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This is the sequel to "The End Justifies the Means" in which Section 31 Operatives Reed and Donovan go after the Weapon Supplier of Terra Prime in order to prevent any further attacks before the launching of the Enterprise.

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All's Fair in Love and War

Chapter One

0904 - Starfleet Headquarters

Admiral Maxwell Forrest came up the steps of Starfleet Headquarters quickly with Commander Williams close behind him. He was running late for his meeting with Ambassador Soval, and he really didn't need to rock the boat and upset the already strained relations with the Vulcans. The Vulcans had protested last month when Starfleet tested the Warp Engine of the Enterprise. Three Starfleet Officers and three MACOs had been manipulated by the relatively unknown xenophobic group calling themselves Terra Prime. They had been involved in a plot to assassinate him, and to stop the launch of the Enterprise by destroying the ship.

Forrest paused before he opened the stairway door leading to the third floor. He was grateful that the plot had been thwarted and that everything had turned out okay in the end, even though he didn't agree with some of the methods used. He took a few moments to regulate his breathing, then opened the door and headed for his office.

Ambassador Soval turned and raised his eyebrow at the late Admiral. His two Aides looked equally displeased.

Admiral Forrest apologized quickly, "Ambassador Soval, I'm sorry for the delay - I hope I have not inconvenienced you."

Ambassador Soval looked at the man carefully, "When you have a scheduled meeting with a delegation from another world in the future, I hope you will be more punctual." he stated.

Forrest frowned, he could always count on Soval to give him a jab even before they started their meeting. "Yes, well - we can always hope." he sighed and indicated for the Ambassador to take a seat as he sat down behind his desk. He pulled out his PADD, "I believe today's meeting is to review the final analysis of the testing of the Enterprise's engine from last month."

Ambassador Soval nodded and activated his PADD, "Have you heard anything from Lieutenant Donovan?" he questioned about the young MACO that had been integral in last month's events.

Forrest stopped mid-motion and slowly looked up at the Ambassador. The Vulcan had never before inquired about anything but business in all of the time he'd worked with him. "She returned from the MACO training exercise on Mars a few days ago. She did get a Commendation for her work last month. I believe she is doing well." he stated and continued to watch the Vulcan.

Ambassador Soval nodded, then looked at his PADD. "The matter stream was off by .078 during the test flight." he pointed out.

Forrest rolled his eyes as he searched for the information on his PADD.

Ambassador Soval and Admiral Forrest continued their 'discussion' on the importance of the efficiency of the matter stream for another thirty minutes.

Ambassador Soval stood up, "We must continue this at a later time. Because of your tardiness, I am seven minutes behind schedule." he announced.

Admiral Forrest stood up and sighed. He just wasn't going to get a break. He went to walk the Ambassador to the door.

A loud boom sounded and shook the windows of the building.

"What the hell was that?" Forrest yelled to Williams as the man rushed to the window.

Commander Williams frowned as he looked down at the splattered remains of the Vulcan shuttle outside Starfleet Headquarters, "Sir, the Ambassador's shuttle has been destroyed." He quickly called for Medical and Starfleet Security as he headed down to the scene.

Ambassador Soval raised an eyebrow and turned to his Aides and they quickly made communiqu├ęs to the Vulcan Compound. He walked to the window and stood beside Admiral Forrest. "Perhaps I should thank you for being late."

It wasn't an apology or a thank you, just an comment - but Maxwell Forrest took it as a positive sign. "How did they get a bomb on your shuttle?" he asked quietly.

Ambassador Soval looked down at the wreckage, "I do not know."


1130 - MACO Training Gym

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed quickly made his way inside the gym and quietly sat down on the bleachers to watch the training taking place. Lieutenant Kaitlyn Donovan was on the mat and demonstrating a close quarter combat technique to her Squad Leaders. He recognized the MACOs that he had met last month: Corporals Buchannan, Tinner, and Paulason, and Lance Corporals Rutledge and Vinson. Their movements were quick and efficient. Reed looked down the bleachers and noted two others watching the training - MACO General Casey and Starfleet Admiral Forrest. He briefly wondered if they were here to speak to Donovan about the shuttle explosion. Reed turned his attention back to the mats as three other MACOs came into the gym loudly.

The MACOs on the mat turned and looked questionably at the ones that had interrupted their training session.

Lieutenant Donovan stepped forward, "Gentlemen, is there something I can do for you?" she questioned them.

