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Chapter 5 Fashion, Weapons, and Rumors:

The week following the poker game was filled with the buzz of rumors about what the outcome of the game would mean for everyone. One rumor in particular was the way Anko seemed to happily lose herself to a kid, even if it was the demon child. Anko was oblivious to the rumors about how she seemed to have taken after her former master's interest in children and that she was using the child to scratch an itch she had.

This had a rather nice effect of the mothers around town taking pity on Naruto more and seeing him less as a demon and more as a victim. They still wanted nothing to do with Naruto, but were more likely to look at Anko with extra venom and Naruto with pity.

Naruto was also being rumored to now being the richest person in the village. This was completely false as Naruto wasn't even the richest child in the village. That honor belonged to a young genius orphan whose parent's died two years previously on the way to a business deal with a shipping company CEO. The kid was currently doing a very impressive job of running his family's publishing company. Naruto, however, was the second richest kid in the village seeing as very few children actually have money of their own.

This rumor would have resulted in sever price gouging, if not for the simple fact that Kurenai had Koharu do most of the shopping for him and and made sure to watch over Naruto when he did go out to shop.

Then there is the rumor slowly spreading from the Aburame clan about Naruto legally being an adult. This fanned the flames of the Anko being a pedophile rumor and made it seem like she was simply a clever pedo by making her little boy toy an adult in the eyes of the law. Since Naruto isn't an adult by age, by being a registered ninja, or by having been tried as an adult for a crime, he is still viewed as a child in the eyes of the law for the moment.

All the other rumors were about the various people that lost properties. The most entertaining of the false rumors was that Fugaku Uchiha was castrated by his ex-wife after telling her how he lost her in a poker game.

The week also had Naruto and his lovely, to various degrees, female prizes getting fitted for new outfits. Naruto's only stipulation for the women was that Anko's had to be fully orange, like she promised. Anko pouted, but went along with it, knowing there was no way she would be able to get out of it.

Anko's outfit ended up a rusty orange colored mesh armor bodysuit that hugged her curves beautifully and doubled as support for her ample bosom. This was partially covered in a dark orange, nearly skin tight pair of pants with cargo pockets designed to hold weapons and a dark orange, nearly brown leather overcoat. Naruto was a little upset that the outfit had no bright orange in it, but agreed since the deal was for orange, not a specific shade of orange.

Kurenai went with a style of dress she had seen on a mission, customized a bit. It was a white dress that looked like it was made of very broad bandages with a rose's thorny stem in the middle. Underneath she wore an orange mesh armor blouse that only had one long sleeve. To complete the outfit, she would wear bandages on her upper thighs and forearms.

Mikoto, for her one outfit she was allowed to get, chose to get a kimono made that was patterned to look like the sun was setting over a forest, the sun on the back and stylized to look like the Uzumaki clan symbol, a red spiral within a black rimmed, white circle with four small black triangles at the top, bottom, and both sides of the rimming.

Koharu went with a simple black dress with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the left breast, an orange apron and hair band, and a simple pair of black shoes to look the part of a proper maid. No frills were added at her request, wanting the outfit she got to be simple, durable, and inexpensive for when it came time to buy more or a larger sized version.

Hinata, after being fussed with by the other girls and generally being made to try on different things before a comment made by Naruto lead to Hinata admitting that she didn't have any clothes meant for playing, was given a child's play kimono made out of a sturdy cotton material, colored orange with red lines that crisscrossed to form a diamond pattern and a red sash.

Naruto happily went along with being dressed up by the girls, finding joy in all the attention they were giving him. And the fact that he was being complimented for being better behaved than Anko. After many outfits, ranging from an orange jumpsuit that Anko vetoed, explaining to a pouting Naruto that it made him look like some sort of convict. That lead to Kurenai explaining what a convict and a prison were to Naruto, who nodded in understanding.

"Then what was I convicted of to end up in the orphanage prism thingy?" Naruto asked.

"Of being a brat with no parents and a demon in your gut," Anko snarked without thinking, before palming her face as she realized what she had let slip and what law she had broken.

Naruto looked at Anko in confusion while Mikoto and Kurenai were simply gaping at Anko's stupidity and lack of restraint. Hinata was distracted looking at the different fabrics the tailor had while the tailor was mutually distracted explaining about the different fabrics and patterns to the young lady. Koharu stood quietly, staring at Anko for an explanation.

"What do you mean Sissy?" Naruto asked Anko who sighed in defeat.

"Uh, um," Anko started unsure before Kurenai came to her aid.

"Ramen!" Kurenai suddenly said, getting Naruto's attention on her. "We'll get some ramen after this if you don't push this topic."

