Zenon V: Her Final Adventure


Moments earlier, Greg was looking for Zenon. There were things he had to say to her—things he could not say while Zenon was performing her official duties.

Greg walked up to a military officer. "Excuse me," Greg said. The officer looked over and saw Greg. "Yes, young man?" he said.

"I'm looking for Ensign Zenon Kar, the Juvenile Liaison Officer," Greg said. "Is your zap-pad tied to Liberty's systems?" the officer said.

"That was the first ting I did when I came aboard," Greg said, withdrawing his zap-pad from his pocket.

"Then, tell the pad what you need," the officer said. Greg nodded then cleared his throat. "Tell me the location of Ensign Zenon Kar," he said.

A map of the station appeared on the zap-pad's screen. It then zoomed in on the mess module. A blinking red light appeared on the map. Attached to it was the location "Ensign Zenon Kar-Location Identified."

"Then, if you need a route, tell it to generate it for you," the officer said. "Thanks," Greg said.

As he walked away from where the officer stood watch, Greg turned back to his zap-pad's display.

"Using the previous inquiry as a base, plot me the fastest route to the location of Ensign Zenon Kar," Greg said.

A dotted line connected Greg's position in the civilian habitat module to the mess module. As Greg approached the mess module, the dotted line shortened until his and Zenon's locator beacons were on top of each other.

Greg shut off the zap-pad and put it back in his pocket. Then, after taking a deep breath, Greg walked into the mess module.

As the music from Proto Zoa's band blared around him, Greg made his way to where a blond-haired girl stood in a yellow-green dress. Next to her stood a brown-haired girl in a red dress and an African-American girl in a blue dress.

Greg smiled as he walked behind the blond-haired girl stood and tapped her on the shoulder.

Zenon turned and saw Greg. Her jaw dropped when she saw him. "Greg? Cetus-Lupeedus, what are you doing here?" she said. "My family got transferred here," Greg said.

"Zee, there are a few things I have to say," Greg said. "When I sent you that zap-pad message—the one where I broke up with you—I was under the advice of Margie."

"And that was at a time when I was moving from place to place, like I told you on Nova Linda Cove," Margie said.

"Zee, since I'm going to be living here from now on, will you be my girlfriend...again?" Greg asked.

Zenon looked at Greg, a wave of emotions crossing over her face. Then, after a moment's thought, she looked at Greg, a single tear rolling down her face.

"Cetus-Lupeedus, Greg. If you want to kiss me, just do it," Zenon said. Greg pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the tear from Zenon's cheek. He then closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss Zenon.

With their relationship reborn, Greg and Zenon rejoined Nebula and Margie as the song Aidan was singing came to an end.

While Commander Plank and Aunt Judy left the station to go on their honeymoon, Zenon walked up to Aidan. "Amazing song, Aidan," Zenon said.

"Thanks, Zenon," Aidan said, reverting to his own voice. "Who is that with you?"

"Oh, him?" Zenon said, indicating Greg. "This is Greg Andrews, my once and future boyfriend." "The same Greg you asked me to dedicate 'Supernova Girl' to a year ago?" Aidan said.

"The very same," Greg said as he shook Aidan's outstretched hand. "Well, you'd better take care of my friend," Aidan said. "For I am the son of the President of the United States. If my friend is wronged in any way, I can ask him to sic the Intergalactic Patrol on you."

"Don't worry, Aidan," Greg said. "I love Zenon very much." Aidan smiled. "That is just the answer I wanted to hear," he said. "Just love her, take care of her, and all will be fine in my book."

"I understand, Aidan," Greg said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some people to introduce Zenon to."

Greg led Zenon out of the mess module, his hand in hers.

An all-new adventure begins in

Z-X, Episode I: Into the Breach