Malcolm Reed got the distinct impression that these interlopers were trouble. He glanced at Admiral Forrest, who started to stand up.

General Casey shook his head and sat the Admiral back down. "Let her take care of this." he directed.

Forrest looked flabbergasted, "You mean you're just going to sit here?"

General Casey smirked, "I'm going to let her put them in their place. If she needs me to intervene - I will."

Lieutenant Gates looked at Donovan through narrowed eyes, "You can tell me who the hell you slept with to get on the Promotion list." he demanded.

Donovan's Squad Leaders stepped forward to take care of the interlopers. She used hand signals and ordered them to back up and wait. They quickly complied.

Donovan clasped her hands loosely behind her back, "Lieutenant Gates, I'm in the middle of a training session right now, perhaps you can come back later." she said calmly, purposely ignoring his question.

Gates stepped closer and grabbed her arm.

She quickly flipped him over and threw him on the mat and put her boot on his throat, "You will not touch me - that is your only warning." She removed her boot from his throat and stepped back.

Gates jumped up quickly, humiliated because she had tossed him. "I bet you slept with Hayes - you've always been his favorite prodigy!" he sneered.

Donovan raised an eyebrow, "You should not be talking about your Commanding Officer like that." she stated.

"Why don't you answer my question? How many romps with Hayes does it take to get on the Promotion list?" Gates questioned her coldly.

Malcolm Reed was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the scene unfolding before him. He glanced down the bleachers - he couldn't believe that General Casey and Admiral Forrest were still sitting there, though both men now had their hands on the rail. He looked back at Donovan's men, they were showing great restraint, though their fists were clenched at their sides.

Donovan took a deep breath and let the comment roll off her back as she looked at Gates, "You can be upset that you did not make the Promotion list. But, the fact is that your knowledge of tactical deployment is mediocre - if you were given your own unit, you would end up getting them killed because you don't know what they hell you're doing. Your Physical Fitness Tests scores are only Proficient and you only rate as a Marksman on your weapons qualifications. Take this time to improve, so that you will do better next time." she suggested calmly.

"Next time!" Gates yelled. "I have to wait until next year - that's bullshit!"

"Whatever the case may be - it's probably going to take you a year of training in order to pass muster." she pointed out. "You can do it - if you are willing to put forth the effort."

Gates came at her.

Donovan quickly deflected his punches and kicks as her men backed up. He tried to roundhouse kick her, but she used his momentum to face plant him on the mat. She held his wrist at the pressure points and had him immobilized. "Lieutenant, I need you to end this foolishness now. You are already going to be facing charges of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Assault, you do not need to get in any further trouble." she explained to him carefully. She noted her Squad Leaders had positioned themselves to keep the other two Lieutenants from being able to intervene. She looked back at Gates, "I'm going to let you up and I expect you and your friends to leave." she told him. She let him go and stood up.

Gates pulled out a knife as he got up.

Lieutenant Kaitlyn Donovan had enough. She used her left hand to make Gates drop the knife. She then open palm jabbed his diaphragm and sent all of the air out of his lungs, then she right hooked his jaw and knocked him out. She turned to the other Lieutenants as Gates dropped to the floor. "Take him to the infirmary, he'll wake up in about twenty minutes." she ordered.

They nodded and quickly picked Gates' limp body up and carried him out.

Lieutenant Donovan took a cleansing breath, then turned back to her Squad Leaders. "I would like for each of you to write a quick analysis tonight on what tactical mistakes Lieutenant Gates made and suggest possible tactics he could have used against me. Make sure you go over the combat moves we practiced earlier with your Squads this afternoon. Dismissed." she directed them.

"Aye, Ma'am!" they snapped to and answered in unison, then headed off to the locker rooms.

She went over to the bleachers and picked up her bag, then slowly walked down the railing. "You know, if I didn't know you any better General Casey, I'd say you wanted a show for Admiral Forrest." she smiled softly.

General Casey shook his head as he stood up, "You gave the boy plenty of opportunities to back down, it's too bad he didn't take your advice. I apologize for his inexcusable comments to you, you handled the situation well."

Admiral Forrest nodded to Donovan, "I think you've improved your hand to hand combat skills, Lieutenant."

Donovan smiled softly, "I'm always working to improve my skills, Admiral. Are you looking for Major Hayes? He got called back to the office by Colonel Kemp - something about the Arctic Training being delayed." she explained to them.

