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Dimitri Belikov was the most tenacious, robust and confident dhampir I had ever met. It wouldn`t have surprised me if a whole army of strigoi walked in Clarence`s house and he took down all of them in less than a minute; that`s just the type of guy he was. I felt safe around him and I began to understand why Eddie wanted to be more like Dimitri or why Adrian sometimes called Eddie "mini Dimitri".

Today after school, only I and Eddie were the ones going to Clarence`s house. We were going to discuss with Dimitri about Marcus Finch and the theories we had come up with about the Warriors. So far, I had no success in finding new information about Marcus Finch and (like before) there were no records or documents about Marcus Finch according to the alchemists. When school was over for the day I had more than enough time to go to my dorm and change into some jeans and a brown blouse with black flat shoes. After I was done changing Jill walked in the room and threw her book bag on the floor.

"What`s wrong Jill? Are you having a rough day?"I was about to leave but Jill`s expression had stopped me dead on my tracks.

"Here," Jill tossed me something that looked like a golden necklace and it took me some time to realize that it was actually my golden cross.

I had lent her my golden cross for the same reason why I wanted to give Adrian my golden cross that Halloween night-because I cared about what happened to him. I also cared about what happened to Jill too and I remembered that everything Adrian felt she felt as well. So the best solution I could come up with to help Jill was to give her something that didn`t contain magic for once and make her realize that magic isn`t the answer to everything. It had worked for me when I was stressed or needed all the help I could get because my golden cross helped me realize: who I was, where I came from, who I believed in, who were my true friends and much more…but I couldn`t quite understand why Jill had given me the golden cross back. I mean I did want my cross back but it made me curious as to why Jill didn`t want it.

"You don`t want it anymore?"I asked slowly.

Jill`s expression immediately changed and she pointed at my brown blouse. "Really Sydney?" She crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow, "brown?"

Her immediate change in expression caught me by surprise and I nodded at her. "Yes Jill," I sighed and put my golden cross around my neck, "brown."

Jill shook her head like I was making the biggest mistake of my life. "Don`t you have any clothes that are not for going to a funeral?"

"These are not funeral clothes! I just don`t like wearing bright colors."I watched as Jill headed over to her drawer and took out a dark blue flannel shirt then looked over at me.

"Here," she tossed me the flannel shirt and I clumsily cached it, "wear this."

I thought of an excuse for not wearing it and one immediately came to mind. "I don`t think it`ll fit me."

"Why on earth wouldn`t it fit you? You`re skinny! Why do you keep on telling yourself that you`re not?" Jill looked at me like I was being childish about this and I had no time to come up with an answer.

"Just try it on," Jill finally said as she put one hand on her hip.

"Jill, I don`t have time for this. I need to get-"

"Sydney, just put it on. Do it for me-to make me happy...Pleeeeease,"Jill pouted and I gave up.

"Fine," I rolled my eyes and walked over to the bathroom, "but just this one time."

Jill grinned at me and jumped up and down. "Thanks Sydney! You`re the best."How weird. First Jill walks in the room mad for some reason and tosses me my golden cross and then she makes me wear one of her flannel shirts and now all of a sudden she`s the normal happy Jill she is when I decide to put on her shirt. Was something wrong with her?

When I was done changing into the dark blue flannel shirt I noticed that it fit me good. It wasn`t neither too loose nor too tight on me; it was perfect. Jill had noticed too when I walked out the bathroom and she commented, "Wow, it looks better on you than it does on me!"

"What size is this?"

"Small, why?"

Wow, really? Was I that skinny?

It didn`t matter. I would never have a perfect body like Jill`s. "Never mind," I took a look at my watch and noticed that I had to get going with Eddie to Clarence`s house. "I need to go now."

"Wait, aren`t you gonna put some make-up on? Perhaps some blue eye shadow to match the dark blue flannel shirt?"Jill took her make-up bag from her drawer and I shook my head.

