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Chapter 22:

"We're here!" Starfire crowed as she jumped from her compartment. She floated up to fly as she enjoyed the sunshine.

Raven began to climb out unhappily. Beast Boy jumped out and offered to help her down. She paused for a moment, then allowed him to help her down.

"Thanks." She said shortly.

"You okay?" He asked, wondering what was up.

"Ugh, Intelligence woke me up early and gave me step by step instructions on how to build your gifts. I was fine with just giving her control so she could do it, but everyone else complained that it wasn't fair! So instead she had to speak infuriating slow to me since like 3 in the morning!" Raven snarled.

"Shh, it's okay. We're here now. While Intelligence is running around you can take a mental nap? I don't know." Beast Boy slid an arm around her.

She sagged on to his shoulder. His heart fluttered as she laid her head on his shoulder so easily. Thank goodness for the growth spurt that allowed him to be taller than Raven.

"Perhaps breakfast would be in order?" Starfire suggested. Robin and Cyborg started pulling out food. They all were sitting about to eat, when Raven sprang up.

"Oh! Intelligence has presents!" She ran back to the T-Ship.

"Girl knows how to make friends, boo yah!" Cyborg said excitedly. Starfire was bouncing with excitement.

Robin just smiled at Beast Boy, "Wonder what she thought of…" He mused.

Beast Boy just chuckled, "I guess we'll see."

"Okay who wants to go first?" Raven said as a she carried a bunch of stuff hidden under her cloak.

"Me! Me! Please friend Raven I wish to go first!" Starfire shared excitedly.

"Okay, so Intelligence knows that you really like um, unusual creatures as pets. So here is your very own dinosaur!"

"What?" Beast Boy asked, whipping his head around.

Raven pulled out a mechanical dragon; it was beautifully painted with red and purple colors weaving in and out of a complicated pattern. It was perched on Raven's arm, and was about that tall. It launched off her arm, expanding its wings to show their magnificence. It was hard to believe that it was a machine, the metal had been crafted to look like scales, and it behaved in a non-machine like manner.

"Oh it is truly wonderful! What is it called?" Starfire rose into the air with joy and began circling it, eyeing it appreciatively. "I love how it looks!"

"Um, I don't have a name. Why don't you pick one?" Raven offered.

"How did you make that?" Cyborg asked, eyes wide as the dragon responded to Starfire flying and started chasing her and then circling and summersaulting. Starfire was rattling off names.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess I should let out Intelligence so she can explain." Raven paused for a moment and then whipped out a pair of glasses. She then proceeded to rattle off a long complicated technical explanation.

"Since when does Intelligence need glasses? Raven has fine eyesight. None of the other emotions needed it." Beast Boy asked.

"Oh these are no normal glasses; I whipped them up in my free time. I've had the schematics for years." Intelligence brushed her hand. She pulled them off and handed them to Beast Boy. "Maybe I should add some more features…" Her hand strayed to regrab the glasses, but she let it fall to her side.

He cautiously slid them on, and uttered, "Woah." It was like looking through into a different world, as he glanced at Starfire, he saw the angles, the distance, and the formulas for trajecting her speed and suspected destination. He glanced at Cyborg and saw all of his wiring as well as explanations for what certain parts or wires did for him. He pulled the glasses off quickly, it was overwhelming.

"How can you stand it?" He asked, gingerly handing them back.

"All I want is data and information. Certain things stand out to me, and I want to know them." Intelligence said sourly.

"I shall name it Dlyier (d-le-I (as in high)- er)!" Starfire cried in joy. "It is the name for love of flying back on Tammeran."

"Glad you like it, who's up next?" Intelligence asked, she almost looked impatient. Starfire flew down to sit next to Robin and eagerly pointed to him. Then she bolted out of her seat to give Intelligence a massive hug to thank her. Intelligence started her next explanation rather quickly to stave of the long, spine-cracking hug.

"Okay Robin, so I cooked up something really good for you. When you built Red X, you had a short-range teleport and obviously you have a stealth mode; but this is a combination of magic and technology." She handed him a gadget pack he could simply clip on to his utility belt. "Press it and you will turn invisible and have a sound barrier surrounding your body. No one will be able to hear you, or see you."

"Wow, thanks Raven, I mean Intelligence. Totally cool! Can't wait to train with it, thanks!" Robin immediately flipped the switch, and disappeared from view. True to Intelligence's word, no one heard him or saw him. Even when Beast Boy shifted into different animals, he still struggled to see where Robin was.

She nodded, "So Cyborg, Beast Boy, who's going next?" They exchanged a look, both obviously eager to see what Intelligence had whipped up for them.

"Come on BB!" Cyborg begged Beast Boy. He thought the dragon was so cool, and the stealth pack even more so. Beast Boy took this as an opportunity to prove to Raven how mature he could be and let Cyborg go next.

"Okay, so remember the multi-processing unit of exponential logistic conversion 576 model 54389671112?" Intelligence asked with a smile.

"Yeah…" Cyborg trailed off looking excited. They were face to face and getting closer in excitement.

"Well check this out!" She flipped over him, putting one hand on his shoulder to vault herself over him and strapped what looked like a small long metal backpack to Cyborg's back. Then she stabbed two wires into the base of his skull.

"Fly!" She yelled triumphantly.

"Fl…fly?" Cyborg strangled out and was launched into the air. He started freaking out and going every which way with no control. Starfire shot up to try to steady him.

"Focus on a destination!" Intelligence hollered. Apparently it worked as Cyborg practically crashed back to Earth.

"What the shrieking metal was that!?" He yelled at Intelligence who looked very proud.

"It's a mental jet pack, responding to your thoughts, and yes magic is used to make it so small." Intelligence was still smiling. "Practice more, and you'll get better."

"I…that is so cool!" Cyborg hollered. And shot up to try to master the controls. Starfire joined him in the sky and Dlyier joined the both of them. Robin chose that moment to try out his own gift, and disappeared from sight.

"So Rae, what do you have for me?"

"I'll show you later. I don't want to run out of time, and if I do, than Raven can give it to you." Intelligence explained.

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