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Set after Season 3 but before Season 4 of Kim Possible

Story idea inspired by the film So The Drama and the episode Ill Suited. I don't know if someone came up with this story idea before but if it is similar to anything someone has done before in anyway then this is purely coincidental.

Also note this is a seperate storyline arc from other stories

Junior Prom. Perhaps the most intense sitch Ron has ever been in, mainly because he was going with the most popular girl in school. His best friend ever since pre-K. Kim.

Walking into the gym hall, decorated with streamers, balloons, disco lights, surround sound speakers and a collection of vinyl records with record player at the end. Kim was right beside him as she held his hand, ever so gently. His heart was pounding when they stopped, watching as a hundred pairs of eyes stared at them. Ron could have sworn he can feel their gazes falling on him, Kim the same perhaps.

Okay Stoppable, let's see some Ronman courage, He thought, trying to calm himself as his heart rate increased. The situation was worsened when he noticed that Bonnie had a 'no freaking way' expression on her face.

Yeah, courage is now totally gone.

"It finally happened," Bonnie gasped, amused from what she saw. "She's dating that loser! KIM POSSIBLE AND RON STOPPABLE ARE DATING!"

A mocking laugh escaped from her lips, silence followed. Ron thought of it as a delayed laugh, everyone was too shocked at that moment but would soon would be in three.



The laugh didn't follow, instead the young couple were met with thunderous applause, the sounds of the claps fuelling Ron's confidence, along with Bonnie's embarrassed expression. He felt a strong feeling of satisfaction when Bonnie crossed her arms in defeat, the fool made now her.

BOO-YAH! Courage is totally back!

Music filled the air, a song he recognised that fitted perfectly in this moment, Could It Be. As much as he tried, he couldn't for the life of him remember the name of the woman who performed it. He remembered listening to it in the treehouse, while Kim dated Eric, everything about the song couldn't make him stop thinking about her. He even told Rufus that it was funny how the singer 'sounded exactly like Kim', although Rufus couldn't hear the similarity.

Feeling a small set of hands, no paws, pushing on his leg, it caused him to lose his balance and lean towards Kim. Rufus then moved to the other side and pushed Kim gently towards Ron, just to get things moving.

Turning to look at her, he smiled at Kim, Kim smiling back. Taking her hand in his, they made their way to the center of the gym hall, the most magical moment of their lives. If Bonnie couldn't ruin this moment then nothing can. A few other student's started to join in, dancing with their partners while Kim and Ron were in the center, the best spot of a school prom.

Looking into each other's eyes, Kim smiled and rested her head on Ron's shoulder. He felt the soft strands of her hair by his cheek, smell the perfume she was wearing, the way she held onto him ever so gently. It was as if she was made for him.

Everyone in the gym hall watched as they had their first dance, Rufus hopping onto the table with all the vinyl records with Monique standing next to him, ever so happy for her closest friends. Brick Flagg was busy eating cake, respecting the union between Kim and Ron while his former date just scowled at them, her own perfect night ruined.

Stopping for a brief moment, the young couple took a moment to look deeply into each other's eyes. Ron was amazed how much Kim's eyes sparkled under the light of the disco ball, that all the times he looked into those eyes and saw a friend, she was really the woman he loved the most in the whole world. A sly smile on his face, he knew what was going to happen next. Okay, sure it happened before with the moodulator incident but this was the real deal, this was true love.

Smiling back at him softly, they both slowly leaned in closer to each other, eyes closed while everyone stopped and looked at the biggest moment in the history of Middleton High. Bonnie's eyes widening as she realised what was going to happen, something that was totally against the rules set up to keep the high standards of cheerleaders. Brick Flagg smiling and nodding his head respectly, his arms crossed in a casual way. Monique and Rufus leaning their heads forward in anticipation, watching the couple moving closer to each other.

Opening her eyes, Kim gave a coy smile as she opened her mouth slightly. Ron tilted his head, bring his mouth to hers and sharing a kiss that had him screaming 'BOO-YAH' inside his head. They held onto the moment for a brief moment, Ron wishing it to never end, breaking the kiss to look at the woman he loved.

