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Chapter 43: Septimus's Flyte

Marcia walked with long strides over the Moat to the Castle. Her steps echoedat the old wooden bridge warm boards. Beside her Milo Banda was, he had appointed himself to calm down Marcia after her drabble with Odale. It didn't work very well. Outside the Palace door, beside the golden chair where Godric slept, a young sub-wizard stood. She smiled towards Marcia.
"Goodevening, madam Marcia." she said, "Welcome to the Palace."
"Goodevening, Hildegarde." Marcia answerd, and went straight into the Palace. Milo lagged behind and delayed uncertainly by the door-frame. Marcia saw that he shook easily, and that he had tears in his eyes.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Milo." Marcia said lowly, "I didn't think so far. Do you want to be alone for a moment?" Milo nodded, and dissaperd through the Long Passage. Marcia saw that he shook his head horrified when he saw the empty walls. Suddenly Marcia felt very tired- it had been a long day. That Odale almost had died had maded Marcia feel a little jumpy, and it felt like it was her own fault. And her foot ached after that Spit Fyre had attacked it, and at the top of it it was the same foot that she had stepped in the bucket with. With a sigh of relief she sank down at Godric's chair. The ghost took a horrified jump backwards. Marcia sighed again, but now she was a little irritated.
"Alther, I thought that I had begged you to get away the ancients. We don't needs them now when we has the sub-wizards here." she said.
"But Marcia, Godric got so upset when I told him to go. So I said that he could stay." Alther answerd, "And by the way you should show some more respect for the anciets. You will be one to, someday." He helped Godric up, dusted him of, and putted him in a chair where the ghost fell asleep. And he would sleep there until one day when Jenna's daughter drove into him with her scooter.

It was unfrotunatley that Jenna didn't notice Marcia and Alther when she returned to the Palace. The first one she saw when she entered the Long Passage was the 'darke stranger'. When he saw Jenna he gasped and stopped at once. Jenna shrieked, and Marcia jumped up.
"Jenna- what is it?" she asked and looked worried around. But Jenna didn't answer. She rushed out of the Palace and to her friends. Septimus, Nicko, Odale, aunt Zelda and the Wolf Boy walked slowly over the Palace's lawn while Spit Fyre insisted with chasing Billy Pot's escaping lizards.
"He's here!" Jenna shouted when she reached aunt Zelda, "That man- he's here!"
"What man?" aunt Zelda asked. She was both confused and delighted over that Marcia came running toward them with only one shoe.
"Jenna." Marcia gasped when she reached the girl, "Jenna, what's the matter?"
"That man- the stranger from the Port. He who tried to stop me and Odale, he who has an collusion with Simon- you've invited him to my Palace! That's the matter!" Jenna snapped.
"But Jenna." Marcia protested, "This man has every right to be in the Palace. It's Milo Banda. He's-"
"I don't care who he is!" Jenna shouted.
"But Jenna, he's your father." Marcia and Odale said with one mouth. Everyone stared shocked at Marcia and Odale.
"He's not." Jenna got up. "Dad is at the boat yard... with mum."
"Yes, Silas and Sarah is at the boat yard." Marcia said mildly, "And Milo is here. Milo is your real father, Jenna. And he's here to meet you."
Jenna was silent for a while. Then she suddenly said; "Why couldn't he came her earlier- when I was a little?" And then she ran away. Odale was about to run after her when Marcia stopped her.
"I think that she has to be alone for a while." she said.
"But I don't." Odale replied, "I know exactley how she feel, Marcia." And then also Odale ran away. Marica sighed, and followed her niece with her gaze.

