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-Chapter IX-

Mission to Go City

Middleton Global Justice

The last thing SK remembered was Shego's powerful hands gripping her by the arm and then throwing her, followed by the powerful jolt of electrical energy that overloaded her systems before everything went blank. She was lost in a world of darkness for what felt like a split second, until everything came back into focus. Staring up at a blank ceiling, the rythmic beep of computer systems was the first thing she heard as it monitored the neural activity in her positronic brain. Plugged into a small access port concealed at the base of her skull, electrical wires were leading to the computer being operated by Dr. Bortel. Groaning weakly, SK tried to sit up but her body didn't seem to want to respond. She couldn't move if her life depended on it.

"Ah, don't try to get up yet," Dr. Bortel said, noticing her panic. "Don't wory, your motor functions have yet to be activated but not until I've run a full diagnostic check to see if the repairs have worked."

"W-Wha...What happened?" SK asked weakly, a faint electronic buzz in her voice which surprised her. "Hey, what's wrong with my voice?!"

"The overload damaged quite a few of your functions, I took care of the more serious damage while you were offline," He explained, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "It'll take about two or three hours to make the final repairs."

"Oh man...so, how long was I out?"

"Three days," Bortel said, registering the stunned expression on her face. "Stoppable was very worried about you, he would hardly leave your side."

"Ron?" SK said, surprised. Noticing that Bortel nodded in the direction of someone behind her, helping her turn her head gently round, she saw before her a sleeping Ron Stoppable slumped back in a metal fold out chair. A warm smile formed on her face when her gaze shifted down towards her waist, Rufus curled up beside her and snoring softly in a cute, adorable manner. If she were human, she would've cried right there and then, yet her synthetic eyes were physically unable to shed any tears. The sight before her really touched her heart.

"So I'm guessing Shego and her partner got away, huh?" SK sighed as Bortel nodded grimly. "Oh great...The one chance to find the real me, AND I BLEW IT!"

Her outburst awoken the small rodent with a loud yelp, Ron jolting in his chair as if he was yanked out of his dream, rubbing his eyes as he yawned. "Huh...what?"

He rubbed his eyes until his vision came back into focus, the sight of SK functioning causing him to sigh with relief.

"SK! Oh man, you had me worried!" Ron said, scooting his seat closer to her bedside. "The way you got zapped and everything, I thought you were down for the count!"

"Ron, I'm...I'm so sorry, I let you and everyone down. I shouldn't have..."

"SK, it's okay," Ron said, placing a reasurring hand on hers. "Okay, so bad guys got away from us before but we always stopped them in time!"

"Uh Ron,...I think you meant 'you and Kim'."

"Ah...yeah well, y'know what I mean. We never let a small defeat get in our way, just let it fuel our determination to succeed."

"Thanks Ron," SK said, smirking when she heard his stomach rumble. "Ron, you better grab something to eat the from cafeteria, you must be starving! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"She's right Stoppable," Dr. Bortel said. "Besides, I will need to ask you to leave while I make final repairs. She'll be ready for active duty in a few hours."

"Okay Dr. B," Ron said, holding his arm out for Rufus to hop on. "Right, I'll see you in a few hours SK."

Getting up from his seat, Ron was just about to leave when SK's suddenly called out, stopping him in his tracks.

"Ron," SK said, smiling at him softly. "Thanks again for being by my side while I was offline."

"Wha' 'bout me?" Rufus squeaked, which made SK giggle slightly.

"And thank you Rufus," She said. "Remind me both to get you guys Nacos when this sitch is over."

"Mmm...Naco," Rufus chirped, rubbing his belly.

Waving her goodbye as they left, SK closed her eyes as Dr. Bortel continued repairs, counting herself lucky that a few people were looking out for her. Yet, she couldn't help but wonder if Ron and Rufus really did care for her or that it was really just an act, using her to find the real Kim. She didn't know what will happen to her when they succeed in their mission. Considering from what Shego did to her, SK had a sickening feeling that her chances of surviving her mission would be slim to none. Perhaps it would be for the best, as she knew she would never truely have a place in the world. There was room for only one Kim Possible.

