Extra Tale 1

Hello everybody! Clover here on the very first edition of 'Super Crunchy Special Tales!" Clover, Kale, Shallot, and Mallow clapped happily.

"Today, I asked everyone in the forest to describe today's special guest…" Clover walked over to a golden rope and pulled it, which lifted up a red velvet curtain. "Sebastian!" Everyone clapped as Sebastian took a bow. "It's a pleasure to be here!"

"Okay, now that we have our special guest. Let's get started!" Clover said as she pointed toward the crowd. "On the spot interview! What kind of bunny is Sebastian?" Everyone shouted and a panel of animals came out and stood on stage. Kale, Shallot and Mallow also got up and joined the line. As of now the line consisted of Mallow, Kale, Shallot, Prof. Hoot, the Sextuplets, Cinnamon, Twirl and Mallow's Mom. Kale stepped up first. "He's polite, calm…really gentlemen like, right?" Shallot stepped up next. "He's very knowledgeable." "Yep. Yep." Clover said. Next were the Sextuplets. "He wooks and feels swuper gwirly." They all replied shaking there heads agreeing with each other. "So…you think he's really a girl…?" Clover said not understanding their logic. Although somewhat she believed it to be true in a sense.

: He's as smart as Shallot and has the charm of Mallow, hoot. Very well behaved, hoot. "Prof. Hoot said rather happy. "Just another goody two shoes." Cinnamon said. "What else is new." Twirl shook his head agreeing. "Rather girlish looking though."

"Again with this girl business!" Clover thought. "Next up is-!" "He's just the most adorable little bunny every!" Mallow's mom said shaking Sebastian back and forth hugging him to the point of choking him.

A moment later…

"Anyway, last, but not least, is our final examiner of the night, Mallow—Mallow?" Clover scratched her head. "Where'd you go, Mallow!" Clover backed up and fell over. "Mallow! What are you doing hiding behind my feet, it's your turn.

Mallow's whole body was red with embarrassment. "Sebastian, I um, well I think he's very c-cute." Mallow stuttered. Everyone stared at her expected to say nothing else, but she quickly fainted under the pressure.

"Well there you have it!" Clover announced, " The first ever 'Super Special Crunchy Tale' comes to an amazing closure. Every clapped and cheered. "Don't forget to review and tell us what you thought about our adventures and join us next time for another special!"

"Until next time…see you then!"