Naruto looked at Kurenai confusedly. "Why?" He asked, wondering why they wouldn't tell him.

"The Hokage wanted to be the one to explain," Mikoto added in, seeing what Kurenai was doing to save Anko's ass and not wanting to miss out on that. Putting the blame on her boss was just an added bonus. "It is just a rather delicate topic and he was unsure of how to explain it. Don't worry, he will soon enough."

Naruto nodded his head, still a bit confused by what his nice ladies were talking about. "So, the Old Man will explain with ramen?" Naruto asked, his mind mashing everything together.

"Sure," Anko said, going with the ass saving she was getting and not wanting to rock the boat.

Naruto smiled and started to hop in excitement. "Well, lets hurry up! Ramen is waiting!" He said before Anko hit him on the head.

"Calm down. We'll go when you get a new outfit," Anko said with a roll of her eyes.

Naruto nodded and began to try to rush the outfit picking until he came out wearing a black suit with a skinny black tie and a long sleeved orange shirt. Koharu nodded approvingly, Anko frowned, thinking something was missing, Mikoto was looking after Hinata as she looked around the store, feeling bored, and Kurenai put a hand on her chin.

Snapping her fingers, Kurenai grabbed a black fedora off a wall with sample hats and placed it onto Naruto's head. Nodding, Kurenai smiled, thinking the look was finished.

"Still missing something," Anko complained, looking around till she saw an Abarame working to spread the truth, as that clan saw it, as he did his shopping. Not that she knew what he was saying. "Sunglasses. He needs sunglasses and the look will be finished."

The tailor looked over to Anko with a deadpan expression. "I don't sell sunglasses here, but if you are all ready, I'll get started on making your outfits," He said, his notepad open with nearly indecipherable notes written down that explained what the ladies wanted and the different measurements of the group. He quickly wrote down the specifications of Naruto's outfit, namely the cut of the jacket and pants, the color of the clothes, the style of hat, color of hat and hat band, and that no extra accessories were to be added to the outfit, getting the agreement of the ladies that the hat didn't need a feather or something. The tailor also wrote down the style of shoes he'd have to get the cobbler next door to make and the size of Naruto's foot. "But before you leave, Mister Uzumaki, you need to change out of my sample and then come over here so I can get a proper measurement for that noggin of yours."

Naruto smiled and quickly did as asked, wanting ramen and soon.

Anko slid up to Kurenai and Mikoto and softly thanked them for saving her ass.

Kurenai simply waved it off and replied, "You would have tried to do the same. I don't want you to, but I know you would have tried to help."

Mikoto waited for Kurenai to walk off before patting Anko's ass. "Don't worry, you'll pay back in full," She whispered darkly before walking off herself.

Fugaku's week was going horrible with the guilt of what he did, especially considering, that in terms of money, he had come out ahead. The eyes of those looking at him made the guilt worse and feel like he had truly sullied the name of Uchiha. Fugaku spent the week going to various locations to do a few small things, like update his will, check up on the military police, cancel the current coup plans do to the changes caused by his mistakes making it too risky to follow through with, and pay off an old debt of his.

After setting all of that up, and sending Sasuke off to his tutor and to spend the night with his mother at Uzumaki Apartment, Fugaku wrote a simple note to the Uchihas in general that stated what he hoped they would do and renouncing all of his positions as unworthy and irresponsible as his drunken bets proved. He placed the note into an envelope, sealed it with a wax stamp, and setting it onto a table nearby. Next he unsheathed a ceremonial and very sharp sword, placing the sheath carefully in front of himself before placing the tip of the blade to his gut.

"Father!" Itachi said in an uncharacteristically emotional tone of voice at seeing his father ready to commit seppuku. The blade sunk deep into Fugaku's gut before Itachi could do anything to stop it, only making it to his father's side to be there as he expired.

"Itachi," Fugaku said in a pained tone, "I'm sorry. You are in control now. Don't make my mistakes." With his last strength, Fugaku gave his son his final, and very soft, smile and showed his son his mangekyo sharingan before closing his eyes for the last time and lying down to bleed out.

Itachi was simply stunned at what his father had done, unable to move for several moments.

Word of Fugaku's death would spread quickly once Itachi gained control of himself and got some of the police to investigate. When the Hokage got word of what happened, he would determine that there was a conflict of interest with the Uchiha being the only to investigate the death and would send two Anbu to help with the investigation.

The autopsy would show that Fugaku had taken a mild pain reliever and had a bit of alcohol in his system, most likely to calm his nerves at ending his life. The Anbu would get a copy of the note, with no complaints of the Uchiha after all parties read what was written on the note Fugaku wrote.