The real one.

"I'm starting on making final repairs," Bortel said, typing a few commands on a computer console. "It might feel a little uncomfortable for you, so it wouldn't be a bad idea if you go into sleep mode."

"Sure thing," SK said, her body relaxing as she powered down as Dr. Bortel began to make final repairs.

-RS & KP-

Legion Technologies, L.A.

Gazing out of his office window, Dr. Drakken admired the view of the city of Los Angeles before him, dressed in smart light blue suit. After a hectic few days of travelling, he finally arrived at his new headquarter's with his prisoner's in tow. Shego and Drake arrived before him in the stolen experiemental craft of GJ's, making sure the tracking systems were disabled before arriving in L.A. so they wouldn't be tracked down. He was a little outraged to learn that GJ had ressurected Kim Synthodrone #903, using her in an attempt to find and rescue the real Kim Possible but relaxed after learning what Shego did to her. Still, she could have survived but that didn't matter. No one could possibly stop what he had planned.

The first thing they did though upon arrival was to take Possible out of stasis, as the chamber was designed for at a maximum use of seven days, any longer would result in the death of the occupant. Using Dr Possible's medical skills, he made her keep a close eye on Possible, who was recuperating from mild hibernation sickness yet remained in a coma like state. He was told she would wake up in a few days and promised himself to be there when she would awake, so he could gloat about his victory over her but more importantly, to see if she was alright. For she was a core part of his plan for world domination.

Once his medical team makes sure she is well enough, Kim would then be transferred to a high security floor in the building, designed with luxury in mind. Despite her being his prisoner, it was important that she still maintained a healthy lifestyle and made sure that where she would be staying would have all the comforts of home. She would probably refuse to use the ammenities at her disposal but will ultimately give in, which would result in another victory for the great evil genius.

The buzz of the intercomm caught his attention, quickly rushing back to his desk to answer it.

"Yes, what is it?" He asked, smiling when a familiar voice answered.

"Yo Dr. D, you better get your blue butt down here," Shego's voice answered. "Princess is starting to wake up."

"Fantastic!" Drakken said, clapping his hands together with glee while chuckling in his typical manic fashion.

"Uh, Dr D? I can hear you being your usual weird self. Anyway, Drake and I will be there with you, just in case Possible tries something."

"Very well, we can't be too careful," Drakken said, knowing exactly what Possible was capable of, even if she was weakened. "I'll be down there shortly."

Smoothing down his tie, he quickly left his office with a bounce in his step.

-RS & KP-

Medical Ward

The first thing Kim heard was the rythmic beep of medical equipment, matching the tempo of her heartbeat. Opening her eyes slightly, she blinked a few times to clear her blurred vision, groaning as she slowly sat up, ignoring the dizzy sensation that clung to her brain. The last thing she remembered was that she and Ron were at Bueno Nacho's headquarter's, she was locked in a heated battled with Shego. She remembered the searing pain of her razor sharp claws raking across her arm, turning her head to see her bicep was bandaged, still feeling a little sore.

It hurt but not as much as being betrayed by someone she loved, remembering rushing over to Eric and holding him, relieved he was safe. It was only then when he said his full name, Eric Synthodrone #901, that she realized she had been duped before he zapped her with a high powered burst of electricity which knocked her out. She just couldn't believe it, that someone she trusted with all her heart betrayed her, on a night that was supposed to be one of the most magical nights of her life.

She could feel that she wasn't wearing her battlesuit. Instead, it felt like she was wearing a hospital gown. Through her blurred vision, she could see distorted shapes around her, which she guessed were people. When she heard one of them speak, it confirmed her suspicions.

"Well, well, well," A unknown male voice said. "Sleeping Beauty is finally up."

Blinking again to clear her vision, she saw a young male dressed in a Synthodrone's uniform, with messy dark hair and bore a face that seemed share some features with Shego, especially around the jawline. With him were a few medics and a small security team, with Shego smiling victoriously.

"Hey there Kimmie," Shego said, in a mocking tone of voice. "Sleep well?"