General Casey nodded as the two men walked down the steps. "We'll go find him." He looked at her and shook her hand, "Make sure you put Gates on report."

"Yes, Sir." she acknowledged. She looked at Admiral Forrest, "Admiral, I heard about Ambassador Soval's shuttle - is the Ambassador okay?" she inquired.

Maxwell Forrest nodded, "Yes, he is fine. He was in my office when it exploded."

She frowned, "And his pilot - Sub Commander Stoon?"

Forrest shook his head, "There was nothing left of him." he explained softly.

"Please send my condolences to the Ambassador, I believe that Stoon was a distant cousin." she expressed her concern, she knew how much the Vulcans valued their families.

Admiral Forrest nodded, "I will, Lieutenant." he wondered how she knew so much about the Vulcan Ambassador, he hadn't even known that bit of information. He glanced down the bleachers at Lieutenant Reed, who had remained quiet the whole time - he was obviously here to speak to Donovan.

Lieutenant Reed stood up and nodded to the two Commanding Officers.

The two men returned his nod, then quickly headed for Hayes' office to discuss the possibility of a few MACOs guarding the Vulcans.

MACO Lieutenant Kaitlyn Donovan looked over at Starfleet Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and smiled softly, "Is this visit sanctioned by Harris?" she questioned him.

Reed walked over to her, "Harris sent me." he stated.

"What does he want?" she asked as they walked around the mats.

"I am going on an assignment and I'm here to determine if you are qualified to go on the assignment with me." Malcolm Reed explained as he watched for her reaction.

She stopped and turned to him, "He would allow us to work together?" She remembered their bet, "I guess I owe you another drink, Lieutenant." She couldn't help but wonder why Harris would allow them to work together, he'd pitched such a fit last month.

"It surprised me too, Lieutenant." Reed admitted.

Donovan raised an eyebrow, "You're going after the weapon supplier?" she inquired.

Reed nodded and held the door open for her, "Yes."

She looked at him carefully, "Then I'm in."

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow, "I haven't determined if you're qualified yet." he pointed out, his British accent more pronounced.

She stopped at the Locker Room door and pondered what qualifications he was looking for. "Okay, Lieutenant Reed. I need to shower and change, then eat lunch before my meeting to go over the next Arctic Training we have coming up. You can interview me while I eat, does that sound okay?" she suggested.

He nodded, not like she was giving him any other option.

She gave him a quick smile, "I'll be out in fifteen." with a swoosh, she was gone.

Malcolm Reed pulled out his PADD and went over her records as he waited. He looked up a little later as her Squad Leaders came out of the other locker room in their crisply ironed uniforms, looking like poster perfect MACOs.

Corporal Buchannan nodded to Reed, "Can we help you, Sir?"

"That's quite alright, Corporal - I'm just waiting for Lieutenant Donovan." he explained.

Corporal Tinner looked over the Starfleet Officer, "The Lieutenant told us that you shot the assassin that was attacking her, we didn't get a chance to thank you." he held out his hand.

Reed was surprised that they would acknowledge his assistance. He shook Tinner's hand, then the other MACOs. "Just doing what anyone else would have done. Thank you for protecting Admiral Forrest." he returned the gesture. "Could you tell me why you didn't intervene with Gates?" he inquired.

Corporal Paulason looked at Reed as if he'd grown two heads, "She ordered us not to with her hand signals, Sir. Our job was to keep the others from jumping in."

Reed nodded, they were certainly well disciplined. "Does Lieutenant Donovan often get challenged?"

Lance Corporal Rutledge crossed his arms, "She can hold her own, Sir." he stated firmly.

Malcolm Reed swallowed, realizing they thought he was getting too personal. "I meant no offense, I just noticed that she was able to keep cool and level headed." he explained to them.

Buchannan nodded, "It takes something more than words to get her upset, Sir - that's what makes her a great Officer and leader."

"I know she is." Reed acknowledged, he'd seen proof of that last month.

Buchannan glanced at the others and touched his watch, then looked back at the Starfleet Lieutenant, "Have a good day, Sir." They all snapped to and saluted him, then left.

Reed watched as they went out the building and wondered how long they'd been working with Donovan - she certainly had their respect and loyalty. He went back to reviewing her records.

In less than her quoted fifteen minutes, she stepped out of the locker room in her fresh uniform.

He fell into step beside her as they headed out the building and headed to the Dining Hall.

Donovan pulled out her PADD and began to type her reprimand report on Lieutenant Gates as they walked. "So, what do you want to know?" she questioned.

