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Slip of the Tongue

Chapter 5~

Two hours later on the train back to True Cross Academy

"So let me get this straight." Bon sighed, as he closed the worn book in his hands and looked at Yukio sitting across from him with Shima nervously sitting beside him. "During Christmas break, on your birthdays, you became of age."


"Which gives you the ability to go search and claim your mate, who will be with you for eternity?"


"And a demon's mate can be human, half human half demon, or a demon?"


"And they'll die when their mate dies?"

"What?" Rin shrieked beside him, as Shima covered his ears and Yukio rolled his eyes.

"Essentially they do. It's an instinct for the demon to die with their mate, so when they move onto death they won't be alone when they're dragged to Ghenna. Mating, and being a mate of a demon, is a sin. So the demon dying with their mate is a way to make up for their mate never being able to move onto heaven." Yukio explained, as Rin frowned at his younger brother. "Plus if a demon's mate was dragged to Ghenna without them and was attacked, the couldn't protect them and they'd die. No demon would want that, would they Nii-san?"

"No!" Rin yelled, as he hugged Bon and got several odd looks from his classmates. "No one is taking my mate from me!"

"Then dying with Bon wouldn't be bad, right Nii-san?" Yukio challenged, as he got a reluctant nod, and Shima pulled on the younger's sleeve. "Yes, Shima?"

"So if I'm your mate, does that mean you'll protect me?"


"And you'll get rid of the bugs?"

"Yes." Yukio chuckled, as Shima blushed.

"And you'll stop the guys in my history class from picking on me?"

"Wait, who's picking on you?" Yukio demanded, as Shima shrunk into himself.


"You already finished the book?" Rin asked, as his voice pulled the brunette n' blonde's brain back into focus.

"Yeah." Bon quickly answered, as he handed the book back to the demon and Rin took it.

"Even the mating chapter?"

A bright red blush befell both of their faces, as Bon nodded and Rin set the book in his lap. His tail sway against the back of the seat before it flopped right down onto the older's lap and wrapped around his wrist. The two of the jumping slightly, as they looked at one another and their faced darkened in color.

"So, do you want to mate when we get back?" Rin hesitantly asked, as he rubbed his arm and looked in the other direction. "You can top. I don't mind, and I'll try not to claw your back open. I can't promise my tail will beha-"

The rest came out muffled, as Bon placed a finger to the demon's lips and gave him a small smile. A smile that had the demon's heart racing and the end of his tail wagging, as he almost instantly got lost in the teen's eyes.

"Yes, we can mate when we get back." Bon spoke, as Rin let out a mental breath of relief. "It'll save us both a lot more problems in the future. That, and I love you."

"I love you too, Bon."

"Yukio told me we could use any room other than ours." Rin spoke, as he closed the front door to the abandoned dorms and sent Ukobach a quickly telepathic reply that they were home and busy. "He doesn't want our room to smell like sweat and sex."

"Funny, Miwa said the same thing." Bon nervously laughed, as he rubbed the back of his head and looked at the other.

A sudden silence filling the entrance, as the two awkwardly stood there and looked around the entryway. The younger shifting a little on his feet, as the brunette n' blonde swept his hair back out of his eyes.

"Um, let's go find a room." Rin quickly forced out, as he walked past the older and up the stairs. "Yukio said he'd be back from his date with Shima at five."

"Right." Bon called back, as he quickly followed the younger up two flights of stairs to the third floor.

The two of them completely silent, as Rin walked to the closest room he could find and pushed the door open. The demon finding two twin beds pushed to either side of the room, as he hesitantly walked inside and nervously sat on the bed closest to the door. His classmate right behind him, as the brunette n' blonde closed the door behind him and leaned against it. It taking him a moment to calm himself down, before he walked over to stand in front of his classmate and kneeled in front of him. Both of their eyes meeting, before Bon let out a small chuckle and rubbed his forehead.

"Glad to know I'm not the only one who's nervous."

"Y-you're telling me." Rin stuttered out, as he gripped at the material of his pants. "I'm mentally panicking about everything I ever could."

"Same here." Bon spoke, as he gently took the younger's hand and squeezed it. "But I love you, and you love me. You want to mate with me, and I want you to be mine forever. So why are we both freaking out over this?"

"I don't know. You ask my head." Rin nervously laughed, as Bon smiled and kissed the demon's knuckles. The older receiving a soft squeak from the younger, as the demon blushed. "I-I'm sorry. That wasn't-"

"I think it was cute." The brunette n' blonde spoke, as he watched the younger's blush darken in color. "Who knew a demon could be so tame."

"That's because you're my mate-!"

