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A/N: Basically, these are 100 word drabbles set during season 7, which depict little moments that "could" have happened, but didn't. They can each stand on their own, and I've labeled each coda with their appropriate episode. This first batch is all 100% angst free. Enjoy.

Drabbles So Not from Season 7

("Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" tag)


The drugstore cashier came alive when she gave him a once over. Running on no sleep and covered in post-hunt filth at 2a.m., he knew he had more in common with roadkill than a functioning human right now, so he didn't understand her admiring stare.

She leaned in. "My roommate's looking to get hired over at Hunkmania. Is it true? Do you really get huge tips there?"

Sam had forgotten his brother was at his elbow until Dean burst out laughing. Sam's tired brain was still catching up. "Huh?"

"Dude—she thinks that's stripper glitter on your neck. Friggin' awesome."

("Party On, Garth" tag)

"Post-Drinking Games"

"Dude, I told you mine—your turn."

"Dean, I already knew yours was Ariel. I'm not playing this game."

"Come on! I'm bored. Now play along—who's the hottest Disney princess?"

"This is stupid—which you'd realize if you hadn't already put back a forty of Turkey."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Winchester: the man too mature to tell me which animated babe he'd—"

"Seriously! If I tell you, will you shut up?"

"It could happen."

Sam sighed. "Rapunzel…I guess. Satisfied?"

"That movie came out in late 2010."

"I was soulless."

"…You can only play that card so many times."

("There Will Be Blood" tag)

"Now for Something Different"

The slap was loud in the silent motel room. Sam saw stars for a split second before the sting of the blow fully registered. He grasped his jaw in shock.

Dean, wearily staring up from the bed, blinked wide-eyed at him, hand still posed to deliver another hit. "I get it?" His voice came out slurred and panicked. "Sum'fin on your face, S'mmy."

Sam's glare softened only slightly. He'd let Dean use the concussion card just this once.

"Yeah, you got it," he replied.

Then he pulled out his razor and cream. It was time for his sideburns to retire.

("Survival of the Fittest" tag)

"White Lies"

"Cas turned himself into a cat."

Just like that, Dean was focused on the ball of fur. "Buddy…" Dean picked up the kitten, beginning a patience attempt to convince it to turn back into a person.

"I'm going to go do some research…"

Sam stepped out of the room, satisfied. They had hours left before the big battle, and Dean was wearing a hole in the floor with his pacing. As soon as Sam had stepped outside and heard the mewling from beneath the cabin, he knew what he needed to do. And, yeah, the blue-eyed Persian did favor Castiel.