"Your records state that you've acted before - tell me about that." he suggested.

She laughed softly as she continued to type, "I had quite a few roles in college and got some awards. My theatre professor wanted me to change my major, but I politely declined. Why are you interested in my acting abilities?"

"Because the assignment could take two to three months and the people we will be dealing with are paranoid with security. We'd have to assume our roles 24/7 for the duration of the assignment." he stated carefully. He frowned as she continued to type on her PADD. "How can you be typing that report up and listening to me at the same time? This is important." he stressed, more than just slightly perturbed at her.

Donovan stopped as she sent the report off with a click of an icon. She put her PADD back in her vest. "I'm sorry that it appeared I was not paying attention. I know this is important, just like the report I had to send off was important. I knew I had exactly 147 steps to the Dining Hall to complete my report and send it in so that I could devote my attention to you when we sit down. I am perfectly capable of multitasking, Lieutenant."

Reed looked at her curiously, "You know how many steps it takes?" Surely, she was jesting and pulling his leg.

She smiled softly, her comment had defused his anger, just as she'd hoped it would. "Yes, Lieutenant - and we have 23 more to go." she waved for him to continue.

Malcolm Reed frowned, she'd thrown him off - effectively making him forget where he'd stopped their conversation. He thought back quickly, "We would be travelling to Ceti Alpha to meet with Mardock Tal. I've been working my contacts this past month to set up an appointment." he explained as he opened the door for her, exactly 23 steps later. He sighed softly as she walked past him.

They each picked up a tray and made their selections as they went through the line.

He led them to a table away from the other patrons in the corner and sat down with his back to the wall.

She sat down on the same side of the table as him, so she could keep her eye on the surroundings. "If he's that security conscious, it will be very hard to have any sort of back up." she pointed out.

Reed nodded as he put his napkin in his lap, "That's why we came up with the idea of a husband and wife team."

Donovan watched him as she sipped her water, then set the glass down. "What is your cover?"

"Malcolm Steel, I buy and sell weapons from various worlds - I've had the cover for a few years now, doing various deals as needed." he explained.

She nodded, "Well, Kaitlyn Green owns an Antiquity store and imports and exports a wide variety of items - including those rare weapons that are not exactly legal on Earth." she pointed out. "I haven't had to use that cover in three months, but I'm sure that Harris has kept everything active."

Reed nodded, "He has, I checked. I think the two covers would mesh well for this assignment. I saw firsthand that your hand to hand skills are excellent, and that you can keep level headed. I know your weapons qualifications are outstanding, but how are you at working closely with someone, putting trust in someone else?" he questioned her. He was pretty sure he could get along with her, she'd given him no reason to doubt that. He did have doubts on how he would do working so close to her for so long, all of his assignments previously had been solitary ones. He wasn't comfortable with the husband/wife cover, but there wasn't another way in which they could watch each other's backs the whole time.

Kaitlyn Donovan watched him as he waited for her reply. "I trust you." She took a deep breath, "As for working in a husband/wife relationship with you, I think we'll have to work through some challenges." She watched as he sat back and crossed his arms. "Lieutenant, you're going to have to loosen up." she pointed out.

Malcolm Reed frowned slightly and uncrossed his arms slowly and tried to relax. He leaned forward, "I'll work on it." He glanced over to the table across the room where her Squad Leaders were eating and watching them. "Are they always this protective of you?"

She glanced at the other table, then back to Reed, "Those are not protective looks, they are curious as to why you are eating with me." she explained. "I usually eat alone."


She shrugged, "It's easier not to have the gossip mill running rampant. You heard the comments from Gates - it doesn't take much to get the mill started."

"How many female MACOs are there?" he inquired.

"Less than two percent of the total MACO forces, and most of them are Enlisted personnel - only four of us are Officers." She saw his questioning look, "Starfleet is physically and mentally less stressful, and there are more job opportunities."

Reed wondered why she didn't move over to Starfleet, certainly with her skills there would be many opportunities available to her. Then he smiled softly when he realized why she was a MACO, "You like the physical and mental stress."

"I appreciate the challenges." she acknowledged as she finished her pasta. "Besides, where else would I be able to blow things up and not get in trouble?" she returned his smile.

