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Chapter 5

Jasper pulled up in front of the school, to a waiting Bella, whom appeared shocked to see him.

"Come on," he said as he leaned over and opened her door for her from inside the truck, a slight smile playing on his lips. He didn't expect her to come with him easily.

"I'm waiting on my ride. Thank you." She stepped back from the truck but Jasper heard her heart rate speed up a bit. That was the signal he was hoping for, something that said she was nervous, she had such good control of her emotions she didn't project much beyond boredom.

'Another part of her training,' he thought with disdain.

"I know and I'm it. Get in the truck, we need to talk." Bella glanced around unsure of what she should do, some trepidation leaking into her emotions. She was losing control around him. Her heart rate continued to thump as if it belonged to a man running a marathon until Bella took a large deep breath and held it for a moment. Jasper watched and listened in fascination as her heart rate slowed and her emotions returned to their normal state. She was centering herself. When she had successfully let the breath out extremely slowly, even for a human, then she was back to her normal spoiled self.

"After yesterday, I think its best that I not rely on you for anything." Her smirk returned as Jasper felt the verbal slap of her words and visibly flinched.

"You know, you either get in this truck or you walk home," he said after a moment choosing to not take her bait for an argument. He knew he did nothing wrong, she was treating him poorly and he wasn't going to put up with it.

"I've already text Felix to come and get me, maybe you should just go," she dismissed him again as she turned and walked further down the sidewalk.

"You aren't getting it, little girl," Jasper began from where he sat, knowing she'd hear every word. "I was with Felix when he got your text. I am your ride and I told him to stay home even if you call again. Now choose: walk or ride with me. Felix is not a choice today."

Bella stood with her back to the truck seemingly unaware that it was even there while she mulled over her choices. It wasn't raining and it wasn't terribly far to walk home, but she had already put Jasper off several times today, maybe she should accept the ride. While she was pondering her decision, the slamming of the truck door let her know Jasper was done waiting. She turned and quickly made her way over to the truck, swallowing her fear and pride.

The truck handle was cold against her palm as she wrenched it open. "I'll ride with you, but only because I don't want to walk." She wasn't going to be completely controlled by this weak version of the man she was eager to meet and fall in love with.

The ride home was silent, Jasper didn't even choose to acknowledge her snarky comment. As he pulled up in front of the house he turned towards her. "I spoke with Felix today. I asked him to tell me about you." Bella's heart sped up again as she looked at Jasper with eyes as big as saucers. "Shocking isn't it, that someone can get information on you when you don't know about it." He was making a point and her silent head nod said he had made his point.

"Do you w…want to come in?" Bella asked in a scared quiet voice.

"I think I would, yes. Thank you." Jasper killed the engine and jumped out of the truck and headed for the front door. He wasn't going to play gentleman just yet, even if it went against his grain. He wanted nothing more than to help her from the car, carry her bag for her, and feel the heat of her arm wrapped around his as he led her inside. But, she had to earn it.

Felix watched their interactions unabashedly from the front window in plain sight of both of them. He heard the conversation also and wondered how Jasper got her into the truck to begin with. He knew his little one wasn't one to just accept a ride because she was told to; she would have walked home out of principle if given an ultimatum. He had educated Jasper that much on her personality. She was entitled and yes 'bratty' but she was strong willed and wouldn't bend for just anyone.

'But Jasper wasn't just anyone,' Felix thought with a smirk.

Jasper rapped on the front door as Bella dropped off the high seat of the large truck on to the sidewalk below with a little thud. Jasper didn't turn to see how she was faring, he knew it wasn't rocket science, it was just his conscience getting to him for leaving her behind.

Felix went to the door as Bella stepped up on the porch behind Jasper. "Welcome home, little one." He opened the door with a flourish and the mismatched pair entered the house. Jasper went straight to the living room and took a seat noticing that again there was a tray of food and a bottle of water set out for the Princess.

"I'll be right back," Bella mumbled as she walked slowly towards the stairs thinking the same thing everyone else was. What kind of freak was she going to look like today when she came down?

Bella again took a deep breath and centered herself as she set her book bag on her desk. She took the sweater she had been wearing off and exchanged it for a light blue form fitting t-shirt. It was one of her favorites and she hoped it would be better than yesterday. She combed her hair quickly putting it into a pony tail and out of her face. Slowly she descended the stairs with confidence, poise, and purpose.

