Pieces of You

By Kyizi

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, I'm only using them for my own purposes!

Rating: PG so far

Spoilers: Likely up to mid season 7

Timeline: This is set somewhere near the end of the final series, but not at the end. The war is (obviously) still on, but this is set some time before the final battle.

Notes: This is a prologue to a fic that just popped into my head. I'm not a huge DS9 fan, but I did enjoy the final series and I loved Ezri. I've only ever attempted one short DS9 fic before and succeeded only in spelling Worf wrong throughout! ;) Although the prologue is written in first person present tense, the fic will not be.

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I wander aimlessly across the floor, pacing with an erratic pattern. They were all gone. All the memories, all the thoughts and I couldn't explain it. I was Ezri, always Ezri but no longer Dax. What was happening to me? Where had that part of me gone? I knew I should wake someone, I knew I should go to Julian and tell him, but some small selfish part of me wouldn't allow it.

I wanted to be me again. Even if it were only for a small amount of time, just a little piece of me that I could keep to myself. Would they still want me around if I was just Ezri? If I were no longer this part of Jadzia that they kept close to them?

I know the thoughts are redundant. These people are my friends and I know that they'll want me here…but there's still this little insecurity nagging at the back of my mind. What if. What if they don't like me just being me?

I take a deep, calming breath and wipe the wayward tear that had escaped my notice. I know I have to tell them, I know that they have a right to know. So why am I still standing here? Why am I still relishing in the silence?

Sighing, I turn to the door, facing it as if it's an opponent in some deadly sport. I take another deep breath and head out of it.

I can't help but notice that everything is different. I'm finding myself staring at things that I see every day and yet I'm seeing them differently. This is how it was meant to be, this is the way I was meant to see the Station for the first time, through my eyes, with no memory of anyone else.

I'm smiling at people, I know who they are but I can only recall certain things, not everything. I know I should remember more, or perhaps I shouldn't. Jadzia knew more about them, perhaps I was never meant to.

As much as I'm enjoying being me again, I'm beginning to feel as if a part of me is lost. Those memories weren't mine to keep, but in a sense they had become a part of who I was. I find my thoughts drifting to Julian, Worf, Benjamin…to everyone that I should remember with more…with more sense of who they are. But I don't and all I can feel is that loss.

Tears begin to make their way down my cheek, but I haven't the energy to stop them, I can't find the strength to go on. Who am I? Where am I? Where is Dax?


1 End Prologue

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