining. You all have a job to do and I guess that's to protect my little girl. I can't thank you both enough for making that your daily lives as boring as it seems to be. I just wasn't comfortable with the Demetri guy. Are you friends?" Charlie appeared a bit nervous that he would have upset the large vampire sitting in his living room, whether he knew he was a vampire or not.

Felix's face split in a happy grin that kept his razor sharp teeth hidden as he answered the nervous police chief, "We are co-workers and nothing more. He gets on my nerves a lot too. Not that he takes his job too seriously. We are supposed to do that, but he is kinda uptight." Charlie nodded with a smile in agreement at the assessment of the young man's co-worker.

The two new friends sat and talked the rest of the evening while Bella lay in her bed listening partially but mostly fearing what it would be like to return to school tomorrow since she had made a complete fool of herself today. Sleep evaded her until early morning when she finally made a plan for the next day.

Jasper arrived at the school in his own vehicle again, planning to join Bella after school for a talk he knew they needed to have. He rested against his driver's side door awaiting her arrival. He was nervous but only because he worried what kind of attitude she was going to have today. He wanted her, that was undeniable but she was going to have to change her attitude if he was going to give in to his desires. He was a strong and stubborn man; it carried him well from his previous life and into this one. He would not acquiesce to a child.

Their car pulled into the parking lot and up to the sidewalk. Jasper watched silently as Bella exited the car telling Felix she'd see him after school. Jasper was happy to see that she was dressed as a normal teenager in tight fitted jeans and what looked like a purple sweater underneath a light weight tan jacket. Her dark blue messenger bag hanging from her shoulder made her look very much like a regular kid. She turned and surveyed the lot as Felix drove off.

Bella's eyes locked with Jasper and she said "good morning" at a low tone, easy enough for Jasper to hear though. He returned the sentiment in the same tone and watched as she turned and walked towards the school. He could sense her nervousness even from across the parking lot but it had nothing to do with her emotions which were calm and bored as always. Her eyes were nervous and her gait was unsteady. She knew he was watching and it was throwing her off. Or at least that was Jasper's assessment of the situation.

In reality, he wasn't too wrong. Bella was nervous, but she wasn't nervous because he was watching her, she was nervous for fear that he was judging her and she was nervous for fear her plan wouldn't work. She entered her classroom after a quick stop at her locker and thought about how she was going to try to lure Jasper in.

The morning went by without a hitch and Jasper and Bella politely greeted each other in passing and nothing more. Jasper was waiting for her to try something stupid or be bitchy towards him but it never came.

At lunch Jasper was first to the cafeteria and chose his food and a lone table figuring they could sit and talk a bit about the night before. He didn't know Bella had other plans though, he watched as she walked in talking with a couple of female classmates about their latest class and the homework assignment. Bella got her food and without a glance in his direction she sat with her new found friends at a table across the room. They talked and she never once looked his way. Jasper studied her body language, looking for signs that indicated she knew of his presence.

When he found none, he whispered, "I thought you'd have lunch with me today?" Knowing only Bella and the other vampires in the room would hear. He refused to look at his siblings as much as Bella refused to look at him, he didn't want them to know he was feeling like a fool. Bella didn't respond or act like she had heard the question. Jasper waited 10 minutes more until he gave up and trashing his untouched lunch with force he left the cafeteria for the solace of his truck. He was not a fan of being ignored. He had done nothing wrong and she certainly wasn't entering his graces with such behavior.

"Tough day?" Emmett climbed into the passenger side of his truck only moments later. Jasper just snorted in derision at his brother for asking such a question. "Listen man, I know I don't know everything about what is going on. Okay, I don't know much. What I do know is that after yesterday that girl is two things; she's probably mortified at her behavior just as much as you were upset by it… and… she is just a girl." The large man paused to let Jasper think about his words for a moment.

"She's a brat, Em." Jasper knew his brother was right on some levels but he also knew that "girl" was more than just a girl.