Mikoto would go to the funeral, but chose not to speak so that any anger she had over Fugaku losing her in a game of poker would not spoil the mood. Sasuke would choose to live with his big brother, not fully understanding why his dad had died. No one outside of the Uchiha family was allowed in to the funeral, even the Hokage, in order to keep it to just the family.

Going back to a brighter time a few days prior to the suicide, Naruto was happily explaining the wonders of ramen to Anko while eating bowl after bowl at one of what Naruto would consider a secondary grade ramen stand. There were quite a few people with their mouths open at such a small kid describing how the quality of the broth is the primary determination of the quality in any soup. The thing that truly separated and made ramen superior was the noodles, specifically the kansui used to make the noodles which is essentially just a mineral water that gives the noodles their yellowish hue and distinct flavor and texture. Different shapes and lengths of ramen noodles lend themselves well to different soups, but the noodle dough is the true secret to good ramen. The rest is just about making as good a bowl of soup as possible, or whatever noodle dish is being made.

The audience listening was surprised at the vocabulary and knowledge this little kid had on ramen, even if he had trouble saying many of the words correctly. They were also impressed at the nutritional information he provided by explaining how the noodles are a good source of carbs and the rest of the dish provides the other nutritional benefits or lack there of.

Anko was silently planning on how to convince the kid about the wonders of dango when all she had to go on was that it was tasty.

The owner was surprised at the kid's knowledge of ramen was greater than his own and how much the little guy could put away. The stack of empty bowls was already taller than Naruto. And he made a rather filling ramen.

After finishing his latest bowl, Naruto leaned back into Anko's chest, closed his eyes, and began to softly snore, causing Anko to roll her eyes and silently curse Tsume for putting the idea into Naruto's head. Picking the short blond up she looked at the others in the group. "I'll take shorty here home. I'll see the rest of you later," Anko said, shrugging her shoulders and letting Naruto use her chest as a pillow like he had been for the past week. The little brat seemed to find a lot of comfort in sleeping on breasts and found Anko's especially comfy.

After getting back to the Uzumaki Apartment, Anko strolled happily past the Hyugas that are now just tenants in what was still not on paper an apartment complex. She snuck through a kitchen to snag some cookies and milk under the pretext that they were for Naruto as a snack. Really, Anko just felt like having cookies and milk while Naruto slept on her. Kurenai never let her have cookies and milk anymore because it would 'ruin' her dinner. At least Kurenai had given up on getting Anko to cut back on dango.

The following morning, very early in the day, Naruto woke up feeling something small and rough on his face. Wiping at it, the small things moved off his face, some landing in his mouth. Tasting it, Naruto found it tasted good and sweet. Sorta like cookies. Stirring, Naruto looked around his room that had sunlight from the sunrise sneaking in enough to give him light to see. He saw that he had slept on Anko that night and she had a little white mustache on her upper lip and crumbs around her mouth, leaning in, Naruto began to lick his big sister's face, liking the taste of the cookies and the trace taste of milk that remained.

Anko moaned at feeling the movement, having a rather nice dream. At the licking of her face, her arm moved around the head of Naruto and pulled him in for a full on kiss, Anko still mostly asleep. As her eyes slowly opened, she saw a familiar face that she was kissing and blushed deeply at realizing what she had been doing with her SIX year old master. Letting go of him, Naruto pulled back and smiled.

"You taste yummy, Sissy," He said happily, before leaning in for one last lick at some more crumbs before curling up on Anko's chest for a little more sleep.

Anko laid back, eyes wide open, afraid to move or do anything. Maybe she'll wake up from this nightmare if she hopes enough...

... Awake yet?

... Damn, Anko really did kiss her extremely too young master in a full on, explore the mouth, kiss. And she liked it. Not good.

When Kurenai came into the room a couple hours later to see Anko laying down with an arm around Naruto in what looked like a sleeping position, she first thought it was a rather sweet scene. When she got closer and realized Anko was both awake and had a guilty look on her face, she decided to investigate. "What did you do?"

"Uh," Anko started, gulping down and gathering her courage. "I might have been dreaming a rather nice dream and ended up waking up enough to pull the brat into a kiss while still out of it?"

Kurenai gave Anko a deadpan look, clearly exasperated.

"I didn't mean to?" Anko said nervously. "Don't hate me! It was a dream!" Anko closed her eyes, waiting for what Kurenai would do.

"At least you both are wearing clothes," Kurenai said. "Now get up and ready, we are going to the blacksmith to see about the weapons. And I swear to Kami that if you start pleasuring yourself with the new kunai again, I will turn you into a living body pillow for Naruto for the next three years."

