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I've always lived by the ocean. Ever since I was little I've been fascinated what lies under it's glassy surface. They always say there are so many creatures yet to be discovered. But what are they? Will they ever be identified? There were so many questions left unanswered.

I remember the first time I went on a boat. I tried to search for these creatures but never had any success. My parents owned a store that supplied boats and fishing equipment. We went sailing together quite often. I would lean over the side and stare into the iridescent surface. I wanted to make those discoveries. So I'd look in every pond, every puddle, I would be by the water at any chance I got.

Then there were the disappearances. We started hearing stories about little girls around the age of 7 being...taken. I was scared. My parents never told me but I've seen the articles. They never let on to much but there was one thing that all the disappearances had in common. Their last known location was near the ocean. I was scared about the nightmares I had. Being dragged from the side of the boat into the mysterious waters below. I would be drowned, only to be consumed by creatures with pointy appendages and bright red glowing eyes. After that, I stayed away from the ocean. For a long time. I didn't even go sailing with my parents until I became old enough to recognize the difference between my dreams and reality. I also realized that these disappearances were to organized to be the work of monsters. No this was the work of humans. Humans with twisted minds, stealing innocent little girls and using them for go knows what.

After a while the disappearances stopped. Or, at least they weren't reported any more. When people are exposed to these horrific circumstances for long enough, it becomes old news. Unimportant. No longer of interest. I'm not afraid anymore tough.

I'm determined.

And that, is how I ended up here. On my boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Alone. I couldn't convince anyone to come with me. They've lost interest. And even those who have lost a daughter, have also lost hope. Many people called it a suicide mission. But me? No, I'd call it a favour. It's true. The chances of finding...that's the problem. I don't even know what I'm looking for. My only lead so far is the sea. And they had to be taken somewhere. It's not as if they were simply taken and drowned. There was no evidence, no bodies. Just there one minute, gone the next. I have an other lead. But it scares me. I try and stick to the practical ones. My name is Luna Wolf and I don't know where I'm going, who or what I'm going to encounter on the way there, or what I'll find when I get where ever it is I'm going. But at least I know why.