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Slip of the Tongue

Chapter 1~

"Where are we going, Yukio!" Rin whined for the fifth time in the past hour, as his Bon rolled his eyes across the isle. "You said we'd be at our mission hours ago!"

"We will, Nii-san. Be patient." Yukio scolded, as Rin pouted and sulked in his seat.

A soft mumble came from the demon, before he turned to look out the window of the train. His tail swaying against the train seat next to him, as his fingers played with one of the straps on his sword case and stared out the window. His crystal blue eyes focused on nothing in particular, as his midnight blue hair fell in his face and attempted to block his view. Something the demon didn't take too kindly, as he pulled out the silver hair clip Bon had given him months back and clipped his bangs back. It taking a few moments, before Bon turned his eyes away from the demon and was immediately faced with a smirking Shima watching him intently. The older teen's manga long forgotten beside him, as Bon gave him a frown and knew exactly what was coming. Especially with his heart thundering in his chest.

"What?" Bon challenged, as Shima gave him the 'you know what' look.


"Don't start." The brunette n' blonde grumbled, as he turned his attention back to the scripture book in his hand.

"Oh, come on!" Shima whined, as Bon rolled his eyes and Miwa tried to ignore their conversation all together. "All you have to do is get up and sit beside him, Bon."

"I said don't start. This is my own problem, Shima."

"Well, if you don't make a move someone else will." The pink-haired teen put in, as Bon shot him a glare. "Hey, I'm just saying Rin-chan has been getting some love letters lately; and it won't be long before one of them asks him out. You've got to make you're move, before someone takes him."

"And I told you to drop it." Bon growled, as he looked up from his book and glared at his childhood friend. "This is my own problem, and I'll deal with it however I choose."

"So in other words, you're never going to tell him and you'll suffer while Rin-chan gets together with some hot babe. Nice one, dude." The older deadpanned, as Miwa squeaked beside the brunette n' blonde and Bon's face turned red. "By the time you actually get a chance to tell him how you feel, it'll be too late and you'll be coming to me for help; and I am not helping you with that again. The last chick that hit on him wasn't even good when I got to her."

In response, Bon smacked his best friend over the head with his book. The older letting out a whine in pain, as he let out a few complaints and Rin turned his gaze away from the window. The brunette n' blonde catching the demon's eye, as the demon watched them with curiosity. Rin's deep crystal blue eyes darting between Shima and him, as Bon felt his face flush and Rin raised an eyebrow at him. The brunette n' blonde's heart rate speeding up, before he glared at the younger and Shima shot him a look of warning.

"What are you looking at, Okumura?" Bon demanded, as his voice came out harsh and Shima face palmed himself.

"Nothing." Rin mumbled, as he shot him an equally harsh glare and tone, before turning back to look out the window.

Shima sending him a glare the moment Rin's back was turned to them, as Bon immediately looked down at the book in his hands. It was in that moment, that he didn't even have to look up to see the disappointed look on his best friend's face. He had seen it enough to realize it was there, and they both knew this had happened on more than one occasion. Every time him and the demon fought, yelled at each other, and threw insults at one another; that very look was etched onto his best friend's face. They both knew why the brunette n' blonde acted in such a manor around the demon, and had been trying to fix it for some time, but at times like these it was becoming a lost cause. No matter how hard he held these feelings for his demonic classmate, he could never truly express them; and that was his own downfall. Yet his pride wouldn't let his best friend give his secret away to the young demon, because he was afraid of Rin's reaction. He was afraid of what he'd say, think of him, how he'd look at him the moment he knew. It wasn't the feelings he was afraid of, but the reaction after his feelings were known. Those themselves were enough to make the brunette n' blonde fear his classmates own reaction.

The older teen across from him let out a sigh, before Shima picked up his manga book and went back to reading. The brunette n' blonde's mind nowhere close to the scriptures he was supposed to be reading, as he caught a side glance of his demonic classmate and Shima chuckled.

"What?" Bon demanded, as he looked up at his classmate.

"Nothing." The older quickly spoke, as he waved his hand to reassure him and Bon gave him a warning glance. "Your face just reminded me of that girl that tried hitting on you a few weeks back."


"Gather around, so I can explain the mission." Yukio called, as the lot of them were getting off the train and started quickly walking over to their teacher.

Rin the nosiest among them, as he jumped off the train and made a noise of happiness. The young demon practically jogging over to his brother, with the Kurikara slung over his shoulder and his tail swaying behind him. Bon watching the older Okumura twin rush after his brother, as Shima walked past him and nudged him in the shoulder. The brunette n' blonde shooting his best friend a warning glance, before he followed after his classmates and stood by his best friends. His overexcited classmate practically jumping up and down, as he kept bugging his younger brother about the mission; till Yukio turned and glared at the older. Rin immediately backing down, as he shrunk into himself and muttered an apology. The lot of the gathered around their teacher, as Yukio turned his attention away from his older twin and started his explanation.