Kim smiled back sweetly, the moment so perfect until the unthinkable happened, her smile growing to un-natural proportions and her perfect facial features starting to melt. Ron stood in terror as Kim's body started to disintergrate in his arms, green ooze seeping from her body as she collapsed to the ground. Bonnie screamed in terror while Brick fainted from the shock, Monique and Rufus gasping in horror while Ron stood still, completely speechless.

"Aw man, and my ex-girlfriend said I was a bad kisser," A student whispered to his buddy, while everyone watched in stunned silence. Ron just stood there, a horrified expression on his face when he suddenly realised what had happened.

"KP? You're a SYNTHODRONE?" Ron yelled, before a cry of horror escaped from him.






Middleton High

Global Justice agents were called immediately by Monique, a small investigation team mobilised at the school an hour later, led by Agent Will Du. Bonnie was still shaking from the shock and Brick offered to take her home, a few girls were still crying from what they had witnessed while GJ agents reassured them that Kim didn't die, yet the mystery remained. Where was the real Kim Possible? Was she still alive or...the unthinkable?

In the gym hall, Ron was going over those questions in his mind while kneeling next to the remains of the Syntho-Kim, never saying a word while agents gathered potential clues from the area. Replaying what happened in his head, he tried to figure out how this could have happened, how Drakken could have made a Synthodrone of KP and take her place. Was it when they were tied up? It had to be. A flash of anger surged through him and the young teen got up, heading outside onto the school car park, ignoring the looks from other students as he leant against a streetlight, the faint yellow light illuminating him.

"Ron?" A familiar voice said, which made Ron sigh.

"Yeah Tara?" Ron asked, turning to face her. He could see she was with her date, Josh Mankey, his arm around her offering comfort, mascara was streaked down her face, an obvious sign she had been crying.

"I..I'm so sorry for what happened," Tara said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I can't imagine how you must be feeling."

"Well I'm actually feeling pretty stupid at the moment," Ron said flatly. "I finally get the courage to tell KP how I felt about her and it turns out SHE WAS A SYNTHODRONE!"

He didn't mean to shout the last part out, making Tara jump slightly with fright while everyone stared at him for his outburst. Taking a deep cleansing breath, he calmed himself down, he had to stay focused at the moment. He needed a clear head.

"Tara...I'm sorry I yelled, I didn't mean to."

"It's okay Ron, you're angry and hurt," Tara said, understandingly. "It's only natural to feel like this...after what happened."

"Ron, I'm sure she's okay," Josh said, trying to be comforting. "She's a tough girl, and I'm sure those GJ guys will get her back."

Ron nodded silently, although unsure whenever GJ will be able to get Kim back, they always seemed to need her help for the most tricker missions and arrived only for clean-up. How could they deal with this sitch without the Kim Possible to help them out? How could they get her back?

"I'm gonna go, I don't want to stick around here any longer," Ron sighed.

"I can give you lift if ya want," Josh offered, jerking his thumb towards a small car in the parking lot.

"Nah, I'll walk," Ron sighed, waving to them. "See ya Josh. Tar'."

Heading over towards the crowd, he had to get Rufus back before going home, making his way past the other students while avoiding eye contact. He found his companion with Monique, sitting on her shoulder and gently nuzzling her cheek to comfort her. Monique wiped her eyes with a tissue, another student who been crying from the shock.

"Ron, here's the Kimmunicator back," Monique said, handing him the small, teal colored device.

"Thanks Mo'. I see Rufus has been keepin' ya company."

"Sure has," Monique said, while Rufus nodded his head. "Y'know for a little guy, he sure is a womaniser."

"He learned from the best," Ron joked weakly, as his small companion jumped over onto his shoulder. "See ya Monique."

"Bye Ron," Monique said, quickly leaning in and hugging him gently, planting a friendly kiss on his cheek. "They'll get Kim back. I know they will."

"Thanks," Ron said, turning around to leave. He wasn't in the mood to speak to GJ agents, avoiding them if they wanted to question him, using the crowd for cover until he snuck away.

After a few minutes walking, Ron felt a few droplets of rain starting to fall as another storm cloud began passing over Middleton, not caring about a little rain...or a lot. His thoughts returned to Kim and the moment they were together when tied up, when she...that synthodrone pretended to lose all hope. But what confused Ron was why did a Synthodrone of Kim foil Drakken's plan? Why did she stop the Diablo plan and kick Shego into a electrical tower? What did Drakken hope to achieve in jail?