"Wha...what's going on?" Kim said weakly, counting how many people were surrounding her while calculating a method of escape. "Where am I?"

"The City of Angels," Shego answered, casually sitting at the end of the bed. "Dr. D has a new base of operations here in L.A."

"As for what's going on," Drake said, with a chuckle. "It's pretty obvious that this is a world domination thing."

"W-Who are you?"

"The name's Drake Synthodrone #902, most people call me Drake. You dated my bro for a few weeks, Eric. Man, for an ultra spy teen hero, you can be pretty clueless when it comes to the dating game."

"Ooh, that's hitting below the belt," Shego laughed, registering the flash of anger in Kim's eyes. "Well, look's like princess ain't too happy about that."

"So where's Eric?" Kim growled, ignoring their hurtful taunts. "I got a few 'choice words' I need to say to him."

"Pfft, don't bother," Drake muttered. "Your sidekick's pet rodent laid the smackdown on him. Oh, look who's here at last!"

Entering the room, Kim was Dr. Drakken was wearing a smart light blue business suit, with a navy blue neck tie. However, he seemed to be more confident this time, like he was sure he was going to succeed.

"Ah...I see our prisoner has awoken!" Dr. Drakken's said, his typical goofy, evil smile on his face. "Well, I suppose you are wondering what happened during the five days you been asleep."

"Five...Five days?!" Kim gasped, wondering what had been happening in the world while she was unconcious. What with the Diablo plan of Drakken's, she had a sickening feeling that the world was already his. "So...your Diablo plan was a success then?"

"No, it was a bitter failure," Drakken muttered. "Slight mishap on my part, but I'll make sure not to screw up my new plan for world domination!"

"What, you moved from kids meal toys to Killer Mutant Nacos?" Kim shot back, provoking a snarl from Dr. Drakken.

"No, that's not it! Well, mind you, that does sound tempting really...but my real plan is creating an army that is unbeatable! Now, I see you have plenty of energy and look well enough to walk, so allow my secretary to escort you to your living quarter's."

"Okay then," Kim sighed, playing for time. "Well, lead the way Shego."

"Hey, I am so not his secretary!" Shego snarled, while Drake couldn't stop himself from bursting out into peals of laughter. "I'm his 'partner in crime', not the freaking pencil pusher!"

"Okay Shego, that's quite enought! Now then Kim Possible, allow me to introduce you to my new secretary of my company Legion Technologies," Drakken sneered, moving out of the way as a familiar figure wearing a smart light brown suit and skirt arrived, Drakken smiling at the utter shock on Kim's face.

"Mom?!" Kim gasped, seeing her mother standing before her and smiling without a care in the world. "Mom! It's me! Kim!"

"Zip it Possible," Drakken said. "Your dear mother is under my command and serving quite a useful purpose for my cause. Oh, how I do love my mind control devices!"

"WHY YOU..."Kim snarled, launching from her bed and landing a powerful uppercut that sent Drakken sprawling, evading the guards that attempted to grab her.

Drake threw a powerful punch towards Kim, the teen just barely evading his swift movement before countering by flipping backwards, slamming the heel of her foot into his jaw and jerking his head back with a sickening crack. She didn't have time to evade the plasma blast that Shego fired, screaming when the energy hammered directly into her side, knocking her to the ground and knocking the air from her lungs. She coughed as she tried to get up but it felt as if her strength had been completely drained from her.

"Gugh, w-what did you...do to me?" Kim wheezed, glancing at Shego, her hands glowing at the ready.

"Low yield plasma blast, like I always use in our fights," Shego said, with a smirk. "Only this time I actually managed to hit you. Anyway, it's nothing permanent, it just temporarily shuts your nervous system down for a few seconds. Now I suggest you surrender now, I'd hate to blast you again. Oh and FYI, if I do hit you again, then the next blast will render you a quadraplegic for life."

Kim glared at Shego, wanting nothing more than to punch her hard in the face but she could see Shego was deadly serious about her warning. She can, and mostly likely will, paralyze her for life. Sighing with defeat, Kim allowed Drakken's henchmen to hoist her up off the ground, carrying her off towards her quarters. Drakken on the other hand, wasn't too happy and neither was Drake, the synthodrone grumbling as he snapped his head back into position.