Jasper afraid to see what she had put on today waited until she was at the bottom of the stairs before he looked over but he knew it couldn't be bad as Felix's emotions were full of happiness and relief. Bella approached the living area cautiously, waiting for their appraisal of her entrance but she knew she was exuding nothing but confidence and boredom as she had been taught by Marcus during her summers in Italy.

Jasper looked to her face which she hadn't done a thing to and was a bit relieved. Her hair up in a high pony tail giving him a view of her graceful neck and whether it was meant to be enticing or not, it was. As she made it into the living room Jasper read her t-shirt.

You have the right

to remain silent.

Anything you say

Will probably be stupid

The last line was written in red as though added in a corrective fashion. He appreciated the truth of the t-shirt for the discussion they should have. A smirk appeared on his lips as he took a moment to also appreciate the way her body looked in the tight jeans from this morning and the new tight t-shirt, which allowed him to appreciate all of her curves.

"Felix," Bella said quietly to the vampire who looked a little too interested in what was coming next.

"Princess," Felix nodded as he stood and flew from the room to his designated room upstairs, the next sound being only a click of the door as it shut gently. Bella smiled appreciatively for a moment before taking Felix's seat and grabbing a piece of fruit from the tray on the table.

The couple eyed each other quietly for a moment. Neither person was afraid to talk, but the silence began to get awkward and Bella was the first to crack. "I… guess," she paused unsure of what to say.

"Bella, maybe we haven't gotten started on the right foot. Let's try the left." Jasper let his words hang in the air with a smirk as Bella caught up with the corny joke and a smile appeared across her face. Bella took her water and sipped it as she tried to think of something witty to say back. The awkwardness had all but dissipated with Jasper's comment but she still didn't know what to say.

Jasper leaned forward feeling his green t-shirt tighten against his arms as they rested on his denim clad legs. "I want to know you, Bella. All I do is think about you. I have hurt Alice greatly because I can't stop. My family, Alice included are understanding of this situation. They know I have no control over it. They know I feel a pull to you. It's not love; you know that, we all do. Maybe we should start with a courtship, dating," he amended.

Bella smiled and nodded her head, still at a loss for words, well maybe not at a loss but so worried she was going to screw things up she felt she should keep her mouth shut.

"Will you go out with me this Friday night?" Jasper asked formally.

Bella gave another smile and nod, changing her emotions from boredom to happiness and anticipation. She was fairly good at controlling her body, her emotions, her mind, but not her mouth.

Jasper smiled in return, liking the positive feelings he was getting from her. "Now, how about we talk about yesterday? I don't want to go through something like that again."

Immediately fear and shame, overshadowed Bella's emotions. She somehow thought she wasn't going to have to deal with that particular episode again.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing. What I was thinking. I was rude to you at school and I can't even explain what happened here." It was a pitiful attempt and they both knew it but the heartfelt apology was a good start.

"I accept your apology, Miss Swan. I do not however, accept you explanation for your attire yesterday. I didn't like it." Jasper was direct and to the point without malice, never one to beat around the proverbial bush.

Bella nodded as tears of shame formed in her eyes while she regarded her bottle carefully cradled in her hands. "Please?" she pleaded in a whisper, she couldn't do this, she couldn't explain her insecurities to him. She didn't want him to know. She needed to be strong for him, like him.

"Please what? Allow you to not have to explain your actions. Allow you to dress a beautiful teenage body up like some common streetwalker, plastering it with unnecessary make-up, revolting perfume and presenting yourself to me in that fashion. Do I look like someone who just picks anything up off the street to take home? You say you know so much about me, what kinds of women do I like, Miss Swan?"

Bella's tears began to run free over her cheeks as she gulped with the proper chastising that she just received. She didn't realize how much she had not only made a fool of herself but of Jasper also. She couldn't apologize for that. She lost control of her emotions, being unable to keep the happiness that she had there; her shame and fear engulfed her. Jasper felt the change but he wasn't going to save her. Upstairs, a soft chuckle came from Felix's room, he was possibly enjoying Bella having her ass handed to her a bit much, but Bella would deal with him later.

"Master, I –"

"Don't! Call me master. I am no one's master and I certainly am not Volturi. Is this what they taught you child? To be submissive? A brat? A whore?" Jasper was angry but also worried about what her "teachings" actually involved.

Bella couldn't control anything anymore and freely broke out crying for the second time in as many days. She wasn't comforted as she was last night by Felix. Jasper sat and watched her flounder, he was slightly uncomfortable but he wasn't going to take any of it back. He was in a situation he was completely unfamiliar with and had no choice but to deal with.