Emmett smiled sadly at his brother and fidgeted with his tight white t-shirt that poked his neck from under his maroon sweater. "Man, I know I shouldn't be talking to you about this shit. But Jasper, I've thought a lot about her situation, about her words, about her. I don't particularly like her. I want to, don't get me wrong. She's important to you but as you said, 'she's a brat'. I don't particularly like how she is changing you and so quickly either." Emmett paused unsure if he should go on. Jasper urged him forward with a wave of his hand feeling Emmett's hesitancy.

With renewed determination Emmett began again, "I don't think she's ever had a boyfriend, Jazz. I don't think she knows how to flirt. I don't think she has social skills. She has been raised by a family but always with a vampire around, she always knew that she was destined for someone. I doubt even if she wanted to, she'd have been allowed to date. She's 17 and clueless, brother. Not to mention she is only 17. You're waaay older than that, man." Emmett chuckled at his last statement and Jasper mulled this new information around. Emmett was probably right. She's probably never been on a date let alone even tried to flirt with someone, knowing that she was destined for Jasper.

Bella said she knew everything there was to know about Jasper. But Jasper knows very little about her. Her upbringing was certainly different and he got the large snapshot of what it looked like, but finer details were still missing. Jasper was so lost in thought he didn't even notice his brother's departure from his truck.

Without another thought as to where Emmett had gone, he finally looked at the time and saw he would be 20 minutes late to his next class, Jasper made a decision. He started the truck and made his way to the Swan residence. Felix opened the door when he heard Jasper's truck pull up in front of the house.

"Everything okay?" The large vampire in the doorway asked as Jasper exited his truck, worried that Bella got into trouble again.

"No, but hopefully it will be," Jasper answered as he entered the home of Bella Swan.

"What's wrong?" Felix was nervous, hoping Bella didn't push Jasper away anymore than she already had.

"I want to know about Bella. I want to know what she was like growing up? What makes her tick? What she knows about relationships and being mated?"

Felix rubbed his chin in a show of human thought and curiosity, a habit he developed living in the home of Bella's family for years to make him appear "normal". Jasper noticed the very human trait but waited for the answers to his questions.

"Well, I think it's best if you ask her those questions yourself, sir." Felix didn't want to be rude and he didn't want to get into trouble with Jasper, technically he was royalty now and he wasn't sure how much trouble he'd be in denying the Prince's request. Jasper felt his worry and even a little bit of fear as he spoke and assumed the same thing, he was not to be denied.

"The thing is Felix, she's gown up knowing all about me and I know nothing of her. She ignored me at lunch today and hasn't done more than glance at me and give me a small 'hi' all day. I just had a talk with my brother, who seemed to think that Bella is socially clueless. What do you think?"

Felix leveled a heavy and unnecessary sigh as he realized he wasn't going to get out of this situation. Jasper felt his acceptance and worry about the upcoming conversation but did not comment, allowing the man to collect his thoughts and decide best how to answer the questions.

The men sat talking about Bella's history; Felix tried to fill Jasper in on the finer points of the spoiled insecure brat that he has raised over the years. He made sure to include that Bella has never had real friends or boyfriends because of her association with vampires. Bella did have a younger brother who was born into the family she was living with when she was 8. She didn't have much to do with the tyke though because she was too old. Her 'mom' asked her occasionally to help with the care and cleaning and she was given chores as she got older but mainly she was far from normal despite their best attempts.

Soon Felix's phone buzzed to life with a text that read, "Where r u?" Felix jumped into action realizing that he had been distracted and not aware of the time, school had been out for 10 minutes already.

"I'm sorry. I have to go, she's waiting." Felix was out the door when Jasper told him to stop.

"What?" Felix asked with his hand on the door handle of their car.

"I'm going to go get her. You are going to stay here and she either rides with me or she walks home, understood?" Jasper commanded nonchalantly as he strode past the stunned vampire and got into his truck without another word. Felix knew this was going to be problematic, Jasper was already ordering him around and he couldn't say, no; but Bella was his charge. This was getting complicated quickly.

Felix huffed and strode with determination and confidence back into the house, he was not going to let the issues between these two get him down. He plopped on the sofa engulfing it in his massive frame, crossing his legs while he began channel surfing mostly trying to avoid thoughts of what was going to happen next.

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