But what hurt the most was that he confessed his true feelings to a machine, a soulless machine. With the real Kim somewhere else at the time, she would never have known how he really felt about her. Did she feel the same way? Was the machine mimicking her own personality exactly or was it just messing around with him? Could Kim ever actually love a guy like him?

It was a question that Ron need to know the answer to, yet he was afraid, no terrified, of what it could be. Either Kim loved him...or she didn't. He had to know.

The rain started to fall more heavily, rain water mixing with tears that began to fall, soaking the young teen as he trudged on through the rain. Rufus retreated into the pocket of Ron's jacket, seeking warmth from the cold rain. He wasn't far from Kim's house and knowing GJ, they would be there to inform the Possible's but he had to talk to them. Breaking out into a run, Ron ran through the heavy rain to Kim's house.

-RS & KP-

Possible Home

James comforted a distraught Anne after GJ informed them of the incident at Middleton High, sitting down together on the couch while agents scanned from more clues.

"We know this is a difficult time but you must tell us everything the Syntho-Kim did before leaving for the prom," An agent said, taking notes on a small pad. "Even the smallest detail could help us."

Anne dried her eyes on a small handkerchief in her hand, taking in a deep breath to compose herself.

"She...it, went up to her room and changed into her prom dress, coming back down and heading out to the prom with Ron," Anne said. "That...thing, was not here for long. It just went up to my daughter's room, got changed and left."

"So the Synthodrone didn't stay long?"

"They were in a hurry," Anne explained. "Ron and that machine left quickly before the prom finished."

"So it didn't do anything else?"

"No...no it didn't," Anne said, before more tears started to flow from her eyes, James hugging her tightly.

A couple of GJ agents came down from upstairs, finishing scanning for clues in Kim's room, the looks on their faces told everyone that they couldn't find anything. A frantic knocking at the door alerted them, opening it to reveal a soaked Ron Stoppable, gasping for breath as he stepped inside.

"Mr and Mrs Dr P!" Ron gasped, shivering from the cold. "I'm so sorry...I..I messed up."

James got up from the couch and made his way over to the distraught teen, wrapping a fatherly arm around his shoulder's.

"Ronald, you're not to blame," James said. "But if I ever get my hands on that Lipsky, I'll..."

"Dr Director is already heading down to Middleton Supermax Pen to question Dr Drakken," An agent said. "He'll tell us where your daughter is."

"He better."

"Well we better get moving, but I promise you we will get Miss Possible back."

Collecting all the equipment they had brought with them, the agents quietly left the Possible's house and drove off into the night in a black van. With Ron shivering from the cold of his damp suit, James took the young man into the kitchen, motioning him to sit down.

"I'll make you something warm to drink before I'll take you home," James said, heading to the kitchen. "Hot chocolate good for you?"

"Yeah...that'll be great," Ron said weakly, while Anne went upstairs to get something. "Listen...I'm so sorry this happened. I mean... I should've known it wasn't her!"

"I know how you feel," James said, pausing for a moment. "That thing had us all fooled, yet...I still thought it was my little Kimmie-cub."

Anne came back from upstairs, a large folded up towel in her arms and gave it to Ron.

"Dry yourself off Ronald," Anne said. "And you better change out of those clothes. You'll catch a cold if you wear that a second longer."

"Thanks Mrs Dr P. My uh...well KP keeps a spare mission outfit for me in her room, just in case I need to change over here if a mission came up."

Anne nodded gently and Ron got up, heading upstairs to Kim's room. In her attic bedroom, he went over to a drawer that contained his spare mission clothes, a black T-shirt, a pair of grey cargo pants and grey sneaker's. Getting out of his soaked prom suit and changing into his mission gear, he sat down on Kim's bed, burying his face in her pillow as more tears threatened to fall. He could still smell traces of Kim on her pillow, the faint smell of the hairspray and deodorant she used.

Where are you KP? Where did Drakken hide you?

"Ronald? You okay?" Anne asked, a mug of hot chocolate in her hands.

"Uh...yeah," Ron said, wiping away tears threatening to fall. "Sorry, I..I was just.."

"It's okay," Anne said, handing him the hot chocolate and getting a 'thanks' in return, sitting down on the bed next to him. "You really do care for Kimmie, don't you?"

