"She was brought in this morning" Molly Hooper smiled as she watched the tall detective bend over the corpse of a young blonde. Her face had been clawed, her eyeballs removed, blood was matted into her hair. It made Molly feel slightly nauseated, but she dealt with this day after day. Now wasn't time to start getting squeamish.
"Anderson thinks it's a case of domestic violence.." Lestrade said as he and John Watson made their way to Molly's side. Molly glanced at John who was biting his lower lip in a way that told Molly that he was thinking exactly what she was. What kind of monster could do this to someone?
"Anderson is an idiot." Sherlock said simply, not at all phased by the appearance of the woman as he picked up her hand, inspecting it. "I've never seen a case of domestic violence in which a woman's fingernails were completely pulled off.." he raised the hand so they could all see. John winced.
"She was found in Lambeth.." Lestrade continued, watching with a frown on his face as Sherlock pulled out his magnifying glass, inspecting each of the bruises and the deep wound on the woman's head.
"She was dead when this wound was made.." Sherlock raised an eyebrow, taking a folder from Molly without a word as he flicked through it. "Tetrodotoxin?" he frowned, looking up at the pathologist.
"Yes, puncture wound in the neck.."
"See, Lestrade. There's proof."
"Proof?" Lestrade looked confused, glancing to John who merely shrugged "Proof of what?"
"Proof that Anderson is an idiot."

"It's not often you're stumped.." John watched from his armchair as Sherlock paced. The Detective had his fingers pressed together in his usual way, but stopped at John's words. "I'm not stumped."
"Yes. Yes you are. Three murders, Sherlock, and you still have no idea." the detective shook his head and continued pacing, moving towards the wall by the window, on which he'd started to stick things, notes and photographs, that would help him with the case.
"I can't help but think there's a pattern.." he muttered to himself. "There's definitely a link.." he frowned, looking over the items.
"Sherlock.. you need sleep.." John sighed, rubbing his eyes. The Detective had not slept since the day of the first murder. Five days later and John was sure that the lack of sleep was not helping his mind in the slightest. It certainly wasn't helping his temper.
"Body one, found in Lambeth. Eyes removed... Body two, discovered on Regent Street. Tongue cut from her mouth... Body three, chained to the gate of the Admiralty Arch. Ears cut off.."
"Yes, you've said.. Sherlock, you need to sleep."
"No. I need help." John looked at his friend as the detective moved closer. He sighed.
"No. Mycroft will kill you."
"But I need her help"
"You can't just drag her out of school again."
"She hates school"
"Sherlock!" John sighed, shaking his head. "Her education is important."
Sherlock laughed "John, she knows everything they're teaching her al-" his sentence was cut off by Lestrade entering the room, a frown on his face.
"There's been another."

Sherlock inspected the corpse with a constant frown upon his face. Molly Hooper was convinced this was the first time she'd seen him frown during a murder investigation. Usually he was bouncy, happy even. Murders meant his brain had something to do. Sherlock's eyes scanned the body, noting the lack of teeth in the dead man's mouth. Like the three previous murders, the fingernails had been completely removed.
"Where was he found?" John asked, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.
"Hanging from one of the capsules of the London Eye.." Lestrade replied as the two men watched Sherlock continuing his inspection. The detective finished up before moving towards the other two men.
"John.." he started, but the doctor cut him off
"Yes, alright, I'll call her." he sighed, pulling out his phone.
"No, text. You know she won't speak."