The Girl who was Thneeded

Disclaimer: I do not own Beetlejuice, Danny Phantom, or The Lorax.

Warning: This is a sequel to The girl who was Plasmed which is a sequel to the girl who was juiced. So it is highly recommended you read those before jumping into this one.

Chapter 1: Baby

The Explosion had been so big that it not only destroyed Plasmius and Briana's body but had shattered Briana's spirit like it was a window that had been hit by a meteor. It seemed like no amount of praying could get things back to the way they were . However, Lydia and Allan were trying the best they could to move on and they were very happy to have such supportive neighbors and friends. That's why Lydia and Allan trusted them to take care of their baby daughter while they went to therapy. Unfortunately, Murphy's Law came into effect that day when Skulker kidnapped the baby and took it into the ghost zone.

" Any sign of them, Mom?" Danny asked looking around.

"No sign yet, sweetheart." Said Maddie. A green blob started to blink on the console of the ship that Team Fenton was in. "Wait we got something. Go straight ahead and then to your left. "

Danny did as he was told and saw Skulker holding the baby.

"Drop the baby, Skulker. " Said Danny

" You want it, Whelp. Come get it." threatened Skulker.

Danny goes towards the baby and Skulker rips a hole in the space time continuum and throws the baby in. "Now, to deal with you." Skulker starts to chase after Danny throwing lasers at him. Danny starts to throw light beams back at him."Someone, do something!"As they pass by the ship the others are in a beam of green light hits Skulker's wings knocking them out causing him to fall through the endlessly.


The Lorax was at the campsite he had set up in woods trying to figure out what his next plan of action should be when the baby came flying towards him and the other animals and landed in the arms of the biggest barbaloot who put it on the ground. They all crowded around the baby as if she was a lab experiment. The Lorax stepped closer to her. "Hello, I am the Lorax. Who are you?" he asked trying to communicate with her. "Who are You?" he asked pointing at her. She just giggled and grabbed his finger. "No don't grab that. Let go." He said trying pull her off. After many tries she finally got his finger free. "Not much of a talker? I understand but outside in this semi-polluted air is no place for you." He said "I hate to do this but I'm taking you to Beanpole. Maybe when he sees who is getting effected by this madness he'll finally stop. He is a good guy deep down. Just very misguided." Said Lorax as he picked up the baby and walked her towards the factory.

Once-ler had become worse than ever these past few years and didn't care about anything that didn't involve money or work. There was only one other thing that ever popped into his life. Lorax .But that was only because he showed up every day with a new campaign for the trees and the environment. So Once-ler was not the least bit surprised when he heard small footsteps come into the office. " Hello, Lorax." He said with an annoyed sighed.

"Beanpole, I need your help." Said Lorax

"Help?" asked Once-ler looking up

"Found this human outside. You're a human so I thought you could take care of it." Said Lorax

Once-ler got up from behind the desk and noticed that Lorax was indeed struggling to hold a human child. "I can't take care of a child. I'm a businessman. I don't know anything about children." Said Once-ler.

"So, you've lost your humanity more than I thought… this is one of your kind Beanpole. This child doesn't have anyone else. I would take care of it if I could but I don't know anything about humans. I need… the baby needs some who does. Don't do it for me. Do it for the baby." Said Lorax

The Once-ler thought for a long time and then nodded and took the baby from the Lorax. "I guess, it needs a name." said Once-ler

"I know one… Adoeete." Said Lorax

Once-ler gives Lorax a look as the baby giggles.

"I think that sounds awful but I guess if the baby likes it then ok." Said Once-ler. " We should go into town tomorrow and buy it some new clothes, some food, and some diapers." He said then pressed the intercom "Brenda, cancel all my appointments tomorrow morning I have a very important matter I have to attend to." Said Once-ler. "In the meantime why don't you go spend some time with the baby. Go out and get it some truffula fruits to eat." Said Once-ler.

Lorax then took back the baby and walked out with it. When they get outside he whistled for the biggest barbaloot. "Big fella, mind getting me a fruit for the baby." The dumb bear didn't seem to understand so Lorax pointed to the baby and then the tree. The bear picked up the baby and threw it towards the tree. "No! You dumb bear. Bring it back down here and while you're up there get a fruit for it to eat!" yelled Lorax. The bear went up the tree and got the baby and a fruit and brought them both down. "That's better." Said Lorax "Now, get out of here!"

The bear ran away feeling very upset about being yelled at. "I swear this pollution makes those barbaloots dumber by the day and between you and me, Adoette they were not that smart to begin with." Said Lorax handing her the fruit. Not sure what to do the baby started to suck on the fruit. "No, you bite it. With your teeth." Said the Lorax bearing his own teeth. The baby started to giggle again and that's when Lorax noticed that the baby didn't have any. "No teeth? What kind of human are you? I guess we have to cut it open. " said Lorax. He looked around and found a sharp rock layig on the ground and used it to cut the fruit open. The baby reached inside and took some shoving it in her face. The lorax took some as well and before they knew it there was no more fruit left and that was when the baby started to cry.

"I'm sorry. That's all there is for now, kid. Everything will be ok." Said the Lorax trying to calm the baby down. "Lorax is here to take care of you."


Meanwhile back in the ghost zone Skulker fell til in a lucky twist of fate he landed on his own island. He floated through it to his home. In a chair was Ember. "Where have you been?" asked Ember

"I was getting a birthday gift for you, my dear." Said Skulker

"Well, where is it? I don't see anything." Said Ember

"I was going to bring it straight here but the ghost child got in the way so I had to hide it." He responded.

"The ghost kid again? When are you going to kill him the way you keep saying you are going to?" asked Ember

" The fun of the hunt is the actual hunting part, my dear. " said Skulker

"You've been hunting him for two years. Don't you think you should be closing in? If I was going to hunt the ghost boy I'd wipe him out the first chance I got." Said Ember

"Didn't you try that twice? Once by yourself and once with the youngblood kid? And look out well that worked out for you." asked Skulker

"I should have never aligned myself up with that kid. But don't rag on my solo gig…it worked til that dipstick with lousy vocals made everyone hate me." Said Ember

"My point, dear is that the ghost child and his friends are not so easy to deal with. So, these things will have to take time. " said Skulker

"What did you get me, anyway?" asked Ember

"Something you've been wanting for a little while…" said Skulker

" Skulker… you didn't…" said Ember

"I did." Said Skulker

"But where?" asked Ember

"From the ghost child's house… it belongs to a friend of a friend." Said Skulker. "Why do you want a baby by the way? It's all you've been talking about and it's not like you at all. Your biggest dream has been to be a rockstar not a mother. Is this about attention? It's the one that will need all the attention. Not you."

"But I can mold a baby the way I want and it will worship me the way all babies worship their mothers and remember the more worship I get the more powerful I am. Plus, I figured it could bring us closer together." Said Ember

"Now, you're starting to sound like my Ember." Said Skulker kissing her