Chapter 1

Alison sat in her room, on her bed, with her back angst the wall; she was wiping the tears away after another heated argument with her father and brother. She never got on with her brother at the best of times, but the odd time they were fine sitting and laughing together. But when they had an argument it usually got very bad. Luckily they wouldn't stay angry at each other for long, but it was a house of constant anger, hatred and yelling. Her eyes were red from the crying but held dazzling emerald green irises, and dark-ish brown hair that reached her lower back.

After about 20 minutes of sitting and feeling sorry for her-self staring at the lilac coloured wall Alison decided to leave her house through her second story window. She climbed onto the small landing then jumped down, silently onto the grass and paused waiting to hear if anyone might have heard her. Alison grabbed her bike and cycled down to her friend's house.

After a few minutes of cycling Alison finally reached came upon her friends' house, she rested her bike up angst the wall with-out chaining it. Because if it was taken it usually didn't go far.

Alison knocked on the door and waited for the unmistakable sound of 'you get it's' a loud sigh and footsteps coming toward the door. It was Mary, her friend's mother that opened the door. She was immediately recognisable with her curly red hair.

"Ahh Alison" she said with mild surprise "What brings you here at this hour?"

Alison sighed, most of her anger and sadness cried out "you know the usual."

"Arguments with your brother?" she asked knowing the answer."Well come in, the others are in the game room"

Alison thanked her and went to find her friends, when she entered the room she found two of them sitting on a small couch staring at a medium sized flat screen that was displaying a Halo game.

The room its self was small with-wise but long length-wise. Alison walked over and sat on the arm of the couch and greeted her friend and his younger brother ... a grunt was all the greeting she got back.

Blaine was tall about 5'9 with Blondie-ginger hair that was cropped short. He and his twin brother had a strong build courtesy of the gym. Liam there little brother had long brown hair that reached the end of his ears, he was 15 years of age, younger than his brothers and Alison who were 17.

"Where is Ethan?" She asked the others.

"He was having a shower earlier so he should be here soon" Blaine answered not talking his eyes off the screen.

As the next round of the game started and Blaine had handed the controller to Alison, Ethan walked into the room. Like his twin he had close- cropped hair that was brown instead of Blondie-ginger, he was also 6'2 with a strong build from the gym. He jumped onto the couch sending everyone into the air and to add insult to injury she shook-out his wet hair like a dog getting water on everything.

Alison, Liam and Blaine shoved him off the couch.

Mary came into the room as they shoved Ethan and smiled" Umm, Alison im going to call your parents and tell them where you are ok?"

"Aww..."she moaned" You couldn't have given a few more minutes of piece?" Alison protested.

"I said that id tell them where you were you are, not ask them to pick you up" she laughed."You are more than welcome to stay the night if you want."She was so kind, if Alison didn't have her friends she'd probably have gone crazy. Spending time with her friends was her coping method with dealing with all the anger from the house.

"Thanks for the offer Mary, but by now the tempers of the house are probably lowered and its might be safe to enter the "house of tranquillity' again."We all laughed at the joke, that house was anything but tranquil.

"Why were you arguing with your brother in the first place?"Blain asked.

"It was nothing important, he demanded that I give him the computer and when I said no he got angry, started yelling at me, then I got angry, then my Dad got involved and HE got RELLY angry…." She sighed "Then my Dad started banging things in his anger and was yelling at us. It was a viscous cycle that went nowhere fast." She leaned into Blaine who was sitting next to her on the couch and he wrapped his arms around her in a comforting embrace.

After a few hours it was 7 o'clock the sun was setting and the moon was peering over the horizon she decided that it was time to head home. Alison really didn't want to head home, she would never admit it but she was actually afraid of her home, afraid of the constant anger and hatred. She couldn't thank her friends for just being there.

After a 20 minute walk they came up on the house, but there was something strange, a car that didn't belong to anyone that Alison knew. She bid her friends goodnight and hugged them goodbye before entering the house through the front door. She heard her mother calling her from the kitchen/dining room, her heart rate elevated slightly out of curiosity as she rounded the corner and five pairs of eyes, not including her family, looked at her from the table. Alison was confused; they were all beautiful, inhumanly beautiful. Every one of them was a chalky pale they all had topaz or liquid golden eyes and s range of hair tones. There faces were so different, yet so similar, they were all devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful.

