WARNING: Major Golden Lily spoilers! If you haven`t read The Golden Lily then don`t read! You`ve been warned…

I couldn`t believe that Adrian had kissed me and I actually liked it.

Even as I started driving away from Adrian`s house he was still watching me with those fierce green eyes I always adored and an expression on his face that was a mix of both sadness and love. When I got one last look back at Adrian I focused my attention back on driving Latte.

What was Adrian thinking! Does he even know in how much trouble I could get into if anyone saw us kissing? The alchemists would eventually find out and they`d send me to where they`re "taking care of" Keith...the thought itself gave me chills and not the chills that I got while kissing Adrian. What even surprised me more was that Adrian didn`t take none of this seriously. He didn`t understand that a moroi and a human just can`t…well, have relationships together. It was just wrong and went against everything I believed in and what I have been taught about vampires. I kept repeating to myself that the kiss had meant nothing to me and it didn`t change the relationship me and Adrian have together-friends. We were friends and friends only, nothing more, nothing less.

Jill was at Clarence`s house feeding and I decided that I would go over to his house as well. I remembered Eddie and Angeline saying they`d go over to Clarence`s to take Jill for feeding while I took Sonya to the airport and that I could stop by later at Clarence`s house once I was done taking Sonya to the airport and I agreed on doing so.

I parked Latte between a red 1990 Honda Civic and a blue 1980 Toyota Corolla and put the car keys in my pocket before getting out the car. As I got out the car and went over to Clarence`s front door I noticed that the original door knob had been replaced with a touchpad door knob. I knocked once on the door and studied the new door knob for just a minute before someone inside the house went over to the door and took off multiple locks before actually even opening the door. Hazel eyes and sandy blonde hair greeted me with a smile at the door and I smiled back at Eddie.

"Hey Sydney,"he said as he made way for me to come in.

"Eddie, what happened to the other door knob?"I pointed to the touchpad door knob and Eddie responded with a sigh.

"Clarence,"he said like that was the complete answer to my question, "he said he wanted more protection for his house."

I walked in the house and Eddie closed the door behind me. "Right, because of the Warriors."

Eddie`s face was serious and he locked the door with several new added door locks. "He won`t stop talking about them,Sydney! When ever I start a conversation with him he always has to start talking about them."

"Do you think we paranoid him?"I could see Clarence talking to Angeline and Angeline`s eyes were wide as Clarence spoke to her. I couldn`t hear what they were talking about because of the TV being on in the living room but I knew that the topic was about the Vampire Hunters.

"I wouldn`t really say paranoid."Eddie crossed his arms and I quickly remembered about the picture Sonya had given me before dropping her off at the airport.

"Wait a second,"I put a hand inside my satchel and took out the old photograph. "Take a look at this, it`s Clarence with Marcus Finch-the alchemist Clarence had talked about."

Eddie took the picture and studied it for a moment. "Who gave you this?"

"Sonya gave it to me before leaving, Clarence told her to give it to me."

Eddie studied the picture closely for one last time and turned it around. "The back says Marcus-it`s true…Clarence wasn`t lying about him."

"And did you notice the tattoo on his left cheek? It was tattooed over an Alchemist lily."Eddie`s eyes widened and he took a better look at the picture.

"You`re right…is that even possible?"Eddie looked up from the picture and I wondered the same thing.

Was it possible? Could someone somehow replace the golden lily tattoo with a different tattoo? Would that mean that you are no longer an alchemist? Or that Marcus Finch-in some crazy weird way-was an alchemist once but decided to quit? I`ve never heard of something like that happen but I was curious to know more.

"I have no idea,"was the only answer I could come up with.

"Sydney!"I turned around to find Jill wiping her mouth and grinning at me. "You`re here."

Eddie nodded at me and handed the picture back, "I`ll find more information about this,"Eddie whispered before leaving me with Jill and heading to the living room where Angeline and Clarence were in deep conversation.

I was waiting for Jill to start a conversation or something but instead she was just staring at me and looking at me from head to toe.

"Hey Jill, did you feed already?"I was getting uncomfortable with her looking at me and as if my wish were granted she looked away from me for a moment.