Later on, Sarah had arranged a dinner to celebrate Milo's returning. The dinner didn't end before late in the evening. Sarah had clothed the table with a plain, white table cloth. Jenna got remembered by her tenth birthday, which felt like years ago. Milo had gotten placed at the headend, and just to get so far away from Milo as possible Jenna had settled down at the other headend. Too late she understood that it was a mistake, because Milo were right in front of her all the time. Unfortunatley Odale weren't that lucky; she had gotten placed between Marcia and Cashmére. Both of them insisted in talking to Odale, but neither of them wanted to talk with eachother. Odale had stopped to get so annoyed with her mother, now she got bothered by that Marcia and Cashmére refused to talk to eachother. She knew that she would get problems if they keept going that way.
"Marcia has told me that you're a witch." Odale said to her mother. Of course she knew that Cashmére was a witch, but she could always start a conversation. Cashmére sighed.
"Yes, I am." she replied, "Did Marcia really say that?" Odale felt tempted to read Marcia's and Cashmére's thoughts, though she choosed not to do that.
"She did." Odale said.
"I mentioned it." Marcia added. Odale almost snickered, Marcia really acted weird.
"I could mention a few things too, Marcia." Cashmére snapped. "Uh-oh." Odale thought.
"But no one has said how you met dad, mother." Odale interupted the probably very awkward comming situation.
"Oh, it's a long story." Cashmére answerd avoiding.
"I got time." Odale said. Cashmére laughed.
"You have." she replied. Even Marcia smiled a little at that.
"By the way, Odale." Cashmére continude, "Your father and I... we've decided to move into an apartment in the Ramblings. I- and your father, of course- would enjoy it very much if you came with us too." Marcia froze.
"No." Odale said, "I'm sorry, but no, I can't." Cashmére gazed at Marcia.
"Excuse me, but why?" Cashmére asked.
"I'm Marcia's apprentice, I lives where she does." Odale replied.
"But Marcia herself didn't live with her tutor." Cashmére protested.
"No, but it is an tradition that younger apprentice's lives with their tutors. The older a free to live whereever they'd like." Odale said. Cashmére snorted, but to Odale's shook she didn't argue it further.
"But Odale can come and come and visit sometimes." Marcia said, "They do have free days." Odale gave Marcia a death-glare.
"I use them to do my homeworks!" she complained.
"Nonsense, you always use to do them anyways." Marcia replied.
"Right." Odale sighed.

Marcia, Septimus, Odale and Spit Fyre walked slowly at the Wizard Way. Odale was to thoughtfull to notice really anything, and she just stared at the ground. But finally they reached the Wizard Tower. Septimus went to lock Spit Fyre into the Dragon Yard. He locked the door to the Dragon House.
"Make sure that he can't get out, Septimus." Marcia said, "And lock with double studs."
"I will." Septimus replied. Marcia smiled gratefully towards him and limped into the Wizard Tower, followed by Odale. Odale waved shortly towards Septimus as a goodnight. It was easy to make Spit Fyre fall asleep and Septimus sneaked away. It was a beutiful night. Even though the mild, purple light that the torches at the Wizard Tower's wall radiated, Septimus could see the stars. He didn't want to go inside just yet. Septimus looked up and looked at the stars- his old dreams about flying returned to him, and he knew that he couldn't stand it anymore. Then he picked out the flyte charm. The arrow-shaped charm with silver-vings vibrated in his hands. At the same point as the wings begun to flutter, Septimus noticed that he lifted from the ground. He reached the top of the Great Arch, then he wondered if he maybe should knock at Odale's window and see how she reacted. Septimus snickered as he thought about how she would react, and flew up to the twentieth floor. But when he was just about to knock at Odale's window, something far away caught his eyes. A darke figure rode quickly away from the Castle at the other side of the mighty Castle wall. Simon. Septimus pointed the flyte charm at the darke shape and then he felt how he soared away towards his brother. With one last twitch from the flyte charm, Septimus flew beside his brother. The brother didn't notice, and so Septimus keept flying for a while. At last Simon noticed that something was wrong.
"You!" he shouted and stopped the horse in a cloud of dust. Septimus landed softly infront of the horse. "You got my flyte charm!" Simon snapped and pointed at the charm in Septimus's hand.
"Yes, I got the flyte charm." Septimus admitted, and gracefully he soared above the brother again as Simon tried to take the flyte charm. "But it's not your, not mine either. It's an ancient charm, and it doesn't belong to anyone. You should know that."
"Magniloquent nonsense." Simon mumbled.
"What did you say?" Septimus asked, even though he very well had heard what Simon said.
"Nothing!" Simon snapped, "Just get out of the way, brat, and don't get the idéa to transfix my horse this time. It won't work."
"I won't transfix our horse either, Simon. I just came here to tell you to never come back, and to never hurt Jenna again. And if you does, you'll get to deal with me." Septimus replied. Simon stared at his younger brother, and Septimus stared back. His green eyes shot furious flashes at Simon. Simon noticed that he barely dared to say something, because there was something with Septimus; the magykal powers of the seventh son to a seventh son.
"Understood?" Septimus snapped.
"Yes." Simon muttered.
"Away with you now." Simon said coldly, and flew down at the ground so that Simon could ride away. Simon looked down at the defenseless boy. It would be so easy just to get rid with him now... No one would find the boy, and no one would suspect it. Exept for that Overstrand-girl... "She could just run into a wall!" Simon thought, but shook the thoughts of him. He gallopated away, but he did shout one last thing;
"I whis that you had been dead when the nurse took you away!"
Smiling Septimus flew back to the Wizard Tower. His last brother had finally accepted him.