The Volturi could have better prepared him, rather than keeping yearly tabs on him. He thought it was out of fear, now he knew it was so he'd be easier to find for this child, for a prophecy he still hasn't heard completely and would rather not be a part of. If he was going to be honest with himself, he was allowing his mate to wallow in self-pity and shame because he begrudged her being put in this situation.

"You're a heartless bastard!" Bella cried out through her tears as she began to get angry at his words and lack of comfort.

"And you came looking for me, child." He wasn't going to give in. She could call him whatever she wanted, it didn't change how she had acted.

"Get out!" she tried to yell but the torrent of tears stuck in her throat wouldn't allow it to come out as powerfully as she had hoped. Fear laced her emotions as soon as she said it, she didn't want him to leave, and he knew it.

"Now, now. We both know that's not what ya want. You've lost your pretty little head and along with it all that control you built up. I know everything you are feelin', little girl. I think you need to pull yourself together so you can tell me exactly what it is you think you know about me, because it doesn't seem like much. Otherwise you wouldn' behave the way you have over the last 3 days." Jasper sat back on the sofa and watched his words sink in.

Fear, anger, and longing swirled around Bella in her emotions and in her eyes as she kept contact with the heartless bastard that called her a child and a whore. There was no arguing with the brat part but she certainly was not a whore, she only wanted him to like her. She wanted to be pretty for the immortal man who was covered in scars yet still resembled a marbled God.

Bella composed herself with several deep breaths and centered herself yet again. She was not going to lose the only man she ever wanted. She had been trained to serve him but he, like her, was a force to be reckoned with. He wasn't going to comfort her and if she pushed too hard he would leave, then where would she be?

Soon, Jasper and Bella became locked in a conversation about the Volturi, using their hatred as common ground. They would not be ruled by them but neither was completely aware of the prophecy that had been spoken of either. Felix stayed quiet in his room listening to them bond and even plot a little. Surprised at how the afternoon had turned out.

Once Bella "pulled herself together" she began talking like just a girl, just a girl talking to just a guy. She told him she didn't know how to flirt or date and that she wasn't a whore. She in fact had told him she had never even kissed someone else. A gentle rumble from Jasper told Felix that he was happy to know she was as pure as could be, which was after all part of his job, keeping her virginity intact. Bella explained that she knew Jasper liked strong women but submissive in the bedroom. Calling him Master was yet another pitiful attempt at seduction.

Jasper essentially ordered her to stop trying to seduce him and just act normally, that cleared the air for discussions about other things. Among them, they shared their favorite food, pizza and bear, and favorite colors, blue and green, and even favorite flower carnation and lily. They had finally overcome their biggest barrier it appeared, their egos.

Charlie pulled into the driveway and the two newly acquainted love birds broke their first kiss with a grin and a sigh. Felix returned to the living room for all intents and purposes to appear as though he was chaperoning the whole thing. Charlie met Jasper with some trepidation knowing that his daughter was bringing home a boy after only being at the new school for 3 days. That was a bit disconcerting to him.

Jasper was able to win Charlie over with some hunting and camping talk as Felix continued to watch unabashedly at the Major's prowess to control people without even using his gift. Bella and Jasper held hands with a decent distance between them while Jasper spoke with Charlie, which earned his approval.

Bella eventually decided dinner was in order and Jasper decided to go home before he had to eat something. Felix smiled approvingly as he walked Jasper out to his truck.

"You may have hurt her feelings in the beginning but it seems like everything will be okay now. I do hope your wife won't be your next roadblock?" Felix raised eyebrows letting Jasper know he truly wanted an answer to that question.

"It won't be. Alice has already filed for divorce, it'll be quick and easy, it's amicable. She knows this has to happen. I do too, even if I'm not happy about how this situation was introduced." Jasper climbed into his truck and with a nod of his head bid Felix goodbye.

Jasper returned home to questions from everyone but Alice who stayed silently sad in the corner of the room. Jasper let them know how things had gone and felt the disappointment and disgust from various family members as he spoke of calling his mate a whore and other various names.

"Son, do you have a plan for how this mating is going to take place?" Carlisle was all business and trying not to be judgmental as he asked, but again his disappointment with how Jasper had treated Bella was noticeable.

"I don't. I barely know her. I don't want her around the Volturi at all and we agree we won't be their puppets in whatever they are trying to do. I know Felix overheard the conversation so I hope he'll keep his mouth shut but I really don't care. I don't like that I feel like my whole world centers around her and she's a bit weird. She doesn't know how to talk to me, because she's never really had friends. It's awkward. I asked her out on Friday night."

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