Malcolm Reed chuckled softly, "Not too many places, that's for sure." He had to admit that she had a sense of humor and he didn't feel uptight around her. Not like when he was around most women, but perhaps that was because he knew she was honor bound and had integrity. Then he remembered a comment that Tinner had made to him last month. "Corporal Tinner told me that you don't like to be touched, how is that going to impact this assignment?" he questioned.

She understood his apprehension. A husband would be expected to touch his wife. She supposed she'd have to tell him the truth as to why she didn't like to be touched. She wondered if after hearing, he'd high tail it out of here. She leaned closer, "The reason I don't like to be touched is because I can be bombarded with people's thoughts and feelings. It has its advantages, but, it can overwhelm me if I'm not prepared." she admitted softly and watched for his reaction.

An eyebrow rose, "You're a touch telepath? That's not in your records." He mulled over the information, he could see the uses for it, especially to find out the true motives of someone you just met - but he could also see the huge security problems.

"No one knows, not even Harris - well, he just thinks I can read minds." she sighed softly.

"How did Harris find that out?" surely, she didn't just come out and tell him.

"Can I plead the fifth?" she inquired.

"No." he stated firmly. He noticed that her body didn't tense up, in fact she diffused her tension with a smile.

"I read Lt. O'Dell's mind during his interrogation and Harris saw." She shrugged, "He was pissed, but quickly saw the advantages."

He frowned, he bet Harris had her use that skill when he needed it - that's why it wasn't mentioned in her records. "So, how does the touch telepathy work?"

Kaitlyn Donovan looked around the Dining Hall, then back to him. "It's constantly on. I can't turn it off, but I can put up a mental barrier - so it doesn't overwhelm me. I've become more adept at keeping that barrier up, but sometimes I still get caught off guard."

"Does it hurt?" he questioned.

She chose her words carefully, "Not usually."

Malcolm Reed studied her carefully, "But it can hurt - when you fought Fin?" he wondered.

She nodded slowly, "He was filled with hatred."

He contemplated her ability, "I can see how it could be useful on the assignment, but I don't want you needlessly harmed because of it."

She could sense that he was contemplating leaving. "Lieutenant, we must find Mardock Tal and stop him from supplying any more weapons to Terra Prime. I can handle it." she stated firmly.

They looked up as Commander Williams came rushing in the door. He looked around, spotted them and made a bee line to their table. Reed and Donovan stood up quickly.

Williams nodded to the two of them, "Admiral Forrest sent me to fetch the both of you, now." he emphasized.

They quickly gathered their trays and put them in the wash bin and followed Williams out the door.

"What's the problem, Commander?" Donovan questioned him as they headed down the path to Starfleet Headquarters.

Derek Williams glanced at her, "The Security Team had finished mapping and plotting the shuttle scene and were about ready to start moving it all to a secured location and Ambassador Soval pitched a fit. He insists the two of you come analyze the scene before anything is moved."

"Why does he want us?" Reed questioned.

"He said the two of you know the explosives used by Terra Prime, and he wants to know if this was by them." Williams stated as they got closer to the site.

Donovan quickly sent a message on her PADD to Major Hayes stating that she had been requested at the shuttle site, so their meeting would need to be re-scheduled. She put the PADD back up.

"The Ambassador has to realize that the complete compound analysis will take a few weeks." Lieutenant Reed pointed out. "All we can really do is analyze the device and wiring - if there is anything left to look at."

"He understands." Williams nodded. "But he insisted, nonetheless." They slowed down as they came upon the shuttle scene.

Reed followed Donovan as she headed over to Ambassador Soval.

Kaitlyn Donovan raised her hand in the Vulcan salute, "I grieve with thee, Ambassador."

Ambassador Soval's eyes widened slightly, then he return the gesture. "I will wait for your analysis."

Donovan nodded, then indicated for Reed to speak with Commander Morrison while she slowly walked over to the remains of the shuttle. She took note of the disbursal pattern as she approached the site.

Morrison and Reed approached.

"As you can see, the damage was massive." Morrison pointed out as he handed her a pair of gloves.

She nodded and put them on quickly, then touched the partially intact wall around the shuttle that was shorter nearer the front of the shuttle. She touched the residue on the inside of the wall, then showed it to Reed.

He smelled it and frowned, he expected it to smell more like the explosive compounds instead of just burnt shuttle materials. He looked towards the back of the shuttle, "I would have thought they would have put it in the engine, and not the cockpit." he said softly to her. He looked at Morrison, "Do you mind if we get in and look around?"

Morrison shrugged, "You two do what you need to do so we can get the okay to move everything."

