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June 2, 2011 - Burbank, California

Chuck Bartowski could consider himself somewhat lucky now. His sister had a baby girl in the beginning of the year, a beautiful baby girl named Clara. Things were finally getting brighter in Chuck's life after the painful chapter of Sarah and Shaw. The blonde CIA agent had left him; she had chosen Shaw over him. It was tough on the sensitive nerd since everything he had done was because of her. All of the work he did, the sacrifices he made, he did it because he thought there was something special between Sarah and him. But in the end she left with a two-by-four with the personality of a tree trunk.

However, the old adage about time healing all wounds applied to him as well. It had been a year since Sarah left, and he felt much better these days. Rather than wallow in self-pity like he did after he got fired, Chuck quit being a spy and had the Intersect removed for good. He left his job at the Buy More and used his degree to get a better job at a tech firm, even making enough to get his own place. Despite this almost cleansing of the last three years, he kept in contact with John Casey, who chose to stay in Los Angeles to be near his daughter and to keep an eye on the nerd. Casey considered Chuck one of his closest friends and was a great pillar of strength to the nerd when Sarah left. The veteran soldier never said anything disparaging about Sarah because he felt he had no right to judge her, as he left his pregnant fiancée to raise their daughter alone. However, he did question her leaving an honorable man like Chuck for a piece of crap like Shaw, who wouldn't hesitate to shoot a man with his back turned, something only a coward would do.

Clara had grown a lot; the five month old baby really was the light of Ellie and Devon's life. She had her father's eyes but everyone knew she would look a lot like her mother as she grew older. He stopped across the courtyard from time to time to help with his new niece when he wasn't working or playing videogames with Morgan, whom Chuck took in so he wouldn't be subjected to his mother and Big Mike making enough noise to open their own sound effects studio.

He turned the corner towards the apartment complex in Echo Park after a long day at work and even longer day on the gridlocked freeway. He wasn't looking forward to leftover pizza, but there was little point cooking when Morgan had to work late at the Buy More. He drove down the street, and what was in front of him made his heart skip a beat.

The street was teeming with police vehicles and two ambulances. Even worse, he saw Casey talking to a police officer. He exited his car slowly, stepping gingerly towards the scene. And then he saw three gurneys being wheeled towards the ambulances from what looked like Ellie's and Devon's apartment.

He sprinted towards the scene, his heart beating out of control. Casey intercepted the distraught man, clutching him in his arms. Chuck struggled to break free but couldn't get out of Casey's grip.

"Chuck, no! There's nothing you can do."

"NO! This can't be happening!" Chuck exclaimed as tears rolled down his face.

Casey looked grimly as the bodies were put in the back of an ambulance that would them to the morgue. To a casual observer, it would have been a horrifying site. As Casey was barely holding himself together, he couldn't even imagine how horrible it was for Chuck to see this. And there was no reason, no logic for it, either. According to the officers on scene, all three of the Woodcombs had been riddled with bullets.

It was a damn massacre. And Chuck lost the only person who had been there for him his entire life: his sister, Ellie.

Chuck cried loudly and could barely keep himself on his feet. Casey pulled his friend into a hug, holding onto him for dear life.

June 6, 2014 - Honolulu, Hawaii

The sun had set over the city skyline as the bright lights that adorned the landscape during the night painted their nightly picture. The city of Honolulu was quiet most nights, save the sounds of a few crickets and animals that were active at night.

John Lawrence was a low-rent, trashy hoodlum who, in his twenty-five years on this Earth, had not accomplished a single thing other than being a violent thug whose sole purpose was to inflict misery on innocent people. Not even three years in prison for kidnapping and beating up his girlfriend deterred him from his life of crime. He spent most of his time hanging around three other equally moronic and violent thugs named Ted, Elliott, and Dorian. Their act of lawlessness for the evening was beating up a scrawny college student just going home for the evening.

"Four on one; that's not very fair."

Out of the shadows came a much disheveled Charles Bartowski wearing a tank top and blue jeans. One would mistake him for Jesus Christ with the long hair and scruffy beard. He held a half-bottle of Irish whiskey in his hand, and from the looks of it, the other half had gone down his throat earlier in the evening.

"Who the fuck are you supposed to be? Jesus Christ?" John said in derision.

Chuck hiccupped. "Nope. Just the one who is going to beat you and your little cohorts senseless, douchebag."

The hoodlums laughed, but Chuck flung the bottle of whiskey with the precision of a sniper. The bottle broke on Dorian's head, who dropped to the ground. The other three stared at shock for a second before lunging at Chuck with switchblades. Chuck moved like the wind, striking Ted with an open-palmed strike to the face, knocking the bastard out. Chuck swiftly dodged Lawrence and caught Elliott by the head, putting him into a precise sleeper hold that rendered him unconscious within a few seconds.

Lawrence looked rightfully terrified. Of course, he was a true coward, only acting brave when all of his friends were behind him. Technically, they still were, but they would no longer be of any use.

"Boo," Chuck deadpanned.

Lawrence ran for his life all the way back to his hideout; no doubt he would have a few nightmares about the bearded man who took him down. The college student slowly got up to see the remaining punks lying on the ground around him. He looked around to see who had saved him but saw no one. He quickly left the scene, never knowing who his guardian angel was that night.

Chuck walked quietly through the city, not wanting to meet or talk to anyone. He moved to Honolulu because of its tranquility. He did the odd job here and there to pay the bills but kept to himself otherwise. He hadn't talked to Casey or Morgan in almost a year. His parents well, he didn't know where they were. His father went to the funeral for Ellie, Devon, and Clara, but he never talked to his son, who left the minute the funeral was over. Chuck left the city and made his way to San Diego. He spent a few months in Connecticut, where he grew up, and he settled here in Hawaii two years ago.

He lived in a loft above an old printing press. It was actually a former safehouse used by his parents before they got married and had children, so he didn't pay any rent or mortgage. He found it when he was searching for his mother; a search which proved fruitless in the end.

He placed the keys on the table near the entrance when he felt that he was not alone in his loft. He pulled out a bat hiding behind the couch.

'Whoever you are, I don't have any money if you leave now I won't put you in the hospital."

"I know you could, Mr. Bartowski, I've been watching you for a while." It was very dark so he could not see the intruder. Chuck turned towards the voice, which came from the shadows.

"You and I need to talk Mr. Bartowski," the man said as he stepped out of the shadows. He was middle-aged with graying hair. Chuck thought he looked more like a college professor than some seedy criminal.

"Who are you?" Chuck demanded.

"My name is Albert Newton, and I'm here to offer you a job."

Chuck chuckled cynically at that. "Is that a fact?"

Newton knew the younger man didn't trust him, but that was no surprise. Given what happened to the young man three years ago, he could certainly understand not trusting anybody.

"I need your particular skills for a mission."

"What kind of mission?"

"One for which you will be well-compensated."

Chuck did not trust this stranger. But then when one had nothing, one had nothing to lose, either.

"I'm listening."


Zachary Levi - Chuck Bartowski

Tom Selleck - Albert Newton

Adam Baldwin - John Casey

Tricia Helfer - Alex Forrest