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Chapter 3

Two choices lay before Alison. One; enter the house of the people that supposedly are her long lost family, that also practically destroyed her life in one night, that she knows practically nothing about and could be, like, serial killers...

'Ok imagination running wild' she thought and looked toward the forest. Or option two; run as fast as she can into the forest living off the deer and other wildlife, while avoiding being eaten by cougars, mauled by bears, accidentally killed be other hunters, trampled on by the same deer that she should be hunting or dieing of starvation because she has no experience hunting or killing animals...

Looking at the house and its occupants, option two was looking more and more appealing.

"Hay looking forward to this?" Bella came up behind Alison and put her hand on her shoulder. Alison cringed at the physical contact but to be polite put on her best fake half smile. Edward grabbed Alison's bag effortlessly with one hand and walked into the house. Bella dropped her hand from Alison's shoulder and walked up the small steps and into the house.

Alison didn't fail to notice how Bella and the others made little or no noise on the gravel or twigs. It was unnerving; no one should be that silent. Scratch that nothing should be that quiet.

'Get over yourself Alison, they are normal people...That you don't know and are now stuck with' she took a calming breath and (With more noise than the others) walked over the gravel and onto the stone porch.

The house itself was pretty impressive, it was a large, graceful house, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned, it was also painted a faded white and looked very old, although with a few modifications and Alison guessed it was about 100 years old, but she was no historian. The southern wall looked to be made entirely of glass and had a grate view of the river that ran nearby. The porch was deep and wrapped around the front of the house.

The inside was exactly what she was expecting very open and bright with few internal walls, there was a wide central staircase to the left and a raised area that held a grand piano in the centre; to which Alison's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she...oggeled it, prying her eyes away from the piano, she noticed to the right there was a dining room and kitchen. Alison could only assume that the other floors were where the bedrooms were.

She walked in after the others and saw that Carlisle and Esme were greeted by a tall wavy haired blond that would make anyone self-conscious about there looks and what looked like a giant with short curly, dark brown hair.

'Must be Rosalie and Emmett' Alison thought remembering being told about the other members of the 'family'.

Edward and Bella were hugged affectively by a pixy (she was certainly the right height fro one) and a shoulder length haired blond, a shade darker than Rosalie's, but taller and leaner.

'Alice and Jasper' Alison thought crossing off there names in her head. He seemed to have a mixed expression on his face, like he was happy but also curious, cautious and timid. Everything that Alison herself was feeling. He was the first one to notice her standing at the doorway.

Nessie ran straight into the arms of a Native American boy, (obvious because of his russet brown skin) with short cropped black hair. He wasn't as big and muscular as Emmett but he looked like someone that you wouldn't want to get angry. The way he was looking at Nessie, with such adoration and love (like it actually hurt him to be away from her) made Alison's chest hurt. She was, truthfully a bit envious that Nessie had someone that wanted her. Alison saw Jasper grasp his chest like he was in pain; she masterfully kept her face blank as she surveyed the room.

Edward looked at Alison then Jasper in understanding then walked over to where Alison was standing in the doorway; not wanting to be part of the affectionate reunion's, he placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her into the room.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce Alison." He said with a smile.

Alice looked like she wanted to run up and hug Alison to death, and Alison was secretly thankful that she didn't. Emmett unfortunately ran over and grabbed Alison in a big bear hug. Alison immediately tensed up and her eyes went wide. She wasn't used to this kind of affection and usually associated this kind of treatment with doing something wrong. When someone ran up to her and got this close it usually was only to yell at her and tell her she did something wrong.

Emmett saw her discomfort and immediately put her down. Alison was breathing shallowly and quickly, her heart was pounding and she could feel the adrenalin in her body. She kept her eyes down so as to avoid antagonising anyone and hoped that she wouldn't be yelled at.

"Umm, sorry I didn't mean to upset you. . ." Emmett started.

Alison quickly got her breathing back to normal but her heart was still pounding and her eyes were darting toward everyone's legs as she still had yet to raise her head. If she didn't know any better she would have sworn that the rest of the Cullen's could hear it just as well as Alison herself could.

"Well-" Esme started breaking the silence "-why don't we show you to your room?" Alison didn't look up but quickly nodded and followed Esme up the spiralling square staircase. Quickly glancing around Alison was slightly stunned to see that everyone was slightly guilty as if they were upset that she had a bad reaction. With the exception of Rosalie who was glaring daggers at Emmett and Jacob who was glaring at Alison. But she wasn't surprised...she was use to that reaction, everything was her fault anyway.

Esme led Alison to the very top floor, there was only two rooms here, as they passed the first Alison looked in, it was spacious with a wall almost entirely glass. And it was lined with CD's, almost the entire wall that wasn't glass. The room that Alison was given was absolutely gorgeous, the walls were a cobalt blue and it had the best view of the river; the bed was huge with a red bed-spread. And the closet was almost the size of the bedroom itself, Alison thought that she would never need or have enough clothes to fill it.

Alison quickly changed into her night-clothes and climbed into the bed, it was like laying on a cloud. Alison was dreading the next few days, that awkward period when moving in with other people. . . feeling like an outsider. She thought on this long into the night, even with her jet lag Alison still barley got any sleep, her eyes stung and burned from a lack of sleep and every time she closed her eyes they threatened not to open. Finally Alison settled on closing her eyes, but she knew sleep would not come quickly, she knew it would take a long time until she was comfortable enough to sleep in a strange environment.

So she laid there on a ridiculously comfortable bed, thinking about home, and dreading the next few days of awkward conversations and attempted acts of intergration.

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