"With all my heart," Ron said truthfully, thinking back to the moment he confessed his feelings to the Synthodrone.

He fell silent for a moment, thinking back to why he said that, why he declared his true feelings at that time. She was heartbroken from being betrayed by Eric, having her emotions being toyed with by Drakken and had lost the will to fight. She needed to know that she was loved, by the right man in her life, the one who was always with her. Kim needed him...and she still does.

"Mrs Dr P, I'm going after Kim," Ron said, draining the hot chocolate down in one gulp and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I thought Drakken went too far when he changed Bueno Nacho, but capturing KP! He's just made it far more personal than he can ever imagine!"

-RS & KP-

Middleton Supermax Penitentiary

Walking down the halls of the most secure prison in Middleton, Dr Elizabeth Director made her down towards the interogation room, followed closely by a select bunch of fellow agents. She wasn't too pleased with what Drakken did and she was fairly confused to why a Synthodrone Kim foiled his own plan, as well as the location of the actual Miss Possible as well. Arriving outside the room in which Drakken was being held, the guard at the door opened the secure lock, allowing Director and her agents inside.

Drakken sat at the table, a sly smile on his face while he wore a prison jumpsuit, chuckling as Director sat down before him.

"Ah Director...I see I actually managed to surprise you this time," He said, chuckling again. "So you figured out that I have the real Kim Possible."

"Spill it Drakken," Director said. "I'm in no mood for any funny stuff. Where's Possible?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

"I won't ask again," Director said, barely keeping her cool. "Where...is...Possible?"

"You want to know the answer?" Drakken said, leaning back in his chair and propping his feet on the table. "She's with me."

"I said enough with the funny stuff!"

"What, you think I am lying?" Drakken said, laughing again. "Oh, I see I fooled you even more with my more brillianter scheme!"

"Drakken, 'Brillianter' isn't a word," Director said flatly.


"Fine, you won't tell where Kim is, so why not tell us what you got planned?" Director said.

"Okay then...you want to know something?" Drakken asked. "Fine by me. You see...I am not the real Dr Drakken."

Director froze when she saw him chuckling again, his features starting to melt while a beeping sound suddenly activated. Jumping forwards, she tore open his prison jumpsuit and saw the chest area melt to reveal Syntho-ooze pouring out. One of the agents that walked into the room with her turned a shade of green, clasping a hand to his mouth and running out of the room. The manical laughter of the Syntho-Drakken slowly died out into a hoarse electronic groan as the remains of the Syntho-Drakken fell to the floor, syntho-ooze spilling everywhere. Closing her eye, humiliated from what she just witnessed, she finally opened it and looked at the other GJ agents that remained behind.

"This investigation has just got complicated."

-RS & KP-

Unknown Location

In a secure lab, carefully hidden from the watchful eyes of his enemies, Dr Drakken sat at his work station while putting together a rescue plan for Shego. The Diablo plan didn't work out, namely the Syntho-Kim he used. His fault really after using the brain tap machine he used on Dr Possible on the real Kim Possible, copying her personality into a Synthodrone of her design. That part worked perfectly but the bit that he forgot to do was install instructions for her to join forces with him, betraying the buffoon and damaging her good reputation. Instead the Synthodrone went on to foil his plan while he used his decoy and escaped with the real Kim Possible, promptly activating the kill switch in the Syntho-Kim when he arrived at his back up lair.

However he did have another plan in the works, along with a surprise for Shego as soon as he busts her out of jail, something to make her job more easier when he will give her the tasks required for his most diabolical plan ever.

Oh I can not wait to see the expression on Shego's face when I come to her rescue, Drakken thought, while he watched a news report on the disappearance of Kim Possible. Picking up a glass of coco-moo, he took a well deserved swig from it before getting up and heading over to a small chamber, hooked up to a life support system.

Inside the chamber, covered up to her shoulders by a plain white blanket was the still form of Kimberly Anne Possible, in a state of suspended animation. Her eyes closed, she was completely unaware of her surroundings and the danger she was in. Patting the glass of the chamber, Drakken smiled at the state of his arch-foe, helpless before the very man she foiled everytime when he put his schemes into action. Well not this time.

"As soon as Shego is out of prison," Drakken said mockingly, to his sleeping prisoner. "I'll show everyone just how brillanter my schemes can be."

SC90'S Chapter Follow Up

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