"Okay, now...that...hurt," He growled, rubbing his neck. "She's so lucky I'm not the sort of guy who holds a grudge!"

"Bah, cancel her meal priveledges for tonight as punishment!" Drakken snapped, his eye starting to swell up. "Now then, if you all excuse me, I got a board meeting to get ready for. Possible, follow me!"

"Yes Mr. Lipsky," Anne obediently said, following Drakken as he made his way back to his office.

-RS & KP-

Middleton Global Justice

Ron spent what seemed like the longest three hours of his life in the cafeteria, barely eating his first Naco, while Rufus struggled to eat his first bowl of nachos. It was hard hiding how they felt from SK, especially for Ron. When he saw SK collapse and hit the ground a few days ago, he realized at that point that he cared for her as much as he cared for Kim, which made him think about his relationship. He loved Kim but he doubted if that love was meant for her, as the way he felt when he saw her dating Eric, it generally felt the same way he normally felt when he saw a girl he was crushing on with another guy. Only this time, it was far more painful.

But it was that moment at the prom, when he kissed Kim, but really SK, it was only at that moment when those feelings became stronger. For the past couple of days, he wondered if he had fallen for Kim or SK. Rufus sensed a new presence in the room, craning his head up to see SK had entered the cafeteria. Ron smiled at the sight and got up from the table, heading over to SK, Rufus hopping onto his shoulder.

"So, how ya feelin' now SK?" Ron asked.

"A lot better," SK answered, her vocal systems fully repaired. "Now Drakken has got a lot of distance ahead of us, so what happened while I was offline?"

"Well, turns out that it wasn't just Shego and that weird partner of hers," Ron explained. "A group of Gemini's goons stormed the place and made off with some stuff from the storage vault. Also, there was an explosion a few miles out of town. GJ found what appeared to be the remains of Drakken's base, although it looked like it was long abandoned."

"Well, this is just getting better and better," SK muttered, annoyed with their disadvantage. "Please tell me Wade found a lead for us to follow."

"Ah yeah, Wade told me to call him when you were ready for action," Ron said, fishing out the Kimmunicator from his pants pocket, hitting the button to call Wade. After a few seconds, the blank screen was replaced with an image of Wade.

"Hey SK," He said, smiling with relief. "Glad you're okay. Now, I'll understand if you want to take things easy for a while..."

"No time for that Wade," SK said. "I really hope you found something for us to go on."

"Well after finding Drakken's hideout, I checked the phone records for any calls he made and I found one made to Duff Killigan's hideout at the Middleton Crazy Golf Course. Turns out that Killigan left Middleton with Jackie Oakes and Dr. Chester Yapsby. Surveillance camera's in Middleton indicated that they arrived at Middleton Airport and boarded a plane to Go City."

"Go City? What reason could they have to go there?"

"No idea," Wade said. "I contacted the authorities and they agreed to keep their distance, so you and Ron can follow them. They could lead you to Drakken but more importantly, Kim. I'll search for any possible targets for them to hit, but in the mean time, you should make your way to Go City."

"Thanks Wade, we're on our way," SK said, shutting the Kimmunicator off and looking at Ron. "Well, let's hope Director can give us another jet to borrow."

Leaving the cafeteria, they made their way to the central command centre. The corridor's were fairly quiet, due to the number of agents dispatched to investigate WWEE's attack on GJ. When they arrived at the command centre, they saw Director was overlooking final repairs, the older woman turning to face them.

"Finally back online I see," Director said. "I suppose you want to reqisition another transport then?"

"Yeah...well, if it's not too much trouble," SK said.

"We can't spare any standard jets I'm afraid," Director said, registering the dissapointment in their eyes. "But I have no use for The Thunderhawk, so you're welcome to use that."

"Wait...The Thunderwhat?" Ron asked.

"The Thunderhawk is my private fighter jet," Director explained. "Two seater, fast and really packs a punch if you ever need the firepower. Served me well back in the days when I was a field agent. Go on down to the hanger, I'll make sure my men will have her ready and waiting for take off."

