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Naraku laughed as he teased the prince away from the pond, deeper into the forest, away from the world and into a clearing when he vanished but his laugh continued to roll over the trees. "Oh come now prince… I gave you the chance."

Spining on the spot, the prince tried to pin down the voice. "You… you bring her back!"

"What makes you think I have that kind of power?"

"You killed her! You bring her back!"

A baboon mask appeared in the darkness between some trees. "A life has been taken." It vanished, appearing behind the prince again. "Only a life can return it to her." He laughed, vanishing again. "Base of magic. Each action has an equal response."

"Stop toying with me!" Sesshomaru yelled to the trees. "You bring her life back!"

"The only way to bring her life back… is for another to die."

"Bring her back!"

The baboon appeared high in the sky, removing the mask to reveal the sly face of Naraku. "Very well… take my life… or I take yours… and she will live. Agreed."

The prince stared at his face. "Easy."

"Not as easy as you think." He tossed the fur and mask to the side, revealing his body but it was no longer a man's.

It was made up of different strange, wormlike beasts, a human head and torso, several long black spider legs and dangerous looking bones.

He jumped down from the trees and Sesshomaru was forced to jump back away from its sheer size. The beast began to swing at him, wildly chopping down the trees, removing his cover. He dodged the best he could but he was unable to attack back, unarmed and greatly outmatched. All he could do was dodge the beast and the falling trees.

Dam it. If I had a weapon… a bow… a sword… SOMETHING!

"Your highness!" A voice called from above.

He looked up just in time to see that red haired woman from the ball flying overhead, throwing something down to him "Don't waste it!"

Sesshomaru grabbed the item in one hand. A sword.

Naraku turned his head to her. "Kagura! I will deal with you later."

The woman stared at him then flew away on a large white feather, fading away into the sky.

With the sword in his hands, Sesshomaru felt the match even out. Perhaps even tip in his favour. This sword is incredible. He swung is at Naraku's leg as he tried to stab into him and managed to cut though it quickly and easily. It moves like the air itself.

He stared at the beast and set his eyes. For Rin's life… He charged forward, jumping and dodging each attack easily and quickly, climbing up his body to the face. He stared into those dark eyes for a moment, then swung.

The head was severed quickly from the body and fell to the floor, the body soon collapsing with a thud. As he stood, catching his breath, the beast before him changed and shifted back into a humans.

In the silence that fell, Sesshomaru felt cold and alone. He turned back in the destruction, running off and finding Rin's body as it lay by the pond.

She was as still as where he had left her, blank faced and cold.


Sesshomaru held her body tight. It didn't work. I… I couldn't save her.

"Rin… I meant what I said… I… I do love you. Silent or not… I have always love you. Your kindness… your bravery… I always have loved you."


He blinked, leaning back and looking into her eyes. "Rin?"

She smiled and held his face as the sun rose in the sky. "You… you saved me?"

"Of course. I would do anything for you." He smiled leaning in and kissing her lips.


Emerging from the church, King Sesshomaru and Queen Rin were welcomed by two whole countries as they cheered and clapped for their new royalty, throwing flowers, rice and hats into the air and cheering for the new couples.

Married and crowned, the two walked down to the carriage waiting for them but not before the groom gave his bride a kiss for the public, sending them into hysterics. She giggled and pulled him in for another.

"Rin…" he whispered into her ear. "Will you always love me?"

She smiled up at him and nodded. "Yes. Forever… and far longer."


With the north and the west joined in matrimony, the lands went into a time of peace. The strong and loyal King Sesshomaru and his kind sweet wife had five children that they all loved and grew into their parents shadows.

The world glowed with the happiness and magic they brought to the world. For even in silence, love had grown between the two.

And it would last forever.

The End

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