"Oh, yeah,"she looked at me like she wanted to say something more but instead said nothing.

"Is something wrong Jill?"

"Is it true? You and Baryden broke up?"Jill pulled on one of her curls nervously and bit her lip.

"Brayden? Yes and-wait how did you even know that?"The only person I had told about the break up was to Adrian and I don`t believe that Adrian could have already spread the news to Jill...but then again,they had a bond.

Jill began twirling the curl she was pulling on and stopped biting her lip, "the bond."

I groaned and shook my head. How much did she get to see through the bond? I then became uncomfortable with the idea that Jill saw the conversation me and Adrian had and the part when Adrian had kissed me…

"I only saw that part!"Jill said nervously as if she had read my mind.

"Then why do you look so nervous?"

"Because-"Jill tilted her head and a lopsided smirk spread across her face. "Did you do something with your hair today? It looks so pretty and your clothes are so-"

"Jill!"I exclaimed, "you didn`t answer my question."

Jill blinked twice and scratched her head, "oh, I`m sorry Sydney I-wait what was your question again?"

"Well, it doesn`t matter now but I was wondering why you looked so nervous all of a sudden."I crossed my arms and Jill looked nervous again.

"It`s Adrian…I don`t think I`ve seen him so…normal in a long time until today."

"And sober?"I added.

Jill nodded, "I guess I don`t have to worry about him anymore. I mean…every time I see through the bond Adrian actually looks and feels happy and not depressed like he was when Rose and him broke up."

I closed my eyes remembering about the kiss Adrian and I had shared and seemed not to get the image of us kissing out of my head no matter how hard I tried. It was stuck in my head and there was no way to get the image out.

I opened my eyes again and found Jill staring at me again with a dreamy expression on her face. "I can feel what Adrian`s feeling," Jill began saying. "He feels like…like he`s made a right decision for some reason…but I don`t know why."

I knew exactly why and didn`t bother telling it to Jill.

Jill closed her eyes and focused on keeping her eyes shut for a minute. "I see him. He`s finishing up a painting... I think it`s a painting of a lily…now he`s heading to the freezer. He took out an ice cream-no wait, I mean…a gelato? Well, its pomegranate and now he`s eating it."Jill opened her eyes again and a puzzled look came on her face. "I wonder why Adrian looks a little more upset than last time I saw him through the bond."

"Yeah…"I said and felt as if I had made the wrong decision. No, Sydney, you made the right decision and Stanton would be so proud of you if she saw you right now. Vampires and humans aren`t meant to be together. You made the right decision, it was Adrian who didn`t. My brain began hurting from thinking a lot lately and I decided to clear my head for now.

"Sydney is everything okay? I mean, you looked very thoughtful."Jill snapped me out of my thoughts and I lied by nodding at her.

"Of course Jill, why wouldn`t it be?"

Jill smiled at me and nodded. "Sorry, I just hate seeing you worrying about something…it sort of makes me worried too."

I smiled back at her, "there`s nothing to worry about Jill. The only ones who should be worried right now is me, Angeline and Eddie and it`s because we want to keep you safe."

"I know,"Jill`s smile turned into a frown and she sighed, "I hate that you guys have to worry about me and I don`t have to worry about anything at all. It`s like you guys are the ones making my life easier, which I really hate because you guys are doing all the hard work while I just watch you guys do it."

"Jill, we chose to do this and it`s not wrong if we made the decision ourselves. We all had a choice and we chose this one."

"Are you sure about that? I mean, take Eddie for an example, he`s a dhampir and once you`re born as a dhampir you have to become a guardian and I don`t really think Eddie made the choice to become a guardian himself. Who knows? Maybe he wanted to become something else. You too, did you really want to become an alchemist or did you just do it to please your father?"

The truth was Jill was right. The one thing Eddie, Angeline and I all had in common was that we didn`t make the decision to be doing this and being here right now ourselves, others did. Then I began to question myself: did I really want to be an alchemist? Did I want to devote my whole life to working with alchemists and have no time to go to college-something I`ve always wanted to do.

"What are you thinking?"Jill asked as she studied my face.

"I`m beginning to wonder how my life would have been like if I hadn`t had this golden lily tattooed on my cheek for the rest of my life."

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