"That sounds the bon-diggitiest!"

Turning to leave, SK was about to leave the command centre with Ron and Rufus, yet she couldn't shake something from her mind. Why would Director lend something so private to them, especially a synthodrone she didn't trust?

"Ron, you and Rufus go on ahead," SK said. "I want to talk to Director for a moment. I'll join you guy's soon, okay?"

"Uh, sure thing SK," Ron said, glancing at Rufus. "C'mon on buddy, let's go."

As they dashed out the command centre, SK looked Director right in the eye, a skeptical expression on the synthodrone's face.

"Okay Director, tell me. Why suddenly lend me and Ron your own fighter jet?" SK said, crossing her arms. "Ever since I was reactivated, you and practically every single GJ agent in this place acted as if I was public enemy number one!"

"In our defense, we didn't know if you would be under the influence of any residual programming from Dr. Drakken or not," Director answered. "You were a risky gamble when I had you repaired and reactivated, as we wanted to get answers from you. Since your memory circuits were heavily encryted, the only way to learn what you knew was to bring you back. With you reactivated, we at first thought you were putting on an act by claiming you didn't know anything about Drakken's plans. We couldn't exactly scan your programming as that would take days, time which we couldn't spare...well, until your little accident."

She motioned SK to follow her, walking together towards Director's desk. The older woman picked up a small report and handed it over to SK, an apologectic look on her face.

"While you were offline, Dr. Bortel took the time to scan your programming in his spare time during repairs," Director said. "Turned out he was right about his hunch. You didn't have any evil intentions."

"So, you were wrong?" SK said. It wasn't a question and Director knew it.

"Yes," She sighed, feeling ashamed at the cold treatment she gave her. "On behalf of Global Justice, I...I apologise for our attitude towards you."

SK would be lying if she said she wasn't enjoying seeing Director all apologectic. She allowed herself to savour the moment, she was quite touched by Director's honesty, a small smile forming on her face.

"Well, the real me can't stay mad at you forever," SK joked. "So, I guess I can't either. I'll make sure to return your jet with a full tank of gas."

Waving goodbye, SK left the command centre and made her way towards the hanger bay, leaving Director to her thoughts. She had to admit that she admired the synthodrone's spirit, yet she felt guilty for witholding information from SK about the nature of her existance. GJ explained to Ron what would happen to her once the mission was over, something that horrified him greatly. The sad fact was the SK was created from stolen technology, that she was given copied life experiences of the real Kim Possible and was classified as a machine, which Director unfortunately knew what it meant.

SK wasn't entitled to human rights.

-RS & KP-

Legion Technologies

The private floor that Kim was staying in had certainly been designed with luxury in mind. She had been given a fantastic view of the city, a large plasma TV, access to a computer (yet e-mails and messaging were disabled, so she couldn't contact for help), a king size bed, exercise equipment, private bathroom...it was like staying at a five star hotel. She guessed Drakken designed that room in his usual 'break her spirit' motto, the mad scientist reckoning that if she used anything at her disposal then it would make her dependant on her captors.

Turned out he didn't need that stuff to break her spirit, it had already been broken.

Kim stared up at the ceiling as she lay on the king sized bed, her side still aching from Shego's plasma blast but it didn't hurt as much as her heart did. She felt so stupid, having her emotions toyed with in order to humiliate her. When she dated Eric, she formed a connection with him on all the dates they went on, believing he was truely the one guy in her life. They even shared embarrassing secrets with each other; heck, she even told him about her Pandaroo!

"THAT GOOD FOR NOTHING JERK!" Kim screamed, grabbing a pillow and tossing it across the room. Giving into her rage, she looked for anything to pick up and throw, her gaze shifting to the exercise equipment. Lucky for her, Drakken gave her a punching bag, which was what she desperately needed. Storming over to it, she vented out her aggression, each punch hitting harder and faster. She continued punching it, ignoring the burning exhaustion in her arms and the pain in her fists, not caring that she forgot to put on protective gloves. After what seemed like minutes, she gave in and collapsed to the floor, exhausted from her outburst.

