Chapter 6: Dinner

"Get up you dang brat," Anko said, shaking the sleeping form of her master, snuggled up on top of her. "Kid is cute, but I am starting to get annoyed with him," she added under her breath.

"Comfy," Naruto said with his voice muffled by Anko's chest pillows as he pulled the comforter further over him.

"Brat!" Anko said loudly, smacking Naruto over the head. "Get up; we got a lot of shit to do."

"Anko! Language!" Kurenai said, slapping Anko upside the head from where she was next to her on the bed. "Naruto is only a kid. We have to be a good role model."

From the doorway, Mikoto rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and hitting each other is a real good role model. Now you three, get up, dressed, and ready. I need to pick up my sons for the party this afternoon."

Pushing off of the door frame, Mikoto left, leaving behind the three younger ones to leave. When she opened the front door, she stumbled back at seeing Tsume there about to knock on the door. Tsume was in her usual outfit with an added dog collar with a tag that simply read, 'Stupid Bitch'.

After a brief chuckle, Mikoto asked the important question, "So, Tsume, what are you doing here?"

"Today seems like a good opportunity for the lucky brat to get his puppy," Tsume answered with a light growl as she scratched under the collar. Mikoto raised an eyebrow at noticing the collar. "Clan said I was still partially responsible as Alpha for losing the pup. Thankfully, I only got a mild punishment and am still Alpha."

Mikoto nodded with a smirk, keeping her chuckling at Tsume's misfortune in her head. "Well, go on in," She said, letting Tsume in before telling her how to get to the room Naruto was in.

Tsume nodded and began to follow the instructions, thankful it was pretty straight forward to get to Naruto's room.

"Dammit brat! Get back here and put some damn clothes on!" Tsume heard yelled from the room.

"Anko! Language!"

As Tsume got closer, she heard giggling and sound of little feet running around with the soft sound of a trained ninja that wasn't trying to being stealthy chasing after. Opening the door slowly, she saw what she thought she might, Anko in just her mesh underclothing chasing after a Naruto wearing just socks over some rather ornate rugs in a bedroom. Kurenai was already fully dressed and ready for the day, watching the running around happen. Anko was focused on trying to catch Naruto. Naruto was giggling like a loon, having fun at being chased by his Sissy.

"You get used to it," A Hyuga said, surprising Tsume. Looking at the Hyuga that surprised her, she saw it was a rather old branch house Hyuga. "Might I suggest waiting at the breakfast table for them to finish up their morning play?"

Tsume simply nodded and followed the Hyuga, mentally reviewing what she knew about Anko, the brat, Kurenai, and the Hyugas. Especially the Hyugas for just accepting such behavior to happen in front of them.

What Tsume didn't know was that earlier that week, Naruto had come across a main branch Hyuga trying to have his way with one of the branch Hyugas. Naruto didn't like what he saw, so he kicked the man in the shin and told him to get out of the house. The main branch Hyuga tried to attack Naruto right when Anko came around a corner. The funeral was quick, quiet, and covered up with impressive efficiency. This lead to the Hyugas looking at Anko as being Naruto's attack dog and not wanting to make Naruto sic her on them. Especially after what she did with that man's arm and throat.

Tsume sat calmly at a rather beautiful block wood table, polished smooth with a glossy finish as a few Hyuga wearing orange clothes emblazoned with Uzumaki Apartment in fine script, a suggestion of Koharu since Hinata and her were the only Hyugas that would stay at the former Hyuga mansion since they were owned by the current owner. The rest, especially the branch house members, were trying to earn their keep by doing odd jobs around the mansion. Mostly, it was what they were already doing, just in new clothes and having louder people running around.

After about half an hour and a strong cup of black tea, Naruto bounded into the room to sit down at the head of the table. "Sissy, if you are good, I'll stop sitting on your lap!" Naruto called back as Anko came in, followed shortly by Kurenai and Hinata.

"About fucking time," Anko said, getting rapped upside the head by Kurenai.

"You are just trying to get Naruto to curse, aren't you?" Kurenai asked, starting to resign herself.

