Bio 2: Sparks

Full Name: Sparks Rocket-Ship

Nickname: Lava-Lover

Monster: Diavlo

Age: 13

Appearance: Sky blue skin, with a sea blue face and azure eyes

Personality: He's stubborn and mischievous when happy, a pushover when sad, serious when angry and LETHAL when confused. So don't confuse him.

Backstory: He claims to see ghosts a lot, but no-one believes him, so he's determined to show them a video of the ghosts. He has a summer job at Ice-Scream with Rocky (see Bio 1)

Catchphrase: "I'm taking pranks to the next level!" "HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!"

2 down, four to go! Next, the hairy one!