She looked at her trembling hands and winced when she saw her hands looked red raw, blood vessels in the spaces between her knuckles burst, forming bruises. Crawling over to her bed, picking up the pillow she had thrown on the way, she climbed into bed and hugged the pillow tightly to her chest, silently crying herself to sleep.

Meanwhile, in the CEO office, Drakken had called Shego and Drake to his office, with new orders for them. Going inside his office, Drakken was seated at his desk, his feet propped up in a lazy fashion as he relaxed after a really boring meeting.

"Ah yes, I got something I have to discuss with you two," Drakken said tiredly, surpressing a yawn. "As you know, I need the Centurion Project for my new army. Since I hired Killigan, he will be doing the actual stealing but there is a risk he could get captured."

"So you want us to go to Go City and help him make his getaway?" Drake guessed.

"Well, actually, I need high security around here," Drakken explained. "What with Kim Possible and her mother as our prisoners, I will need Shego to remain behind to beef up security. But you Drake, will be dispatched to Go City for mission support."

"So in other words, I'm the get away driver?" Drake said, raising an eyebrow.

"Er...yes, that's pretty much it."

"Will I be taking The Green Lady for this mission?"

The Green Lady was the name of the experimental craft that Shego and Drake made off with when they escaped from Global Justice's headquarter's in Middleton. When they arrived in L.A, a few of Drakken's R&D people worked on installing stealth systems to make it vitually undetectable on the radar. Shego and Drake on the other hand, took the liberty of re-painting it green and black, with a graphic logo of Shego in her trademark uniform, crouched in a action pose, plastered on the side of the ship.

"It's ready and waiting in the hanger bay," Drakken said. "Now it is absolutely important that you bring me the Centurion Project. It's the final piece I need to begin creating my new army."

"Look, you don't have to keep telling me how important it is all the time!" Drake snapped, turning to leave Drakken's office. "You been going on for days about how important the Centurion Project is in order to create those CDBA's!"

"The reason I keep going on about it is because this could make me the greatest supervillain in the history of the world! I'll finally make those other villains who laughed at me, as well as those kids at school and..." Trailing off into an unintelligent snarling rage, Drake rolled his eyes and left Drakken's office, closely followed by Shego, who had better things to do than listening to her boss start ranting about his miserable years at school for the millionth time.

-RS & KP-

Middleton Global Justice

When SK arrived at the hanger bay, Ron was checking out the jet Director had loaned them. The color scheme was jet black, on the tail was an image of a Red-Tailed Hawk with lightning erupting from its wings. SK could tell from the design of the craft that it was a heavily modified F-14 Tomcat. One of the engineers walked over to SK, wearing filthy engineer overalls, wiping his engine oil stained hands on a rag.

"Director told us you'd be taking The Thunderhawk," He said. "She's fully fuelled and we double checked the weapon systems, just in case you run into trouble out there."

"Thanks," SK said. "I'll make sure to return her in one piece."

With help of the hanger crew, they climbed into the cockpit of The Thunderhawk, firing the engines up and fastening their seat belts. The craft slowly taxied towards the hanger exit, picking up speed until it took off into the air, rocketing into the sky. SK wondered why Director called it The Thunderhawk when she noticed a button labelled 'Boost'. Figuring it would get them to Go City faster, she pressed the button, hearing the engines making a high pitched screech that sounded hawk-like. Going into full throttle, the jet tore across the sky on a direct course to Go City, the rumbling of the sonic boom sounding like the rumble of distant thunder.

"Guess we figured out how it got its name," SK joked to Ron, who was busy enjoying the flight.

As they made their way to Go City, SK wondered what Drakken wanted Killigan to steal for him and just what sort of plan he had which required Kim and the Hepheastus Project. She also thought about what WWEE was up to, since they made off with Lil' Diablo Toy's, Gemini could be able to harness them to bring about a second Diablo attack, perhaps even upgrading them to have no of their predecessors weaknesses. She just hoped that they wouldn't cause too much trouble later down the line.