One was in his late twenties early thirties he had collar length blond hair, with a well-toned medium frame and gentile eyes.

The woman sitting next to him had the same pale, beautiful features as he did and looked to be the same age aswell. Something about her heart-shaped face, her billows of soft, caramel coloured hair reminded her of the ingénues of the silent-movie era. She was small, slender, yet less angular, more rounded than the others.

The last three were in there late teens, with similar features, which suggested siblings. Two had bronze coloured hair with high cheekbones, straight nose, a strong jaw-line and full lips. The male's long–ish bronze hair was windblown back and messy. The girl's hair went in ringlets that fell past her waist, her eyes were different than the others, they were a deep chocolate brown.

The final female had long, straight dark brown hair, much like Alison's own, a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead.

Alison stared at the bronze haired girl; she thought that she was looking at a mirror, a mirror with deliberate mistakes. The hair was wrong; hers was in curly bronze ringlets while Alison's was straight and dark brown and her eyes were chocolate brown while Alison's were emerald green.

"Alison, this is Carlisle Cullen-" my mother indicated to the blond man and his family.

Carlisle stood and greeted her "It's lovely to meet you Alison" he hesitated on her name and began to introduce his family "This is my wife Esme-" the caramel haired woman" and my adopted children Edward, Bella and there daughter Renesmee." The bronze haired male, dark brown female and the bronze haired girl.

Wait daughter but she looks the same age as them.

"How can she be there daughter is she is the same age as them?" Alison asked.

"Well that is a very long and complicated story, but we are here for a different reason" Carlisle answered.

At this point Alison's mother stepped in" Alison there is something that we need to talk to you about" She shared a look with her father. "Please realise that we were told not to tell you but that doesn't change our love for you."

There was a long pause, it was obvious that her parents was very afraid of her reaction, she could tell that they were very serious about this talk.

"Alison…you're adopted." Her father said gauging her reaction, but it was said in an uncaring tone.

Alison felt that a mirror representing her life just shattered, she knew that her family didn't really care very much about her but she felt more cold and alone now more than ever, there were no words to describe her pain. She didn't move for fear of destroying what was left of her life, the pain was almost physical, her chest, heart was in pain. She felt unloved…

The next words sounded far away" Your biological parents are Edward and Bella. Renesmee is your twin sister." Her adopted mother explained.

When she looked back on her biological parents she saw that Edward looked anxious and afraid, Bella was holding on to Renesmee and seemed on the verge of tears, and Renesmee seemed the same.

Alison had to ask an important question and found that her voice was cold and hard." If you're my parents, then why did you leave me here?" Did she ever have anyone that loved her...?

That question seemed to hit a nerve because every one of the Cullen's flinched but it was Edward who answered" we had to, it wasn't safe for you with us."

"And it is now?" Alison's voice was getting stronger and her anger was rising.

"Now it is the opposite, the people that we were trying to keep you away from found out about you and now you have to come back with us" Edward replied.

"If it was so dangerous for me then why did you keep my twin and sent me away? Was I not good enough for you? Was I not wanted, planned, loved?" She couldn't keep the resent from her voice or the tear's from falling.

"No that is not the case, let us explain" Alison sat down on a chair because she feared that her body could not hold her weight any more.

"We would love to explain everything but right now we can't... "Edward looked away from Alison. She could tell that there was something big that he was hiding but didn't pressure him for answers, mostly because she wasn't sure is she wanted to know the answer and wasn't sure how much more pain her body could take.

"Would you have let me live my whole life ignorant of who I really was?" Alison asked, she was still conflicted, did she really care that they left her, or did she want to know them?

"Yes we would have let you live your life fully" Carlisle answered "We will come back tomorrow to collect you."

And with that they left, leaving Alison's world shattered.

This is my first Twilight fanfiction. I know that it wont be perfect and any helpful criticism will be welcome.