"I know. I was just teasing." Bon chuckled, as he leaned forward and gently placed a hand on the demon's cheek. "I can't help it. Your reaction is so cute."

"I'm not cute." Rin frowned, as he puffed out his cheeks and glared at the older.

"That's what you think." The older chuckled, as he gently poked at the younger's cheeks. "But lets put that behind us and mate. We've already wasted a good ten minutes."

"Fine." Rin mumbled, as his eyes darted away from the older.

A soft smile stretching across the older's face, as he gently turned the demon's face toward him and forced the younger to look at him. The demon's bright crystal blue eyes gazing into his, as he carefully leaned forward and placed a hesitant kiss on the demon's lips. Something that had the younger instantly melting to his touch, as he relaxed and let out a soft groan. The hesitant and nervous feeling leaving the both of them, as the younger leaned forward to deepen the kiss and his tail wrapped around the older's waist.

The soft and sweet moment only lasting a few seconds, before the demon found himself lying against the mattress with his classmate above him. A pleased and hungry look in his eyes, as he leaned in and captured the demon's lips as his own once more. A groan rumbling through the demon's throat, as he reached out and tangled his fingers into the older's hair at his gasp. His tail tightening around the older's waist, as it gave a soft tug and pulled the older closer to the demon. The action causing the older to lose his balance and almost fall onto the younger. If it wasn't for his fast reflexes that saved him. In the very few seconds, the older had held out a hand to catch himself on the mattress and found himself flush against the demon's body. Something that the younger seemed unfazed by, as he hesitantly brushed his tongue against the older's lips and let out a whine. A reaction that not only asked for permission from the older, but begged him to open up for him.

A request he easily gave into, as he opened his mouth for the younger and met the demon's tongue with his own. A battle igniting between the two, as the older gently grabbed the tail around his waist and stroked the soft fur. A sudden moan leaving the young demon below him, as Bon smirked against the demon's lips and carefully unraveled the tail from his waist. Something that didn't seem to go over very well, as the teen below him let out a whine and his tail lashed out against the sheets. The demonic appendage bumping against the hand holding him up above the demon, before it wrapped around the older's wrist and caught the older off guard. The action causing the brunette n' blonde to pull away from the demon's lips and look at the tail wrapped around his wrist, as his classmate let out a whine and looked up at him in need.

"W-why'd you stop?" Rin whined, as his breath came out in pants.

"Your tail is getting annoying." Bon frowned, as he tried to pull it off his wrist. "Can you get it to quit clinging to me?"

"I told you I can't control it." Rin huffed, as his breathing was calming. "It has a mind of it's own."

"Fine." Bon sighed, as he sat up and started unbuttoning his shirt with the demon's tail still clinging to him. "If your tail isn't going to let go of me, the least you can do is undress yourself."

"I told you I can't control it." Rin whined, as he sat up and frowned at his classmate. "The thing won't listen to me, it-"

The demon's arguing was quickly silenced with a kiss from the older, as the younger let out a moan and leaned into it. Something that quickly ended, as the brunette n' blonde pulled away from the youngers lips and pulled the white t-shirt off himself. A whine leaving the younger, before he noticed the exposed skin and let out a purr. The younger making a move to crawl closer to him, before Bon placed a hand on the demon's chest and gave him a smile.

"If you undress yourself this will go a lot faster." The older reasoned.

A comment that easily irritated the younger, as he quickly set to work on the shirt he was wearing. A chuckle leaving the older, as he stripped down to his boxers and looked over at the younger just in time to have his classmate practically tackle him onto the bed. A soft purr leaving his throat, as the demon gently buried his face into the older's neck and took a nip at the skin. An action the older was familiar with from the book he had read, as he gently rubbed the demon's hips and got a low moan in return.

"You can mark me in a bit, Rin." Bon softly spoke, as he tilted the demon's face in his direction and gently kissed the demon on the lips. "Pull yourself together for a moment and try and keep your demon side back a little longer."

"Y-You have no idea how hard that is." The younger whined, as his tail brushed against the growing bulge in the older's boxers. "We both want you so badly."

"And you'll have me. Just be patient."

A reluctant nod left the younger, before the demon leaned in for a kiss. One that was easily granted, as the demon's lips met his own and their hips ground against each other. A moan leaving them both, as Bon gently played with the demon's tail and rubbed his hip. An even louder moan leaving the younger, as a pair of clouded blue orbs met his and a whine left the demon's throat. One that urged the older to pull the only piece of clothing on the demon off, as the younger pulled away from his lips and let out a gasp as the cold air around them nipped at his exposed skin.


"Just relax." The brunette n' blonde spoke softly, as he placed a kiss on the demon's forehead. "I've got to prepare you."

