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Chapter 2

"MORRIS!" Ryan screamed at Heather when the two friends finally appeared on set.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry…I forgot to check the time! I –" Heather began to explain, wheezing slightly, but the man interrupted her.

"I don't care! If you can't be professional…well, why don't I just cancel everything and we won't even talk about it anymore!" he exclaimed furiously and threw the script on the ground.

Heather's shoulders dropped a little and Naya eyed her nervously before stepping in.

"It's my fault! I was the one distracting Heather. You shouldn't go at her like that."

Ryan's glare shifted from Heather to Naya. "I don't care who took up whose time and all that shit! All I care about is that you wasted mine!"

Naya was about to shoot something back, but Heather nudged her and shook her head slightly. Signalling that it wasn't worth it.

"I'm sorry Ryan, you're right." Heather said apologetically.

"Whatever. This scene will be deleted! I'll just change it into a Brittany and Santana scene instead somehow…I don't want to lose any more time!" Ryan sounded extremely stressed and was gesticulating wildly. "And now go away, I gotta figure out how to rewrite it." he barked.

At that, Naya and Heather turned around and walked away quickly.

When they got outside the sun was shining brightly and the summer air was nice and warm.

The pair made their way over to the trailers.

"God, that was totally my fault, Heather! I'm really –" Naya started, sitting down on the steps of one of the trailers.

"No, it wasn't!" Heather cut her off. "Ryan was totally overreacting! I mean, we were only twenty minutes late after all. Sometimes he actually wastes more time than us!" she complained, running her fingers through her hair.

Naya nodded. "Yeah, you're right. The other day he arrived, like, an hour late or something! But obviously, he can never be accused of anything!" she agreed.

"Well, look on the bright side! Now we have a scene together!" Heather bumped her fist into the air in victory and grinned at Naya.

Naya laughed and said, "God! That's true! In my opinion they're the best couple anyway."

"A couple? But you're a man-eater, Santana Lopez!" Heather replied with a serious expression.

Naya's eyes shot open. "Well, yeah - I, no, I didn't - I meant a couple of friends, you know – in the sense of –" she stammered, but Heather just started giggling uncontrollably.

At first Naya was a little shocked, but then she smiled. She had never noticed just how beautiful Heather really was. Her mesmerizing blue eyes, sparkling in the sunlight, her perfect smile, her soft, white skin…she suddenly felt the urge to hug her, to just wrap her arms around her entire body and…

"Naya?" Hemo called, snapping her fingers in front of the girl's face.

Naya gave a little start.

"Where did you just go?" Heather asked her, smiling slightly.

"No idea! I'm gonna go get ready." Naya said hastily and jumped up, hurrying off towards the dressing rooms, while Hemo just stayed on the steps, perplexed by her friend's reaction, and sighed as she looked away.

She felt suddenly empty, now that Naya had gone and left her there all by herself. It gave her mixed feelings and yes, Naya confused her quite a bit too.

On the one hand, she felt a little sad and hollow right now, but on the other hand that girl was able to make her feel really good, she made her smile all the time and Heather realized that she needed Naya to be in her life forever.

She was one of her best friends and Heather just knew that their friendship would last forever, even after Glee was over.

"Nothing's gonna change." She mumbled to herself, but inside she had this nagging feeling. This strange fear of losing her.

"Hey, where did you run off to before?" Heather jumped a little, because she hadn't noticed that Dianna had come up next to her.

The blonde was looking down at her and sipping on a juice.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I was twenty minutes late." Hemo shrugged, still feeling a little dull after Naya's abrupt leaving.

"Oh man, I bet Ryan made a big fuss!" Dianna said with an air of understanding.

Heather looked at her and nodded before she resumed just staring blankly ahead. Dianna sat down beside her.

"Hemo? You alright? You usually don't care what Murphy says, but now you look really sad..."

"No, I'm not sad. And I don't really know why I feel so weird right now…I'm just…I'm a bit worried about Naya." She was now looking down at the ground, trying to figure out why Naya had reacted the way she did. Just a moment earlier they had been laughing and then, all of a sudden, that had been gone.

And Heather, for the life of her, couldn't understand why.

"Why? What's wrong with little miss Rivera? You think she might have a problem of the heart?" Dianna asked, looking around to check for any possible eavesdroppers.

Heather looked at her with furrowed eyebrows. "I don't think so. I mean, Naya's single as far as I know! And I – I don't know… I think that she'd talk to me about it if that were the case…right?"

She buried her head in her hands, her elbows resting on her knees.

Dianna nodded slowly. "Yeah…I'm sure she would have told you about it. Gotta be something else then." The smaller blonde sighed and looked up at the sky.

"All I can tell you, Heather, is to just be with her. I mean, you're her best friend, the person she's closest with. Just look after her and she'll tell you what the problem is sooner or later."

Heather looked at her, nodding slightly, and said, "Yeah, you're right, Di. She needs my help. Oh! I forgot to tell you. Ryan punished me in a stupid way." She grinned mischievously.

Dianna raised her eyebrows curiously. "How?"

"He said he wanted to cut my scene, but he just merged it with one of Santana's!" she said smiling.

"Oh! So you and Naya have a scene together today." Dianna smiled along with Heather. "That's a nice punishment." She laughed and added: "Hmmm…okay, let's see…Santana and Brittany. Oh, I know! Santittany!"

Hemo looked at her shocked and amused at the same time.

"Sounds like the name of a sandwich from a fast food chain or something!" Heather said, and they both giggled.

"Yeah, I think it's great though. That you have more scenes together. That way you can get closer and maybe figure out what's bothering her." Dianna said earnestly, standing up. Heather got to her feet as well.

"Exactly! I'm gonna go look for her. "

Dianna nodded and smiled. "I think she might be in her trailer, going over the script. I'll just be around and take some pictures. I love posting them on twitter. See you, Hemo." Dianna grinned and they said goodbye.

After Dianna had left, Heather took off in search for her friend.

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