Summary: As he gets older, so does she. He watches and sees their separate lives through his ever-changing eyes.

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...don't look at me. Don't.
I don't want you to see this demon that lives within.




He saw her when he was five, with the large, innocent, happy eyes he had. He was a happy boy, with a loving family and a caring older brother. He saw her as a cute little angelic girl, with magical pink hair.

He saw her when he was eight, with eyes that shone with tears. He was a sad boy, a boy who lost everything. He lost his mother, his father, his entire family; and it was his entire (caring) brother's fault. He saw her as just some silly fangirl that didn't know anything.

He saw her when he was twelve, with cold and carefully guarded eyes. He was an angry boy, who lost everything and wanted revenge. He saw her as a silly fangirl, still; but also annoying.

He saw her when he saw thirteen, with softer eyes that showed concern. He was a protective boy; especially of her. He almost forgot his hatred. He saw her as a weak girl; and it was good, because he protected her.

He saw her when he was fifteen, with eyes so cold and filled with hatred that she didn't recognize him. He was embedded with hatred, and he forgot everything. He saw her as a silly fool; one that was not worth his time; one the he wanted to kill.

Still fifteen, he sees her fall to her knees, coughing up blood, with a sharp sword sticking out of her chest. His cold (coldcoldcold) eyes follow the path of the metal sword, tracing it back…

…To his very own hand. His eyes widen, and he remembers.

He remembers the little angelic girl, giggling and smiling at him.

He remembers the silly fangirl she once was: wanting to be noticed by him.

He remembers the annoying fangirl, placed on his squad.

He remembers the weak girl, always needing his protection.

He remembers the girl who told him she loved (lovelovelove) him, always and forever.

He sees that silly girl in front of him, dying at his hand, trying to bring him home. His onyx eyes look square into her fading emerald ones. He sees himself; or rather, a monster. The monster he's become.

He hears her soft voice. "I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun…"

She's sorry? She's sorry?

Suddenly he's panicking. Gathering the dying girl in his arms, he rushes back. Back to his home. Back to the place of his saddest and fondest memories.


He's still fifteen, sitting beside a hospital bed, watching the girl with eyes. Eyes that say I'm sorry. Eyes filled with regret. He sees her as a beautiful, strong kunoichi; matured and respected.


He's now twenty, with eyes filled with anxiety and worry. He's a tuxedo, looking as handsome as ever, but worry encases him. What if…?

His worries disappear when he sees her, looking like a goddess in her long, snowy white gown. Her green eyes sparkle happily, and she smiles at him as she walks down the aisle.

He sees as a beautiful woman, way too good for him.

He sees a caring woman, always there for him.

"Do you, Uchiha Sasuke, take Haruno Sakura as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you, Haruno Sakura, take Uchiha Sasuke as your lawfully wedded husband?" Silence. He begins to worry. His eyes search in hers, wondering. His eyes, filled with worry.

She smiles. "Always." The worry vanishes. "You may now kiss the bride."

Their lips meet, in a short but sweet kiss. He gazes at her, staring at her beautiful emerald green eyes.

He sees Uchiha Sakura.

He sees his future.


Note...yeah. A wedding story. It's a little short, I know.