A swift shake of the head was given from the younger, as his tail lashed out behind him and fell limp in a quivering heap.

"I-I can't wait for that. I need you."


"I don't care if it hurts. I'm a demon, I can handle it." Rin chocked out, as he leaned forward and buried his face into the older's neck. "My demon and I can't wait any longer. I need to mate with you, now. I have to feel the connection."

A harsh swallow left the older, as he gently cupped the younger's cheeks and had the demon face him. His mocha brown eyes meeting a pair of crystal blue orbs that were holding back the haze that was once in his eyes.

"Are you sure about this, Rin?"

"If I wasn't sure I wouldn't be here with you."

A moment of silence passed between them, before the older let out a sigh and kissed the demon's forehead. A breath of relief leaving the younger, as he sat on the older's legs and pulled at the fabric of his boxers. A notion that had the older gently lifting himself off the mattress, so the younger could slide the piece of material off his body. The pair of boxer being thrown somewhere behind the demon, before he crawled back into the older's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. A genuine smile on his face as he brushed his cheek against the older's neck and gently bit the earlobe in his reach. The action causing the older to let out a deep breath, as he gently wrapped an arm around the younger's waist and placed a hand on the back of his head.

"You ready?" Bon hesitantly asked, as his hands gently trailed down to the demon's hips.

"I've been ready, since the moment I was born." Rin softly spoke, as he leaned in closer to the older and shuddered, as the brunette n' blonde's cock brushed against his ass. "We were made for each other, Ryuji."

Without another word, the older gave him a nod and gently lifted the demon's hips up. Their chest flush against one another, as the demon looked him straight in the eyes and gave him a smile. One of the demon's hands gently tracing the older's jawbone as the older pressed his erection right against the demon's entrance. A shiver running through the demon, right before the older's forced the demon onto his cock; right up to the hilt. A soundless gasp leaving the younger, as he threw his head back and dug the fingers of his left hand into the older's shoulder. A hiss of pain leaving the brunette n' blonde, as beads of blood seeped out around the demon's nails and the demon's inner muscles tightly gripped at his cock. A small whine leaving the younger, as he buried his face into the older's neck and his tail wrapped around the brunette n' blonde's waist.

"Rin- "

"I-I'm fine. My demonic powers are kicking in, give me a second." The younger quickly spoke, as he looked up at the older and noticed his nails dug into the older's shoulder. "Oh, god. Bon, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-"

"I'm fine, Rin." The older quickly spoke, as he let go of the demon's hips to cup his face. "I'll heal."

"It's going to leave scars!"

"It'll remind me of now." Were the older's simple words, as the demon paused and stared at him in surprise. "It'll remind us both, even after you mark me."

A nod left the younger, as he carefully pulled his nails out of the older's shoulder and licked at the wound. His eyes never leaving the older's, till the blood was gone and the wound had started to reseal itself.

"I'm ready, now." Rin spoke, as he gave the older a smile.

Not a single word being exchanged between them, as the older carefully lifted the demon's hips up till only the tip of the older's erection was inside the demon. Only for the demon to be forced back down onto the older's cock, and a moan to leave the both of them. Their pace slow and agonizing, as the younger buried his face back into the older's neck and their pace slowly picked up. The demon's placing his hands on the older's shoulders as he pulled himself up enough off the older's lap, before burying his mate's cock back in his ass. Sparks of pleasure flooding his body, as the pain was drowned out and the demon took over their pace. The older's hands still on his hips, as the younger rammed his mate's cock into his ass and nipped at the older's neck. Moans and groans leaving the both of them, as they echoed through the room and his mate wrapped a hand around the demon's cock and jerked his hand in time with the demon's thrusts. The demon so close to his climax, his whole body was shaking in pleasure, as he let out a moan and felt his tail tighten around the older's waist.


"I-I know. Y-You're so close."

Before another word could leave either of them, the demon snapped his hips right down onto the older's cock and hit his prostate. A loud moan leaving the demon's lips, before his inner muscles incased the older's cock in a vice grip and they both came. The demon instantly sinking his teeth into the older's neck, before a gasp left the older and the younger pulled away from his neck a few moments later. A gentle smile on his face, as he leaned forward and licked the wound clean to reveal an imprinted rose on the older's skin. The mark only a shade lighter than the older's skin, as Rin brushed his fingers against the mark and looked up his mate. Their eyes meeting for only a split second, before the older wrapped his arms around the young demon and kissed his forehead.

"How's it look?" The brunette n' blonde asked, as the demon let out a purr.

"It's beautiful." Rin replied, as the older ran his fingers through the demon's damp hair. "You should got find a mirror and look at it."

"I don't need to. All I need is you."

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