"No. I already did my make up."My make-up was already perfectly done; I had put on just the perfect amount of blush on my cheeks and some black eyeliner along with some lip gloss on my lips and I had no more time to waste. I had to get going right now because I hated being late.

"Only just this last touch and that`s it," Jill begged.

"Sorry Jill, but I have to go."I took my purse and opened the door to leave but Jill stopped me.

"Wait…"Jill grabbed my arm. "Sydney, you know that Adrian really, really likes you right?"

I nodded at her a little bit surprised. "Yes I do."

Jill let go of my arm and looked down at the floor. "Okay. Have fun at Clarence`s house then."

"Thanks... have fun with Angeline."

Once I got outside I found Eddie waiting by Latte with his arms crossed and a neutral expression on his face. I kept on questioning what Jill had meant by: you know that Adrian really, really likes you right? Over and over again and my heart began to beat at a fast rate just thinking that Jill had found out about what happened between Adrian and I.I shook the thought out of my head and walked over to Latte.

"Sorry for the wait," I apologized and unlocked Latte.

"No problem."Eddie did a double take before getting in the car and pointed at my shirt, "It`s blue."

I nodded and looked down at the shirt. "Really? Is it that noticeable?"

Eddie laughed and shrugged. "Well, I just never expected you to wear…such a normal color."

I rolled my eyes and opened the car door. "Really? You too?"

We both got in the car and as always I took the driver`s seat while Eddie sat down next to me on the passenger`s seat. "Alright, who talked you into wearing that shirt?"Eddie put on his seatbelt and I did the same.

"Guess."I turned Latte`s engine on and drove out of Amberwood`s parking lot and continued driving until we left Amberwood itself.

"Hmm,"Eddie studied me and then nodded. "I`m guessing it was Jill considering that you two probably weigh the same and both your clothes fit each other."

How did he know?

"Wow, you`re good."I noticed that now Eddie was wearing a white polo shirt with jeans and black sneakers and I began to feel a little relieved that I had changed my brown blouse before driving to Clarence`s house. I wasn`t a huge fan of wearing bright colors but the color of Jill`s flannel shirt-dark blue-was actually a nice color. It wasn`t a very bright color-like red-and I felt comfortable wearing it. I should buy more clothes that are the color dark blue in the future just to make others-like Jill-happy and convince them that I don`t only wear colors like brown or gray only…that would definitely score me some points.

The drive to Clarence`s house wasn`t that long so it didn`t surprise me when Eddie told me, "We`re here." I parked Latte in front of Clarence`s house and turned off the engine. I put the car keys in my pocket and then took off my seatbelt. "Let`s go in."

When we knocked on Clarence`s door Dimitri immediately answered us and greeted us with a warm smile. "Hello."

"Guardian Belikov,"Eddie shook his hand and I shook Dimitri`s hand as well.

"Eddie,"Dimitri nodded at him and then nodded at me, "Sydney."

"Can we come in?"I asked politely.

"Of course,"Dimitri made way for us to come in and I walked in first while Eddie followed behind me.

There was no sight of Clarence when I walked in which meant he was either feeding or just sleeping somewhere. However, the TV was on in the sitting room and it made me wonder if Clarence had fallen asleep watching TV or someone else was in the sitting room watching TV...but who could it be then?

Dimitri closed the door and locked all the locks on it. "You two can just wait in the sitting room, I`ll be right back." Eddie and I nodded at him and Dimitri went over to the kitchen.

"I think they`re setting Clarence`s house with a security system," Eddie noticed as he pointed at a motion detector in the ceiling.

Apparently, a million door locks on the front door and touchpad door knobs all over the house weren`t enough for Clarence. "Wow," was all I could get out.

We reached the sitting room and when I walked in the sitting room I felt my heart stop for a second and I had trouble trying to catch my breath by the person who was sitting down in front of me. I froze and swallowed as my eyes met Adrian`s.

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