Zenon V: Her Final Adventure

By William "Blissey" Raymer

Based on the book

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Written by Marilyn Sadler-Illustrated by Roger Bollen

(Published by Tribune Media Services)

And the Zenon Trilogy of Disney Channel Original Movies

Teleplays by Stu Krieger

"Troy" and "Gabriella" characters taken from

the Disney Channel Original Movies High School Musical and High School Musical 2

and the Walt Disney Pictures motion picture High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Teleplays and Screenplay by Peter Barsocchini

It was a day twelve years in the making.

After the tragic death of her fiancée, Sage Borealis, Zenon Kar had a second chance with her first love.

On November 4th, 2057, Zenon and Greg Andrews became Mr. and Lieutenant Gregory Karl Andrews.

However, any dreams of a "normal" life were soon shattered. Zenon and Greg were told that the universe they lived in was not the one they were supposed to be living in.

Proto Zoa revealed that his father had been killed fifteen years before by a deranged and time-traveling Parker Wyndham.

With the help of the alien species commonly known as the "Zoans," Zenon and Greg must travel back in time.

It will be an adventure that will take Zenon Kar full circle.

It will be her final adventure…


Greg and Zenon Andrews sat in the cockpit of the Wonder Bus, the touring shuttle of their friend—world-famous musician Proto Zoa.

Through the viewports, the swirling spatial corridor caused rainbow light to be thrown on the honeymooners' faces.

Suddenly, a door opened. Zenon turned and saw their friends. "Nebula? Margie? Bronley? Orion? Cassie? Dasha?" Zenon exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" Greg added.

"We wanted to help you, for that is what friends do," Orion said. "Well, what about little James?" Zenon asked, referring to Bronley and Margie's son.

"Daddy is watching her," Margie said. "Well, Margie, if we are successful in what we are about to try and do, history will be changed," Greg said. "Jimmy may not even exist when we head back to 2057."

"It is a risk we are willing to take," Bronley said. "And who knows?" Dasha said. "If Proto Zoa's father is saved, history will be changed for the better."

Zenon smiled at her husband, friends and family. "All right. Here's what we'll do," Zenon said as she tapped a control on a control panel.

A holographic image formed. "This is Aidan Bolton—we know him as Proto Zoa—at the age of 10. The people who are with him are his parents," Zenon said. "The father is Troy Bolton, a basketball coach at East High School. The mother is Gabriella Montez-Bolton, the district attorney of Bernalillo County—of which our destination, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the county seat."

"When we arrive, we will divide into teams," Zenon continued. "Mr. and Mrs. Hale, you will observe East High and, if he is present, keep an eye on Mr. Bolton. Orion and Nebula, you will take the northern half of the city. Dasha and Cassie, you will take the southern half of the city."

"And what about you, Zee?" Orion asked. Zenon tapped a few more keys. The Bolton family portrait dissolved into a newspaper's classified advertisements section. The image then zoomed in onto one particular ad:

"WANTED: (one) live-in tutor and (one) maid/nanny for the residence of Troy and

Gabriella Bolton. Previous work experience a plus, but not necessary."

The ad ended with an address and telephone number (zap-pads had not been invented by 2035) for inquiries. "Hopefully, we can get this job and keep an eye on Mr. Bolton from the inside," Greg said.

"Now, maintain comm silence except in emergencies," Zenon said. "This one is for all the stardust, so let's do our job and get back to where...and when...we belong."

The spatial corridor began to part as Nebula, Orion, Margie, Bronley, Dasha and Cassie sat in the passenger compartment and activated their crash webbing.

"Astrometric sensors place us as arriving on April 25th, 2035," Greg said as he checked his displays.

"That's three weeks before Parker Wyndham killed Troy Bolton, if what the Zoan who helped us told me is accurate," Zenon said. The Wonder Bus angled for a landing behind a sand dune on the outskirts of Albuquerque.

A few hours later, the sun rose over Albuquerque. The eight friends from the future walked through the streets until they came to the address in the Boltons' ad.

"This is where Greg and Zenon Andrews must become John and Melinda Grissom," Greg said. "Good luck, guys," Nebula said. "To us all," Zenon said before the four teams separated to go on their own missions.

A spatial corridor then opened and deposited four suitcases on the sidewalk. Attached to one was a note:

"For Zenon and Greg:

Here's a little something to help you blend in.

-The Zoans"

"Wait there, Greg—I mean, John," Zenon said as she went to ring the doorbell.

Inside the house, Troy and Aidan sat down at the dining room table as Gabriella sat two stacks of pancakes before both of them.

"Smells delicious, Mom," Aidan said. "I'd have to agree, Gabs," Troy said. "Thanks, Troy," Gabriella said.

"Do you think we'll get a response to our ad soon, Troy?" Gabriella said as she sat down in front of her own stack of pancakes.

"We'd better," Troy said. "With basketball season starting up at East High soon and the Packard murder trial beginning soon as well, our time here at home will..."

The sound of the doorbell interrupted Troy's words. "Aidan, go see who's at the door," Troy said. "Yes, Daddy," Aidan said.

Outside, Zenon turned back to the door as it opened. It took every iota of self-control Zenon possessed to keep her from reacting to the sight of a 10-year-old version of her idol and friend.

"Hello, little one," Zenon said. "We need to see your parents about the ad they placed in the newspaper."

Aidan turned in the doorway. "Mom, Dad, there's a couple here to see you about the ad you put in the paper," he yelled. "They have luggage!"

"Help them bring their stuff in," Gabriella said. Then to Troy, she remarked, "Don't waste any time, do they?"

In the living room, Gabriella brought Troy, Zenon and Greg cups of water then returned her attention to preparing Aidan for school.

"So, Mr. and Mrs. Grissom, how soon can you start?" Troy asked. "Immediately, if you'll have us, Mr. Bolton," Greg said.

"Yes, sir," Zenon agreed. "Well, I'll help you get settled into your room while Gabriella takes Aidan to school." "Sounds good, Boss," Zenon said.

That night, as Aidan, Troy and Gabriella slept, Zenon and Greg laid in the dark and thought.

"Zee, we might not have a chance after tonight to...do it," Greg said. "Starting tomorrow, we'll have to focus all of our attention on protecting Mr. Bolton."

"True, Greg," Zenon said. And so, Greg and Zenon used their last moments of freedom to consummate their marriage. When the sun rose next, they would need to focus on the mission at hand.