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Chapter 1: Something is Wrong

Raven stumbled in the door, it had been a difficult fight. She was quite sure that Cyborg was repairing his arms, they had overloaded when he tried to use everything he had into the sonic cannon. Beast Boy was so exhausted he didn't have the breath for a quip, and Starfire had fallen asleep on Robin's shoulder. It had been Raven who had driven home, as Cyborg didn't trust anyone else with his baby.

Once she got to her room however, she slid down. She took a deep breath, she was just so tired. She was very wary; it was extremely easy to get lost in emotions at this level of exhaustion. She gritted her teeth and deliberately removed her uniform into her pajamas. They were her after-battle pajamas; this meant that they weren't too clingy in case she had bruises or injuries. They were also very soft. She crawled into her bed and promptly passed out.

With a gasp she bolted upright, she didn't know what had caused her to react like this. But there was something very wrong. Very very wrong. She took a breath to steady herself and tried to disperse the panic that was flooding her body in chills. She grabbed her cloak and decided tea, tea would be a good thing right now.

She made her way to the common area, everyone else was already up. Cyborg and BB were gaming. She smiled on the inside, she thought Cyborg was winning but BB had just used an 'epic punch' and won the game. Robin was cooking breakfast, while trying to keep Star out of the kitchen. She walked over and started the water.

"How are you feeling, friend Raven?" Starfire asked, as she watched her friend lean on the counter top. She was feeling quite refreshed. They had been victorious!

"I'm fine." The words were crisp and clear.

"DUUUUUDE I cannot believe you just did that!" BB voice whined quite loudly.

"Looks like you're off your game, maybe you should have some BACON!" Cyborg flipped behind the coach and grabbed an apron to start cooking breakfast. There was a flurry of activity as BB raced in the kitchen as well, Robin's waffles were done, and Starfire saw her opportunity to dive for mayo jar and butter sticks. Raven was quickly shuffled out of the kitchen as her friends went crazy for their favorite meal of the day.

"Ah!" There it was again, the feeling that there really was something wrong with the world. It felt like an intrusion, like someone stabbing her brain. She stumbled, and steadied herself with an arm on the couch.

"Rae, are you okay?" BB leapt over the chaos in the kitchen, and ran to her side. "Rae, what's wrong?" He was holding her steady. Her frail body was shaking in his arms, and he gently lifted her hand off the couch and allowed her to lean on him.

"I'm fine, don't know what came over me. I just…" The kettle whistled. "I just need my tea." She said, grateful for the interruption. That moment, she had leaned so effortlessly into Beast Boy. His green eyes were full of concern. She had felt her own body shaking, but from the weakness or something more she did not know. Nor did she wish too.

She pushed herself away from Beast Boy and walked purposefully to the kettle, where she poured herself a cup of her favorite tea. She inhaled the aroma as she delicately held the cup in her hands, enjoying the warmth.

Beast Boy was a little affronted; he had just been trying to help! There was obviously something off about Raven. He was better than most at picking her up, although it was definitely a skill that needed to be practiced. But he knew there was something not okay with Raven today. Her body was still shaking, although less so. He focused all his attention in Raven as she walked to the steps.

Raven turned around, to see Robin watching with disgust as Star eagerly dipped a butter stick in the mayo and ate it happily. Cyborg was flipping an assortment of sausages, bacon, and who knows what other meat products.

Beast Boy, Beast boy was just staring at her.

Then she felt the stabbing sensation again, harder and more direct. She fell back like she'd been physically hit, landing painfully on the steps behind her.

"Raven!" Beast Boy watched as her face betrayed a terrible pain, as she crumpled to the steps, her tea splattering the carpet. Her cape fanned out behind her. He raced to her side, and gently supported her head. Everyone crowded around.

"Raven?" The question was small, and Beast Boy searched for some sign that she was okay. He watched as Raven's went wide.

"Something is wrong." The voice came from Raven's mouth, but everyone knew it wasn't Raven saying it. It was weird, but Beast Boy could have sworn he saw in her eyes flashes of light, like inside her head Raven was using her powers to attack. Probably just my worry running away from me, he mused. Then she slumped back into his arms.

He lifted her, glad he had had enough training and time at the gym that he could support her. He was frightened though that she was so light, almost like she would float away. It was weird, he had just disconnected from everyone else when something had started happening to Raven, and then it jumped back online.

"Quick! Get her to the medical room!" Robin ordered Beast Boy who started running. "Cyborg, get the equipment ready, whatever you think is necessary. Starfire, go with Cyborg, help him with anything he needs. I'm headed to her room to see if it can give us some type of clue as to what happened." They all raced off.

Robin could hear Cyborg listing off the medical equipment to Starire, and he raced to Raven's bedroom. He slid the door open. He looked closely, trying to piece together what happened last night. She had seemed fine the day before… He saw her uniform placed carefully in laundry bin, and saw her pajamas on the ground.

She had slipped into her pajamas, and had a very restless sleep. Her covers were thrown on the floor haphazardly. The indentations on the bed suggested she had woken suddenly, nightmares? Robin wondered, looking for some kind of clue.

What had happened with Raven?

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