Anko simply nodded and whimpered like a whipped dog.

Some time later, after a nice filling breakfast, Naruto was riding Anko's shoulders as Anko, Kurenai, Mikoto, and himself headed towards Kuroda's shop. Naruto was happy, Mikoto and Kurenai were feeling good, and Anko was nervous and noticing the extra heat in some of the looks she was getting, making her feel worse about the early morning kiss.

Arriving at the shop, the foursome saw little Tenten was helping to clean the shop while Kuroda restocked the display cases. Hearing the bell, Kuroda looked up and got a serious look on his face. "Tenten, sweety, mind flipping the sign to close? I think these customers are here to order some very customized weapons."

Tenten nodded before bowing to the customers and turning the sign around and locking the door. Kuroda, meanwhile, began to put together the field kit, as promised, in front of their eyes so they knew that he was not short changing them. Naruto, the little kid he was, was grinning as he looked at all the sharp instruments of death. Anko, the little kid she mentally was, was grinning and drooling at all the sharp instruments of death. Kurenai, the responsible adult she was, was keeping Naruto and Anko from cutting themselves or cause damage in the shop. Mikoto was actually inspecting the items being put into the field kit critically, finding it all at a very good standard of quality.

After gathering all the items for the field kit and showed them to Mikoto, Kuroda packed them away very carefully. "One fully kitted out, high quality field kit, packed and ready to go," He announced, handing the packed kit to Mikoto. "Follow me, and we can talk about what I'll be making for you."

The whole group moved into the back of the shop and Kuroda put on a kettle onto the stove to start making tea. Gathering around a table, the six sat down and Kuroda started the conversation up, "So, Naruto, who will be getting the weapons?"

"Me an' my sisters cause they are the best sisters I could have," Naruto said with a wide, innocent grin before he found his head back into Anko's cleavage.

"I love this kid. You know that?" Anko said with a look that seemed to be a mix of pure joy and the feral lust of battle.

"You're suffocating the kid," Kurenai said with a roll of her eyes, causing Anko to let go of Naruto.

Kuroda laughed good naturally. "Alright. How about the easy one first?" He said, getting up and going over to a drawer of drawings. Flipping through them quickly, he pulled one out and placed it onto the table. "How about this Ms. Mitarashi?" He said, showing off what looked to be a drawing of a pair of gloves with claws at the end of the fingers. "You use poisons, right?"

Anko nodded, looking at the claws and thinking of all the ways she could make use of them.

"Well, these should be good for a poison delivery system and I should be able to create a way for it to hold multiple sealed poisons and release them as needed," Kuroda explained before going into the more technical side of the gloves and how they could be set up. As he did, Anko added in her two cents now and then, grinning and drooling lightly at the thought of the damage she'll be able to do with these new weapons. Especially once she got very proficient in using them. Once Kuroda mentioned that he could make the claws retractable so Anko could wear the gloves regularly, Anko squealed, hopped over the table, and hugged the blacksmith.

"I'm going to love these things," She said after being pulled off the man and put under Naruto because she clearly still needed someone to keep her out of trouble. Her arms were around Naruto's waist and she was purring softly at the thought of the modifications to her fighting style that would make her more dangerous than she already was.

"So, how about you Ms. Yuhi? Do you know what kind of weapon you would like made?" Kuroda asked, curious what the genjutsu mistress would like.

Kurenai bit her lower lip in thought as she considered the question. After a minute, she looked up. "A fuma shuriken. Add whatever specials you think will work on it," She said, deciding to go with something simple that she could easily use without learning a new style and with all the specialties it'll have, won't be mixed up with any of her other weapons. And still be relatively easy to hide.

Kuroda nodded and took down some notes. "I'll do a bit of research and check with you before including anything." Kurenai smiled and nodded her thanks before Kuroda turned to a grinning and eager Naruto. "You get nothing right now," He said to the kid seriously, raising his hands in surrender before continuing. "I cannot, in good faith, make you a weapon you are not ready for. Feel free to buy some practice swords if you don't have one, but I won't make you a weapon of such quality until the weapon is proven to be right for you. The fact that in a few years you will be bigger is only an additional reason not to give you a weapon yet because it would end up being sized too small when you are an adult."

Naruto pouted, but Anko's stroking of his head helped keep him from blowing his lid. "I'll remember this. When I am older, I will have my sword," Naruto said with conviction.

Author's Note: So, not too much left before I end this story. Don't worry, there will be a sequel or two. Or more if other writers decide to continue where this particular fic ends.