"A week ago a missing persons report was filled to the local police here. The local authorities thought that it was a common criminal at first and upped their security on the town. A few days after their first report a second one was filled by a common house owner. He described a suspicious woman with longer ears and a tail luring a civilian into an alleyway that they later never came back out of. When the report was filled it was automatically transferred the Vatican and they suspected a demon is involved in all this, which is why we're here." Yukio quickly explained, as the brunette n' blonde quickly took in the information and watched Rin stare at his brother with no interest at all. "Our objective is to find any evidence of supernatural activity, and find any clues to all the civilians that have disappeared."

"So in other words we're just looking for information?" Rin frowned, as the younger twin gave him a nod. "That is so boring! I want to use my sword and kill something!"

"Not every mission is about you getting involved with fighting demons!" Yukio sternly spoke, as Rin puffed out his cheeks.

"You just don't want me to get hurt again, like the last mission." Rin shot back, as Yukio glared at him. "What? I had that situation under control! I knew the stupid lizard thing could breath fire and you distracted me! If you hadn't yelled I would've been fine!"

"And if I hadn't have yelled, it would've killed you." Yukio spoke darkly, as he turned his back to his brother and turned to the lot of them. "Do you understand the mission?"

The lot of them quickly nodded, before their teacher filled through the clipboard in his hand and Rin mumbled an insult under his breath. One that was completely ignored by the younger twin, and the rest of the class; as their teacher let out a quick breath and looked at them.

"Since this is a simple 'information gathering' mission, I'm going to split you up into groups of two." The brunette spoke, as the older twin let out a groan behind him. "And since Nii-san would rather be killing demons, I'm going to pair you up with Suguro. The rest of you will be in another group."

In the height of their teacher's announcement, Bon felt his heart stop. His eyes immediately meeting the demon's, as Shima gave him a nudge and the brunette n' blonde felt his face flush. The young demon barely paying much attention to him personally, as he frowned at his brother's announcement and then the realization hit him.

"Why am I stuck with Bon?" Rin complained, as Yukio frowned at his older brother. "Why can't you stick me with Takara? At least I won't end up arguing with him!"

"At least I don't go around swinging a sword around like an idiot!" The puppet rudely barked out, as Rin glared at the thing.

"How am I an idiot? At least I actually-"

Feeling an argument coming on, Bon sighed and walked toward the demon. Rin not even paying the slightest bit of attention to the area around him, till Bon wrapped an arm around his neck. A gasp of surprise leaving the younger, as the brunette n' blonde took a map from their teacher and started dragging the struggling demon away in a random direction.

"We're going to go check in this direction." Bon called out behind him, as Rin gave up on getting away and started yelling insults after their classmate.

Something that quickly pissed off the older, as they made it around the corner and Bon let go of the demon. A frown on his face, as Rin stood up straight and brushed his clothes off. A glaring immediately being sent as way, as the demon's tail lashed out behind him and Bon ignored his classmate. The brunette n' blonde pulling open the map, as Rin gawked at him and put his hands on his hips in frustration.

"So now you're going to ignore me?" The demon demanded, as Bon quickly looked over the map.

"We never started a conversation, so I'm not technically ignoring you."

"Then why did you drag me off like that?"

"You were making too much noise and giving me a migraine."

"Well I'm sorry I gave you a migraine, Princess." Rin spoke, as a displeased look settled into his features and Bon felt his face heat up.

"P-Princess? What did I tell you about calling me that?" Bon practically stuttered, as he gripped the map tightly in his hands and glared at his classmate. "We both agreed that we wouldn't bring up that name again the moment we left Kyoto."

"Well, no one is here. So I think me calling you by that name is perfectly fine, Princess Suguro." Rin easily shot back, as Bon glared at the younger and turned back to the map. "What?"

"What's up been up with you lately? You've been acting really touchy ever since you and Okumura-sensei got back from winter break."

There was a slight pause, as the older Okumura twin stared at him in slight shock. The kind of look in the younger's eyes that said the brunette n' blonde hit a mark that wasn't supposed to be hit and the younger was now on his guard. His deep crystal blue eyes watching him intently, as he took a step back and something flashed across the younger's eyes. A strike of bright blue the older had never seen before, as Rin quickly looked away and pushed past him to continue down the alleyway they had walked down into.

"Let's go get this stupid mission over with. All of a sudden I don't feel so good."

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