"Who, me?" Anko asked in far too innocent a tone and with far too innocent eyes.

"Is Sissy being naughty?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." "No."

"Sit," Naruto said, standing up and pointing to the spot he was just in.

Anko pouted but complied before looking over at noticing some snickering. "What are you doing here?" She asked Tsume.

"Letting you know that the puppies are ready to be picked out," Tsume said, smirking at how Naruto began to bounce on Anko's lap, remembering how uncomfortable that could be.

"Goody," Anko deadpanned, giving Tsume the stink eye.

"We'll be by later today," Koharu said, coming into the room, looking at a clipboard. "Either after breakfast or between one and two. Sound good?"

"I don't have anything to do this morning, so I can wait," Tsume answered.

Koharu nodded. "Now, what shall we have for breakfast?"

"Pancakes!" "Dango!" "Ramen!"

"Naruto, you can't have ramen every meal," Kurenai scolded Naruto. "Anko, you can't have dango every chance you get. Hinata, we are going with your suggestion."

Hinata smiled and clapped lightly in joy.

"Very well," Koharu made a few notes before heading off to let the chefs know.


After a rather interesting breakfast for Tsume and one that was rapidly becoming a normal morning in the Uzumaki Apartment, the group went to the Inuzuka compound. Tsume was telling the others about how they should go about taking care of the puppy, especially one that will grow up to be a ninken.

Naruto kept asking questions that Tsume was fine with answering.

They got to the compound and Tsume lead the way to where the puppies, her son, and Hana were, waiting to get this over with.

"Alright, here are the puppies," Tsume said as she returned the hug her son gave her. "None of them have names yet so you two will be able to name the one you get."

Tsume let the pair into the area set up for recent litters and the mothers and watched as they went about choosing.

Kiba ended up choosing a white puppy that had brown on its ears that he decided to call Akamaru.

Naruto, on the other hand, chose a black puppy, the runt of the litter, and as he gave it a hug, called out, "I'ma goin' call you Kitty!"

Kitty gave a happy yap in return while Tsume facepalmed, Hana smirked in vindication as she looked at her mother, and those not distracted by all the cute puppies just sighed in acceptance.

Anko began to chuckle as Naruto and Kitty played. "I really do like that brat. He never stops surprising me."


Eventually the group made it back to Naruto's mansion informed the Hyugas there of the slightly odd choice of name he gave his puppy. Several of the more traditional members, even those that liked Naruto, had a bit of an eye twitch from annoyance. They were not going to say anything, but that did not stop the fact the name was rather silly and, in some opinions, incredibly stupid. The fact Naruto is just a little kid made it a bit easier to deal with.

Naruto, after getting back, rushed to help setup a place for Kitty to sleep and to show Kitty where she could go to the restroom. Anko ended up quietly going off and having a long, formal, and rather quiet tea ceremony with some random branch house members in order to calm herself after watching how quickly Naruto taught Kitty to use the toilet. That was not something she expected to see. Especially to see a dog use toilet paper to wipe itself.

After that rather strange training session, Naruto, Kitty, Hinata, and a few other kids went out to play while a few adults kept an eye out for them and planned out the night events. The menu was already set up, heavy on the dango, red bean, and ramen due to a vocal minority that was half made up of the one who earned the dinner and half made up of Anko. Thankfully for most of the rest, Kurenai and Mikoto managed to get something more well balanced added in, as well as a wider variety. The elder Hyuga really made it a point to eat as balanced as possible and follow their doctor's recommendation. It helped to keep the old traditions around when there are plenty of older people that followed the old traditions.

Author's note: Sorry for the long delay in getting this to you all. I got stuck on continuing this any further. I am going to mark this as complete because my plan was to end this story on this chapter. There were just two scenes left. The first was the party and the second was the group heading off for their vacation. That would end Demon's Luck and allow for a Demon's Luck Shipuden (Time skip to Naruto graduating the academy) to continue the story. I will write a few omakes for the Shipuden, but I will open up a challenge. Take this story as a prequel and write a Shipuden. The only restriction is that you must post a review with the story name and number if you do it.