Chapter 1

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Julie and Alan Watson had been very close friends for ten years with Kathy and Ronald Holmes, their next door neighbours. None of them had had children when they had first met, but one year later baby Mycroft was born, and the year after that Harriet was born. Three years after Harriet's birth Sherlock and John were born within days of each other. John was born first and Sherlock only three days after. The two boys had always been inseparable. Sherlock had curly dark hair, a pale complexion and grey/blue eyes. John was blonde with stormy blue eyes and a kind smile. They had always been so close, even bringing the families closer than they already were.

They went to primary school together. Sherlock was extremely clever and John was what kept him happy and balanced.

At the age of five Sherlock and John were sat in the Holmes' living room watching one of the soaps that Kathy enjoyed so much.

"What is a boyfriend?" John asked Kathy.

"Well, it's someone you love and want to be with. It's what Ron was to me before we were married." Kathy tried to explain.

"Does it have to be a boy and a girl?" John asked.

"No, it can be a boy and a boy and a girl and a girl too. Whoever you fall in love with." Kathy explained.

"What's it like when you fall in love with somebody? Is it different than just loving someone like a brother?" Sherlock questioned.

"Yes, darling. You see, when you're in love with somebody it isn't a mum or a dad or a sibling or just a friend. It means that you don't just like them as a friend but you want to do things like kiss and cuddle and you just feel different around them. And when it's true love, like for example me and your daddy, my tummy feels all funny and he makes me smile all the time and I feel sparks when we touch." Kathy said, attempting to explain things to five year olds was very difficult, but she had tried her best.

Sherlock and John nodded in understanding and went back to the television, though Sherlock quickly got bored and he and John went to the garden to play on the swings.

"Mummy?" Sherlock asked Kathy as she read him a bed-time story.

"Yes, sweetheart?" she asked.

"I think I'm in love with John." He said.

"What makes you think that?" she asked.

"Because I feel like you said it would feel like. And because I know some people say we're like brothers. And I do love Mycroft, but I love John differently than a brother." Sherlock confided in his mummy.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Kathy asked.

"What can I do?" Sherlock asked.

"Well, you can tell John how you feel. And if he feels the same then that's good." Kathy advised.

"What would happen if he feels the same?" Sherlock asked "Would that make us boyfriends?"

"Maybe." Kathy smiled.

Sherlock lifted his head from her shoulder and looked up innocently "What if he doesn't feel the same way?" he asked.

"Well, you can stay being friends. You're still young, don't worry about it, Sherlock." She said.

Sherlock nodded and let her return to the story.

At the same time in the house next door Julie was tucking in her five year old too.

"Mummy. I'm in love with Sherlock." John stated.

"Kathy said you two were questioning her about that today." Julie smiled.

"Is it good or bad that I'm in love with Sherlock?" John asked.

"Well, it's good if you are and so is he. But why do you think you're in love with him, darling?" she asked.

"Because I just know. And it's a different love than I have for Harry or Mycroft or anybody else. And I feel how Auntie Kathy said!" John said.

"Well, maybe you should tell Sherlock. But go to sleep now, okay? School is tomorrow." Julie said, kissed her son's forehead and left the room once she was sure he was settled.

The next day Kathy and Julie were walking the four children to school. Harry and Mycroft got along well and John and Sherlock obviously did too, so they were often well behaved on the trip.

Once the children ran into school, Julie and Kathy turned to each other and both told each other of their son's proclamations of love. They found it incredibly adorable.

"I wonder if they'll tell each other." Kathy said.

"I'm sure one of them will soon enough." Julie smiled.

In the class room silence surrounded the children who were working on their numbers. Sherlock was already finished and helping John.

Once John was finished too he looked up and at Sherlock.

"Sherlock, I have something to tell you." He said, they had to whisper or they'd be told off for disturbing the other working children. He was going to be brave and tell his best friend about how he felt.

"Yes, John?" Sherlock asked.

"You know what your mummy was saying yesterday about being in love?" John asked.

Sherlock nodded.

"I'm in love with you." John said.

John watched as Sherlock smiled and relief filled him as Sherlock said "That's good. Because I'm in love with you too."

John grinned too.

"So what do we do now?" John asked.

"You could be my boyfriend." Sherlock said.

"And you could be mine." John said.

Excitement ran through the two boys. There had been a few children in their school who had been boyfriend and girlfriends. And it was seen as 'cool', especially to the older kids. But that was only a tiny part of it. Sherlock and John were incredibly excited because they were in love and that was a very good feeling.

At break time Sherlock and John played together as normal and nothing really changed except they both knew that they loved each other and they were boyfriends. Neither of them saw any reason to tell anybody else. But they would be sure to tell their mummies and daddies.

Their daddies were there to pick them up at the end of the day.

Sherlock and John ran out of the school doors with their bags and lunch boxes, running with excitement at their dads, who were already crouching lower to pick up their youngest boys and give them a cuddle.

Sherlock and John were hugged by their dads and both burst into conversation at once.

"Hey, one at a time and slow down!" Ron laughed.

John nodded to Sherlock.

"John and I are in love and we're boyfriend and boyfriend now!" Sherlock said.

"Mummy told me about that!" Alan smiled.

"Is that good?" John asked.

"As long as you're happy then so are we." Ron smiled while Alan nodded.

The Holmes and the Watsons were very open minded, loving and accepting people, so John and Sherlock were content to be who they wanted to be.

They immediately told Harry and Mycroft as soon as they saw them and also their mummies.

"So are you two going to hold hands now?" Harry asked.

Sherlock and John looked at each other at their places around the large dining room table at the Holmes' that sometimes the Holmes' and Watson's would sit at together. This was one such time.

"Is that what boyfriends do?" Sherlock asked his dad.

"If you both want to." Ron said.

Sherlock and John both nodded at the same time.

"Though we must say that you must treat our boy well, Sherlock." Alan said.

"Oh, I will!" Sherlock said.

"We know you will, kiddo!" Alan grinned.

"And you, John Hamish Watson." Ron said.

"Of course!" John said.

Later that evening, just before eight o'clock, while Mycroft and Harry were playing in the back garden that was lit with garden lights the adults were sat on the patio. John was sat on his mother's lap, sleeping contently against her, exhausted from the day. Sherlock was sat in his dad's lap curled up and also sleeping.

"Oh, it's all good fun." Ron chuckled, talking about the kids' new relationship.

"Yes, it's very sweet." Julie agreed.

John suddenly startled awake and started crying.

"Oh, darling, what's wrong?" Julie asked, holding her hysterical child close.

"Did you have a bad dream, son?" Alan asked.

John nodded.

Sherlock woke up and looked toward the sound of distress. He crawled off his father's lap and to his boyfriend and climbed up gently so he also sat on Julie. She didn't mind, the boys often curled up on her or Kathy or their daddies and they hadn't outgrown that yet.

Sherlock put his arms around John and John buried his face in Sherlock's neck, gripping onto him tightly.

"It's okay, John. It wasn't real." Sherlock said.

Soon John's crying lessened and he said "Thank you for making me feel better." before he fell asleep. Sherlock stayed there and slowly drifted to sleep too, still holding John.

"Someone quickly take a picture." Julie said.

Kathy ran into the house and quickly got a camera, they snapped a picture and smiled.

"Well, they make a lovely pair." Ron said.