Bio 1: Rock-E-Star

Full Name: Rocky Elevate Star

Nicknames: Rock, RES, LF8

Monster: Zommer

Age: 16

Appearance: Golden hair with beige spikes, lime skin, purple hand and shirt

Personality: Bad-tempered, kooky, bubbly

Backstory: He lives with his parents and grandmother. He served community service once for a week for beating up a police officer that was waiting in line behind him in a shop (he claims to this day that the police officer tried to kill him). Has a scar on his right leg where they tased him. Has summer job at Ice-Scream with Sparks (see Bio 2) and Friday job at the Gross-Ery Store

Catchphrases: "Uuuuuuurrrrrrrrr- oh, sorry, I was bored." "Rock on, dude!"

So there we go! Next, the devilish one!