(A/N this is the begining off 'The Odale Version' off Flyte.)

Chapter 1: The Poisonous Spider

Odale Overstrand, Extra Ordinary apprentice went into the Librarey. Even though it was Septimus turn to clean the Librarey, Odale loved the feeling of being close books. The first thing she did was to go to her favourite shelf; 'Hidden Arts'. Already her frist day in the Wizard Tower (when she was DomDaniel's apprentice) she had founded that shelf, and she had always like it. Odale smiled, she was sure that Marcia weren't so happy over the thought that she read about darke things, but Marcia couldn't stop Odale from reading it. Septimus were already in the Librarey. "Hi, Sep!" Odale said. "Hi, Oda... Ouch!" Septimus exclaimed. "Septimus?" Odale rushed to Septimus. "What hapend?" she asked. "I got bitten by one of the spiders." Septimus answerd. Odale frowned. "Can you please give me the spider?" Odale said and Septimus gave her the big, hairy spider. She muttered something that Septimus couldn't hear (but he knew that it was something that Marcia wouldn't like her to do) and the spider dissapeard in black flames. "And can I see your hand?" she continude to Septimus. "But..." Septimus complained, but Odale had already grabbed his arm in a unpleasant grip. She bit her lip, a sign that she was concentrated or nerveous. "Sit down!" she commanded him, "I'm going to fetch Marcia." she said and headed to Marcia's study.

After just a few seconds she came back with Marcia. Septimus's left thumb was double as big a usual and it sent up painful jolts to his heart. Marcia frowned. "Odale, can you please fetch some spider-venom?" Marcia said. Odale nodded and flew out off the room. "Is it a bit from a spider?" Marcia asked Septimus. Septimus just grimaced with pain again. Once again Odale apeard in the room. She held a small bottle with darke green content in one hand and in the other hand she held a thin pipette. Very carefully (cause she didn't want to het any off the venom in her mouth) she gave the bottle and the pipette to Marcia. Septimus held his hands away from Marcia. "But that's venom!" Septimus protested. Odale went beside Septimus. "Septimus, sometime's you got to fight like with like, you know, venom with venom. It's easy, don't you trust me?" she said. Septimus sighed, he didn't trust anyone as he trusted Odale or Marcia, and at last he letted Marcia fix with the bite. He felt the pain and the dizzyness faded away and smiled, Odale was always right. The mentioned girl smiled back at him. "That wasen't so hard, was it?" Odale asked in a vacant tune, "And about that, I founded this yesterday." she continude and gave him a charm-looking thing. "Thanks." Septimus said and looked at the little old choclate-looking cube. "It's a choclate charm, founded it when I cleaned the Librarey yesterday. I wanted to give you it, but I haden't any time." Odale explained and smirked. Septimus read at the choclate piece.

Take me, shake me, and I will make thee; Quetzalcoatl's Tchocolate.

"I don't wants to interupt, but you got to get outside. It's lovely weather." Marcia said and pushed them outside the Librarey. Odale opend her mouth to protest, but closed it again when she realized that she had to do one thing. "See you, Sep!" she said and dissapeard. Septimus tried to stop her, but the girl was already gone. He sighed, it felt like Odale begun to slip away from him. "You forgot the spiders!" Marcia shouted from the Librarey.