Lieutenant Reed nodded as Donovan climbed in and looked around. He quickly followed her in and watched as Morrison went over to Admiral Forrest and Commander Williams. "What do you see?" he asked as he analyzed the scorch patterns.

Lieutenant Donovan moved closer into the cockpit as she spotted where the bomb had been situated, under the helm controls. "Why didn't they put the bomb in the engine, why put it here?" She kneeled and indicated the blasts' pathway through the helm controls.

Lieutenant Reed kneeled beside her and picked up some of the remnants, "Maybe because the device on the Admiral's shuttle didn't work, maybe they were more focused on killing those inside the shuttle this time. Morrison mentioned that the Ambassador was running late, and that he should have already been in the shuttle."

She looked at him, puzzled. "But that would suggest a timer, Terra Prime leans towards remote detonation, or specifically triggered starts." She pulled out her PADD and started her detonation extrapolation program. She quickly put in the dimensions of the shuttle and indicated the location of the bomb under the helm controls. "How much explosives do you think?" she questioned as she showed him the program.

He indicated the logical amount based on the debris pattern, "Where did you get this program from?"

"What's the wind speed?" she asked and ignored his question.

"Five mph." He watched as she put the wind speed in and clicked on the simulation icon. The program quickly went through the explosion sequence and indicated possible places the pieces of the explosive devices should have landed, if they survived. "Well, let's see how accurate that program is - shall we?" he headed out.

Donovan stepped out of the shuttle and indicated for them to walk North. The debris was getting progressively heavier the further they went away from the shuttle, then it stopped. She looked up at the tree and frowned. "Do you like to climb trees, Lieutenant?"

He tilted his head slightly at her humor, "Ladies first."

She grinned, "How noble." she put the PADD back in her vest and pulled herself up to the lower branch. "Come on." she waved for him to come up as she moved to another branch.

Admiral Forrest frowned as he watched the two Officers climb up the tree. He glanced at Commander Williams, "Why are they climbing up a tree?" he asked.

Williams shook his head, "I really don't know, Sir. Would you like me to go ask them?"

Ambassador Soval walked over to them, "There is no need to ask them, they are looking for remnants of the explosive device." He found it intriguing that they had extrapolated a location that the Security team had not.

A few minutes later, the two dropped out of the tree and both looked over something in Lieutenant Reed's hands. They spoke for a few minutes, then headed over to the Ambassador.

Reed placed the jagged, warped metal piece of the device in Commander Morrison's open hands. "It got hung up in the tree by this wire." he indicated the one attached wire. He looked up at the Vulcan Ambassador, "Sir, this is the same type of device used by Terra Prime, though there are slight differences than their usual methods." he explained.

Ambassador Soval clasped his hands loosely behind his back, "Reasoning?" he questioned Donovan.

"They may have changed their methods because the last attempt on a shuttle did not give them the results they wanted." she suggested.

Ambassador Soval contemplated for a moment, "And what logical results can you extrapolate they wanted with this explosion?"

Lieutenant Reed cleared his throat, "Based on the location of the device in the cockpit and the magnitude of the device - its purpose was to incapacitate everyone in the shuttle. The explosion was not as focused because the shuttle door was open. If the shuttle had been in flight, and the door closed - there would have been little left of the shuttle." he explained.

Soval looked at Donovan, "Do you concur with this assessment?"

"Yes, Ambassador - I just don't understand why they chose a timer detonation." she looked back at the shuttle, something seemed off.

Ambassador Soval nodded, "I know that you can not conclusively confirm that this bomb was from Terra Prime right now, but I am satisfied that the evidence in which to make that determination is now possible." he indicated the device. He turned to Admiral Forrest, "I expect that you will send me the results as they become available."

Forrest nodded, "Of course, Ambassador." He looked pointedly at Morrison, who quickly nodded.

Ambassador Soval looked at the shuttle once more, then back to the Admiral. "Your people may proceed." He looked at the two Lieutenants, "Thank you again, for your service." He held his hand up, "Live Long, and Prosper."

Donovan returned the gesture, "Peace and Long Life, Ambassador." She watched as the Vulcan Ambassador and his guards walked away. She knew his mannerisms well enough to know that he'd been deeply disturbed by this incident. She looked at Reed, "We have to stop this from happening again."

Malcolm Reed saw the determination in her eyes, and nodded in agreement. Too much destruction had already occurred because of Terra Prime.