-RS & KP-

WWEE Headquarter's

Although they didn't get the data he requested, Gemini was pleased when the strike team brought back large quantities of Bueno Nacho Diablo Toys; but the government classified them as the Diablo War Machines. The R&D department had been experimenting on the technology ever since samples were brought back, with a few secrets uncovered but much more to be learned. However, there was one other project that Gemini had his eye on.

Although the Diablo War Machines were his primary goal, utilising them as an unstoppable driving force to destroy Global Justice, his men also came back with something to further add insult to Drakken's name. A chamber with the markings 'E-901' was brought back with the remains of a synthetic warrior, the machine based on the Syntho-Plasma technology of Dr Cyrus Bortel. A few technicians were tasked with repairing the synthetic body, as tests indicated that the positronic brain was undamaged and the data inside was uncorrupted.

Gemini arrived at a fairly large laboratory, the large glass chamber hooked up to several power generators and computer systems. Inside the chamber lay the synthodrone, who looked around eighteen years of age, with well groomed hair and handsome facial features that would make young girls in high school chase after him. On his head was a strange looking helmet, a length of wire running towards a large computer system.

Gemini's most trusted scientists were going over the final checks before reactivating the machine. Looking up from his computer console, the lead scientist acknowledged his boss's presence, going over to Gemini and saluting respectfully.

"Report," Gemini said, keeping an eye on the chamber in the middle of the room.

"Repairs have been made and all system tests check out positive," The lead scientist explained. "We're just about to recharge the synthoplasma to bring him back online."

"Excellent work. Oh, if only Drakken could see me using his own technology to conquer the world before him," Gemini said, chuckling at the very thought. "Still, I have to give the man some credit. He may be an idiot but he gave us one of the most powerful weapons ever created."

"Uh sir, we're ready to begin regeneration sequence," One of the technicians said, interrupting them. "All charging stations have been secured."

"Good. Alright, everyone to your stations!"

Quickly clearing the area around the chamber, the technicians went over to the power generators, firing each one up and standing clear out of the way. With a few switches flicked and buttons pressed, everyone watched as the synthodrone twitched inside the chamber as the generator's began recharging the synthoplasma. Glancing at a computer screen, Gemini saw the progress bar slowly filling up while the project leader typed in a few commands.

"Okay, booting up neural data in five-four-three-two...," He said, punching in the final sequence when he got to 'one'.

A cry of pain and panic erupted from the synthodrone, trashing about wildly as his positronic brain rebooted, all of his experiences being relived in the blink of an eye. His eyes opened, wide in terror as the regeneration cycle finished, the power generators letting out whine that slowly faded as they shut down.

"NOO!..OH NO! OH NO!" He yelled frantically, clutching at his once wounded shin, his cries of panic trailing off when he realized he was alright. "Oh..ugh...wha...what the heck?"

With a silent hiss, the chamber slid open, allowing the synthodrone to sit upright and get a look at his surroundings. Gemini chuckled softly to himself, stepping towards the chamber and smiling at the puzzled synthodrone, who was currently trying to figure out what was going on.

"W-Where am I?" He asked, his gaze shifting back down to his shin. "Wait a sec, I remem...I remember that...that small naked freak! It bit me and I...I..."

"It's natural for you to feel disoriented after what you been through," Gemini interrupted, smiling at his mens handywork. "Now I know you must have hundreds of questions that need answers. Well, they'll come to you in time."

"Well how about answering one right now?" The synthodrone asked in a no-nosense tone of voice, crossing his arms and glaring at Gemini. "Like for starter's, just who exactly are you?"

"Ah yes, how rude of me. My name is Gemini, leader of organization known as WWEE," Gemini answered, holding out his metallic hand to shake the synthodrone's. "And allow me to be the first to welcome you back...Eric."

SC90'S Chapter Follow Up

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From the last chapter, I placed a very subtle Star Trek reference in there. In the scene where Shego hacks into the underground storage vault, the number passcode that came up read '8472.' That was a nod to the Series 3 finale and Season 4 intro episodes of Star Trek Voyager, the episodes in question being Scorpion parts I & II. 8472 was the species designation the Borg gave to an alien race that proved to be far more deadlier the the cyborgs.

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